Hatibow Hatybow Hatybova aka A.M.Kathib

Vestvuem Alexander Mikhailovich Hatybova.

Science and Technology , Health Human , Bright: New Technologies NVLevashova

       On the eve of the birth of  the outstanding Russian scientist A.Hatybova , I published a chapter from the book that I write and received thanks from readers. On the eve of the day of its Vestvovaniya, I’m doing the same thing and publish the chapter, which is the basis of information taken from his published and unpublished (for various reasons) works. Judge you.

 AM khatib

Born: g.Cherepanovo Novosibirsk region. 02.09.1945 year

Died 19.03.2011 year

   “Bright Broom” N. Levashov in “Banny Cause” A. Hatybova Labour and shovel

Life goes on…


“Do you believe in God?” – He asked me.

“I do not need it. I KNOW! “- I replied.



Chapter 2. Charges in the bath


        I decided to tell what he knows. Tell that occurred from 2010 onwards. However, e will be incomplete if you do not touch that allowed me to understand and to translate into reality all that has been done and has already created after N. Levashov was gone. In late 2011, a completely “accidentally” I came across the works of Hatybova that caused me, speaking softly, ambiguous understanding. By this time, I read almost all the works of N. Levashov than once. All that I could not understand was “dismantled” permanent our meetings, and most importantly – has already been launched in life, as we called it – PROJECT“light” , which at that time included the creation of the Complex “light”, and the collection of statistical data on its use. I called all those who have already been Complexes, “participants in the program” light “ and it was approved by the author create a generator (” generator of dark matter “), which was” installed “on the electronic platform with a specific computer program.

          At the next meeting, I SHOWED AN Levashov several articles A. Hatybova that have been published on the Internet. I remember how he smiled and said: – . “I knew you before you reach it,” He told me about this man. From him I learned that A. Khatib “already gone”. Levashov showed me a notebook with the calculations and records, of which at the time I did not understand much. It was clear one: it is a description of the calculations and processes that have been linked to the “action” N. Levashov in the US, “stop” hurricane, described it in the second volume of “The Mirror of my Soul.” He told me about a meeting with this person, how and where it took place. He initiated its OH itself. It was necessary to fully understand the physics of the processes occurring in the event of hurricanes, tornadoes and tsunamis. Of course, it could not be PUBLIC at the time, and therefore not reflected in his books.

What are the works of N. Levashov in the generalized sense to people? It BASIS new knowledge.Those knowledge that was deliberately hidden, and for thousands of years could not be made available to people.His books are written in simple and accessible language, so that after reading tempted to “take a big shovel” and dig and dig, “stronghold” of so-called “current knowledge”, on which the entire science is based today, pushing all the unnecessary aside and finding TRUE knowledge. 

What are the works of A. Hatybova even in the most general sense? This INFORMATION about the basics NEW(hidden) science, expressed in the calculations, explanations, new terminology and evidence physics of processes occurring in living human cells, energy physics and the physics of the Brain. Brain, in full understanding of what is,BRAIN.  

        From conversations with people who read the works of A. Hatybova, I was convinced that they were practically all materials A. M. Hatybova   find hard to comprehend even for experts. Their opinion was based on the fact that Khatib used “extremely confusing terminology,” which is sometimes incomprehensible. Since the   BASIC  his works are not widely used today, and many of the classic concepts he endowed his own, one he understood the meaning of thismore “confusing” reading and making a commotion. Many complained that places A. Khatib wrote “disconnected” messy, many unnecessary emotions, irony and imagery.

 But, in my opinion, is more emotional zaklyuchenie.Ego ideas – an inexhaustible source of intellectual treasure and worthy of deep development, understanding and understanding. Therefore, in this narrative, along with a description of the events, I made an attempt to “shift” the author of the article on the over- less understandable language, as well as “open” his works, which are not public, but which will allow a deeper understanding of the principles of “building” and USE “light” programs. I do it consciously because INTEREST to the Knowledge, which are given in the works of Hatybova, as well as in N. Levashov works, is becoming more widespread, and the information demanded. 

        In my opinion, man differs from animals and plants are not what he wants, and to those chtó he wants. The object will of man lies in the desire of man to possess a certain amount of knowledge, getting them out of the vast sea of information. Embracing such a volume of information allows the mind. By itself, the information is open to all, but to transform it into knowledge, need MIND.

 The trouble many people today is that they do not understand the global meaning of events. Users are able to imagine only within the known. This is very well said N.Levashov in the first volume of this book. The global always lies FOR frames known and intelligible. It’s a mystery, before which a person stops, like a paper boat in front of the rock. Look into the future could the prophets and those who have the capacity sdelat.Ih is never realized. As well as still do not understand everything that was said and wrote and Levashov and Khatib. They describe the picture looked so fabulous that looked like ravings of a madman, as many believe. The impression was enhanced due to the fact that the future had to be described in terms of the present. And proof of this can serve two chapters in this volume, written before the ” CARE” N. Levashova.

       We look around and see different things. Butbetween these items and we are always AGENTS – our senses (smell, touch, taste, hearing and sight). Our eye receives information from an external source and “nervous” channels bring it to the brain in the form of pulses. The head does not directly gets a chair, and a set of pulses that the brain decodes the image of the chair. Right brain recovers or not, we do not know, but we BELIEVE that CORRECTLY. Find proof that faith is impossible.

The reader must have noticed that the more science learns about the world, the WIDER becomes AREAIgnorance . Everything is relative, and it is doubtful about anything you can not fully know, even the smallest speck of dust, let alone a living cell or brain activity. But this people, contrary to its own logic, believe that CAN  knowEVERYTHING. The fact that this belief is firmly contrary to nature, it does not pay and do not pay attention. Science takes on the authority of religion. Her media believed and still believe in the ability of science to know all potentially contrary to common sense. Swipe thought most people never go beyond the “plant a tree, build a house, raise a child.” All this, of course, fine, but someone has to think about planting forests, building cities and educating people.

 Of modern science and we’ll talk in detail. Without this, there will be an understanding of how and in what direction, “digging shovel knowledge” , but above all – where is this“SPADE ” to take. That’s why my only  ADVANTAGE  in front of people, to which I claim – I have always thought  andjudged on an event  YOURSELF . And not just BECAUSE itLevashov vaults me into the bath.     


            We live in an era of momentous discoveries and developments . A complete list of these events, it is always possible to “look on the Internet or on TV. But better not to watch TV, because then have to“I go to the bath.”   But even if you watch TV , and admire today ACTIVITIES President of the country, the Government of the Olympic countries, the United Nations Committee of UNESCO, government agencies, religious events with the “Sacrament of the Magi”, research institutes and universities, famous scientists, educators, professionals, government and public figures, Nobel laureates, international and state awards in the areas of information, informatization, Informatiology, physics, chemistry, mathematics, biology, astronomy, medicine, history, sociology, economics, computer science, politics, philosophy, cultural studies, informatsiologicheskie resources and technology, media, informatsiologicheskaya security, and so on. d , c. Behold the same – HAVE “go to the bath.”  

Today, our knowledge and the knowledge of this NOT HELP . Today, many – (the benefit is the Internet, where you can “and soul pour out” and express themselves, and others teach), rushed to talk about the universe , the higher mind , and in general – less universal issues are not addressed . Many foaming at the mouth screaming at every corner: “We have read N. Levashov!We bear in the “masses”his brilliant new knowledge! We do not need anything more, so that we – we know! We are all his videos in You Tube watched more than once! Others, too, shouting:“We and N. Levashov have known, and A. Hatybova READ(some add Morozova ) And now – we can understand everything. And we ” to enlightenothers say. N. Levashov(meaning probably works),   “lay down” with A. Hatybovym(do not know what we mean) IMPOSSIBLE! One contradicts the other. One – about the essence of the other – about the brain (and even about the sperm). The picture  UNIVERSEdoes not add up! However, there were experts“Discontinuity of the Universe(for the ignorant – book by N. Levashov  “inhomogeneous Universe” ) with lectures and workshops for followers, but for some reason, NONEof the “organizers”, “experts”, “disciples and followers of” never and nobody (? hidden knowledge) does not have and did not say what caused the creation of the universe (at least – by N. Levashov is if the universe itself is another waste process(At least -by A. Hatybovu)?

According to A. Hatybova caused the creation of the universe was the “Fire in the bath” , in a lack of “INSTRUCTIONS FOR ITS USE” , taking into account the use of the “broom and shovel» ,  that “consistent” with the concept of the Big Bang and the formation of spheres of Hubble to rest space could not interfere in the process of creating a living cell from dust, as well as – the homogeneity of the universe.

Of course, it is appropriate to make

  • Instruction 1 (in 6 volumes and 1 annex, entitled“Instructions Bannomu case” A. Hatybova) 
  • Instruction 2 (10 books (1-10 Source of Life and the two volumes of “Spirit and Mind”), N. Levashov) and, of course, 
  • The application  called “Knowledge of   Na_ChALA (group of authors)”.

       Some excerpts from these guidelines are offered to your attention. H uzhno emphasize that the basic material in mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, medicine, celestial mechanics is best “take” of the WORKS N.Levashova ( “Last call to Mankind”, “inhomogeneous Universe,” “Spirit and Mind”, “Possibilities of Mind”), monograph Hatybova ( “Cold fusion”, which are disclosed and discussed in detail the issues of work Earth’s life support systems, articles, http://rnto.club/ published on the website and in the book ” Knowledge of  Na _Chala”, which tell what the program “light”, their bases and possibilities and all that is connected with them.

It should also be applied to determine the terminology, so as not to mislead the  esteemed READERS perspective of cognition.

  1. On the concept of“BATH” should include a way to change the living structure of  CELL and structure of the brain for a relatively short time.


  1. The concept of“Broom” should include the possibility of the generator “Dark Matter”,   created by N. Levashov, andPrograms “light to promote change (improvement), living structureCells and structure of brain for quite a short time.

  1. On the concept of“SHOVEL”should include the individual’s personal work, which by finding, exploring, learning and“USE”MANUAL 1, MANUAL 2 , and APPLICATIONS ,as well as of the BASE  material – given the opportunity to “go” from the category PEOPLE in category MAN for quite SHORT TIME(depending on the size of shovels and its ability to work).From the point of view of knowledge in these matters, it is pointless to focus on the study of facts. I propose to focus on the understanding of the whole and through that prism to look at the particular. N. Levashov always said that you can not on the basis of vision problems as the tops aysbergadelat are any conclusions. Conclusions can be made only when you see the problem (the entire iceberg) completely! 


2.1 Waiting room

Undoubtedly, the notion of  a broom , we figured out above, it is extremely useful both in the presence and in the application, because we all know that the majority of   BRAINis located under the skull, and therefore the space research izvestnoi does not require significant investment in warehousing of separate elements the subject of research.

      Basic energy constant of modern science is stillhorsepower , because everything that relates to scientific description, a “horse of Merit”, and all the scientific ideas rassmatrivayutsya- terms of the horse.

From directory Dzh.Emeli (elements) it is well known that the modern man in the middle (with a weight of 70 kg) consists of:

oxygen – 43 kg of hydrogen – 7 kg, carbon – 16 kg phosphorus – 1.5 kg.

The rest table of chemical elements present therein in milligrams, including uranium deposits.

    At the initial stage,mix thoroughly , hydrogen, carbon and oxygen, and adding a spice all the elements of the periodic table, got a living cell.

The secret “spice”, as opposed to the secret “Coca-Cola”, was eventually lost, but the cell is preserved and can “boast dress” from nielsbohrium and Kurchatov. When you create a living cell, of course , no high-tech was not required: original compositions pounded in a mortar and then heated to the desired temperature (not below the vaporization temperature of tungsten). Ridiculous, of course, but it was so, because if there is no understanding of the world, you can not make any action. Rather, this: to make the action possible, but it would be meaningless. Imagine you are in a space where everything is different. You do not know what to fear, something to strive for, and so on. D. All around wonderful, fantastic and incomprehensible, like Alice in Wonderland. No analogy with the familiar reality. You dragged the flow of events, and you have no idea how to resist it. This is what happens in a dream, where nothing you can do, because I do not understand anything.

     Freedom manifests itself in action. The action is shown in the selection. If there is no choice, then there is no freedom. To choose necessary KNOWLEDGE . Knowledge is structured INFORMATION . To turn information into knowledge, it is necessary to sort through, assigning one to the harmful and the other to be useful, a third for a useless, the fourth to the incomprehensible, etc. Then.. BORN OFKNOWLEDGE , which allows to determine: what to strive for, what to avoid, what to ignore. The validity of knowledge – Questions about the (realm of faith). The world can be understood properly and be free. The main thing in the situation is not parsed correctly, and SCALE KNOWLEDGEFreedom occurs when knowledge of the scale is not lower than the minimum . If below, instead of the free action will be mechanical, dependent on someone else’sunderstanding the case or chaos. And then there is the “concept” of what is necessary to take a mortar and pound the starting compounds in it. At the same time it was possible to rely on the fact that, according to the latest fundamental research, “Man, as well as the entire universe, is characterized by five-dimensional measurement system and the seven states: solid, liquid, gaseous, plasma, information and physical vacuum and vacuum informatsiogenny informatsiogen” . That is a living human cells is no longer needed. There are, however, modest statements biophysicists Edinburgh School (England), has time characteristics of DNA evolution. They are still in the 80 years have shown that for the genome of a monkey mutations in the human genome must be a time that exceeds all age of the Earth (more than 4.5 billion years old). 

        At the same time, a mathematician Chandra Wickramasinghe and astrophysicist Freud Hoyle (working together) came to the conclusion: ” Most hurricane pronёssheysya on the landfill of old aircraft, will bring together from pieces of scrap novёshenky superliner than that of its components by chance there life.” Set out below the material claims not only to get acquainted with the point of view is not the traditional approach, but taking into account the latest scientific achievements.

         Modern man has long lived in the artificial nature. It generates the flow of information generated by this nature.Electricity, gas, electricity, water, sewer, store steel products for humans such as commonplace as the hare in the forest for the trees, creek and mushrooms. Hare does not think, where does all this stuff. Modern man does not think, too, where electricity in the socket, and store products. For him it is the same reality as sunlight or air. That’s why you need to deal with a bath all the intricacies and details.

2.2 We will understand with a sauna

Everyone knows that this room – many have seen it, and some even use it. It is known that after a visit to Bath “roof can leave,” and you can be in another city. There is no civilization in the history of the invention more insidious than Bath. Because, as he said and wrote Alexander Khatib, and it is difficult not to agree with this:

First , no one knows, that can be attributed to the concept of “bath”;

Secondly, even the centuries-old use of the bath does not answer the question – what changes in the human body after a visit to the bath;

Thirdly, some better access bath: one that forms at Human cancer cells, or one that It promotes the formation of diabetes?

This dilemma can be insoluble even in the rapid development and progress of information technologies in various fields of science and technology.

Once again we return to the use of terminology. On the concept of “bath” should include a way to change the structure of living cells and the structure of the brain for quite SHORT TIME . Indirect indicators – reduction of body weight, then the release of fat from the protection only aggravate interest bath.

The bath can be arranged on board the space station – it is preferable to Russian smoke sauna, from which you can save, get outside the ship without a spacesuit.

Let us consider briefly the classification of known modern baths.

  1. Therefore Russian bath black and white Therefore.
  2. Finnish sauna.
  3. Arab baths (the invention is credited to the Jews).
  4. The Roman Bath.

The above classification of baths – for the layman, or native, who is not familiar with the room and you want to drag, using advertising and even sex shops.

The native can, of course, and then detect the absence of the brain, but this factor should not be his bezpokoit, as the history of the development of “bath business,” this issueANYONE  not BEZPOKOIL  not satisfactory even in theabsence of this manual.

In addition to the “bath”, for a more global view of it, are:

  1. Chandelier Chizhevskogo (electric chair).
  2. The pressure chamber.
  3. Vehicle (country – the manufacturer does not matter).
  4. Any closed space with the included power supply (for example, 50 Hz, which is extremely popular in the vast Russian).
  5. The electric pulse devices and equipment used in the diagnosis and treatment (especially the brain).
  6. The oscillating circuit, built on the laws of form (Lighting).
  7. The radiotelephone as the most efficient instrument to turn off the brain (in the common people – dumbbell brain).
  8. Systems based on the magnetron.
  9. Aircraft, spacecraft.
  10. Sea.


Additional list – not for the natives, they must first go through the first 4 points, and then to taste to choose what is imposed.

Bath is a man (it was assumed that it will be used as soon as they drop-tail and grabbing a stick).

No one tried to use the bath, for example, bathing the elephant or even a cat. Sami animals especially sensitive about your brain and do not tend to use their own bath.

So, why do we need a bath?

It is known to all – to steam the skin so as to wash away the waste cells and dirt, remove the epithelial cells that do not wish to participate in the “King of nature,” the production of offspring (read – people) and change the heat balance so that more and weight throw.

Build baths mostly of wood. But here it is advisable to consider a number of options.


Wooden bath.


Room clean, insects are at a temperature of more than 37.5  0 C have time to hide in the crevices and crawl only on freshly washed body, so there is no danger of losing them. However, wooden baths for some reason it is often burned, and insects can not get back, which is fraught with a large financial costs than the cost of the burnt linen and bath itself.

With the non-scientific point of view, bath spontaneous combustion occurs because Wood   has the ability to“Full”water potentials, and when it reaches 124% of the norm (limit state of destruction of the tree structure of the lattice) is as if “collapse” of the lattice with the loss of a number of frequencies 44.375375 octave  to form a latticeon 54.375375 octave (black). The difference – potentials on48 octave clearly visible to the naked eye in the formFIREWORKS (fire). The inverse transformation is usually difficult. You can, of course, the “measure” how much horsepower is released during the combustion of a medium bath, in the octave, this value corresponds exactly to the energy reserves of water, corresponding to the last conversion.

It is known that wood burns after the rain (which we are observed in Siberia last three months, and the room – after washing.



Baths are Russian and Finnish

No baths, for example in Africa. It is possible that in Africa had a bath, but without bath attendant, and no sense of time at all the bliss of the resulting pleasure is not allowed Aborigines in time to jump out, they had to participate in the fireworks, as evidenced even their skin color and custom dancing around the campfire. What is not difficult to see, if not to be lazy. 


Russian sauna


There are two types – black and white. Bathhouse in black safer, as potentials, designed bath structure, partly used to maintain the fire, so the bath is black burn 30% less than in the white. In any case, a feature of the Russian bath – it is a supersaturated vapor at 100% humidity. This steam can be obtained in all circumstances (fire – under the pan with water, steam – above it).

A small note

With this method of obtaining the pair found a number of interesting features:

– Pan must always be 3/4 filled with water – primarily evaporate the so-called “light” fraction and vapor contains 49.225225  octave, which has a beneficial effect on the lungs, restoring the memory of the lungs;

– If you use all the water from the pot (in pairs), the heavy structure, having a higher octave, for example, 77.450450 , can cause “poisoning” of the brain and the frequent use of baths – and to destruction;

– In the sauna is recommended to use not only the soap – soap must be removed only with an acid solution (although in this case the insects do not want to go back);

– After the Russian bath is usually “use” of vodka, to enable the high proportion of living cells to maintain balance and not to download uric triangle;

– Instead of the acid solution can be used cold water or snow, but the snow in the bath are not, and soared in the street.

If residues of the acid solution poured onto the wooden structure baths, the probability of spontaneous combustion is a little less.

Unlike other types of baths Russian bath does not change the   water balance of the living CELLS , if you know in what order to use bath products and solutions, or be a member of “light” programs.


Finnish sauna


Finnish bath, sauna, or – the most common bath.

First, they are more likely to burn than a Russian sauna, and even the program “light” from this NOT be saved.

Secondly, there is no point to steam at a temperature below 123  0 C – the water in the steam room is not. The main difference from the Russian bath – it is a method of producing steam: all the water poured in the Finnish sauna on hot stones, over 75% of the potential frequency of such a couple – HIGH . These potentials are like Add the potentials of living cells and SUPERPOZIROVAT   these potentials,eliminating some of its frequency in the result of living cellscan be obtained straight from the tin VIRUS with specified svoystvamiili cancerous cells. In addition, the sauna is used for “sgonki” body weight.

However, you can not delude ourselves here. The living cell is also composed of water, and the superposition of potentials leads to a reduction of water in the cell (reduction of total weight). Here and “crux of the matter.”Good or bad, just think, if  YOU have already been invited to the bath.

Before visiting Finnish baths living cell is balanced and formed the ion precipitate, which shortens its life. Changing the bath water in the Finnish living cell balance (after the sauna, usually rush to drink water, beer, etc.), cell receives fresh potentials at BIG grazing angle, which immediately begin to form additional ion precipitate until until a cell water balance .

That is, frequent use of the Finnish bath leads toQUICKAGING organism, a change in frequencyCOMMUNICATION Brain.

However, the high fashion for the sauna and its effectiveness, particularly in business meetings, does not allow to take seriously some of the inconveniences that may occur after a few months or years.

It is known that the absence of the brain even at large serious head raises no objections.


By a separate category should includeArab Baths .Given the African experience with baths, Finnish baths harm and lack of snow for the organization of the Russian bath, in some Arab countries go to the bath once a year.Room – a trough filled with water. The trough can go to chat with clothes and bask under the warm sun in the same aqueous solution, which was left from a previous lover of baths.

In this bath has lots of advantages: it does not burn, water can not dissolve all dirt, so dirt favorite can always be maintained. Water does not give the frequency, destroying the living cell, that is, it is ecologically beneficial. Authorshipof this type of bath trying to usurp the Jews, but it is – only (as always)  attempt APPROPRIATION valuable inventions.

In ancient Rome, to use the pool. Baths were built of marble. But marbleIt has one unpleasant property– It has a NEGATIVE potential at 61.5 octave , and prolonged sitting on the marble steam at a temperature of over 72  0 C leads to the Elimination of sexual activity, so afterEXTINCTION these fans baths they have not received further development.

Modern science, particularly in the area of the bath business, led to the development of public baths, built of red brick. These baths have a number of advantages.


1 . They do not burn, at least, after the combustion of the wooden frame of the bath can be operated in the future.

  1. The weather does not affect the bath lovers – a magnetic storm passes first

through the bars of a brick (base –  54.625125 ) and converted into

harmless negative electric potential. If the humidity is 100%, then such a room – the perfect hideaway from any magnetic storms.

  1. The color of the brick detects SALT OF MERCURY . The red color is preferred. It is known that mercury – the basis of a living cell (. See thesis, Academy of Natural Sciences) and the closer grill brick to  54.00000000 ., The more comfortable will feel living cell There is, however, one disadvantage – on can not sit down brick – the range of the lattice – 3 – 20 see, in mice and rats, it was observed that they always be avoided, even near the warm red brick, fearing for their offspring.

Making a cursory analysis of the bath, we note that the VISIT bath without ACCOMPANYING  materials does not make sense, so consider BRIEF   catalysts in the sauna process.

In our case, the catalyst (biology) -. This is what accelerates the “reaction”, but it is not part of what we need to getcatalysts, which are discussed, divided into . Active and passive Active catalysts are in the same phase with reactive processes, passive – form a separate phase, separated from the interface of the process in which they participate. For each process bath are effective only certain catalysts.    

2.3. Catalysts in the sauna process


        After a day of work, a busy mass of events and activities that require significant investment capacity of relevant gyrus, requires a shorter recovery process in which the brain is freed of excess ” garbage” , and working cells of the body – from outside “witnesses”. Urbanization contributed to the process bath. Using the technology of the XXI century stay in BATH takes longer 2 – 3 hours and tens of minutes.

By advanced technology should include the invention of catalysts , as well as “light” programs, which are also catalysts, can significantly reduce the time spent in the bath. This, of course, known to many for a long time, such as the use of ” cat instead of sponges” . But technological advances went so far that I can not describe all the technical innovations proposed today for the bath process.


So – Catalysts . The catalysts can be electroacoustic, magnetic, gravitational and other … We are interested in Biological catalysts as the human brain was created from the ground potential , that is, of all that was left after the formation of the Earth from protoplanetary dust.

Crowds single and multicellular still besieging the seat of the Brain “King of nature” can not bear the thought that they are not needed for active work, so try to please the brain during its vacation.

Not one of the lazy and multicellular organisms, including some bacteria and viruses, formed a guild, capable of competing with any technical innovations inbathing “the king of nature.” The guild, as in any Party organization, all divided by the principle of “who does not work shall he eat.” The passivity of the same group, and the activity of another form, in terms of evolutionary development, GOLDEN SECTION , whose characteristics are transmitted and “all comers” to take advantage of the services of the guild. But “light” programs, also created in the framework of the golden section, can resist this better than any “sponges”.

Thus, we “take a” за  БИОЛОГИЧЕСКИЕ катализаторыПАССИВНОГО   и АКТИВНОГО типов.

Biological catalysts active type

The active biological type catalyst when it is used in the sauna during allotted a share of entertainment on the type of the Japanese geisha, and combined treatment according to the type of public house, where there is no problem in choosing the means of the client relax.

The brain is forced to participate in the process by holding individual meanders from temptation. In addition, in a short time the brain is freed not only from the Treasury, but also conveys a gift some are not necessary to it in daily activities potentials and frequency. The biological activity of the catalyst such as prefer, however, vysokoaktavnye frequency , contaminating the brain with their presence, bringing it closer to the basics of creating that is, to the original dust. But “light” programs do not give. Unless, of course, they CORRECTLY interact with the brain of the owner.

As soon as the “king of nature” comes into the active type of activity (hereinafter refers to biological catalysts active type), there is a queue formed on the basis of the group. Such groups  SEVERAL, and each group its purpose.

One group diverts individual gyri from everyday worries, the other – strips gyrus, the third looks for all that is bad in his pockets (that is, in the convolutions), fourth creates the visibility of decency and so on, therefore it is necessary somehow to categorize groups of active type.


Classification of groups of active type.


group Type

The lifetime of an autonomous structure (halok)

The range of frequencies an octave

// Minimum Maximum










































Note that the group includes 3 available frequency  53.375(gamma radiation).

For all groups step over a range of frequencies available is quantized in accordance with a carrier frequency of a living cell.

Frequent change of administration excludes corruption and contributes to a healthy climate.

Given the seasonality of standardization group can not use the other time of the year standards.

The most dangerous is the group work of repair and service – you need to not only have time to replace the missing or runaway gyrus, to pick up their standard in the previous group, but also to record the necessary information (the account to pay for the bath process, a football match, and so forth.).

In addition, it is necessary to align the new Smart in place, remove the storage capacities and harmonize all work with the administration requirement. The solution of these “problems” take the program “light”, if they have visited the bath. Transport Group, moving from the specific to the gyri work cells, the cells matches the routes of delivery of food and the schedule of services for waste according to the estimate, approved administratsiey.Etot a long process and, as a rule, off-hour (can be extended outside of the bath) whims coordinate .Prihoditsya working cell with the presence of spare convolutions in stock and possibilities of the repair group. During the period of mass strikes of workers cells, no stock of spare parts, excessive amounts of waste, etc. emergency group is seeking the earliest possible release of the bath from the patient by unplugging the specific brain structures of communication with the workers and the cells with the information field.

In this scheme ofDISCONNECT is consistent with the group standards and approved by the administration. “Patient” comes out of the bath quite satisfied, because the remaining structure properly perform their functions.REPLACEMENT , as a rule, are made of the frequency range provided by the standardization group.


Biologists, for example, all experiments were performed on mice as well as mice’s brain is fully compatible with the brain, “the king of nature.”


The largest group – a search.

The aim of the group is to find the patient to the bath, wherethe OH may be. The Group is well positioned, including information communication frequencies allocated to it.Catalog allows you to select patients for the most promising baths (with a minimum of replacements and the maximum withdrawal). Delivery of the patient to the bath by a team of protection.

Team members not only rewrites the karma of the patient, poised to get information about IMMEDIATE visiting the baths, but also watch to the other groups are not pilfered valuables confiscated from the patient. Each new patient is registered in the administration group, which is bathing the individual plan. This is where “light” programs can provide an invaluable service and either hold the owner of the bath without queue or to the bath is not empty.


types of active structures for the Earth


Description of the structure of the active types would be incomplete if you do not specify that in the world, due to the acute shortage of biomass, many types of functions active groups sovmescheny.Krome, it is expected in the future to take the conventional model of the bath process, which will not drive the patient to the bath before time (or late).

Note that the bath process is carried out in the space of a neutrino, which has previously been denied access . New opportunity to open the search engine allow the group to which can now include sharks and dogsactively begin rabote.Akuly, for example, can conduct propaganda work on the beaches or at the tourist ocean liner, and the dog may simply (performing at the same time protection functions) BURN information to the owner that “it is time to go in the bath.” This valuable and dogs that love the owners and which are linked with all my heart. Dogs, having the opportunity to share experiences on the information network can use a database of genotypes and choose those who, from their point of view, the mostNEEDS in carrying out repair and restoration work, as well as new information support. If there are no dogs or sharks in stock and for the “hand”, it is advisable to apply a “light” programs, and preferably in the form of COMPLEX. But you need to read and understand what I have written here. It is not difficult, if you originally read “Spirit and Mind” N.Levashova and see if you have at least present Brain OUTneutrino space.

Given that the neutrino structures of the brain in dogs and sharks under the program should be higher octave than any patient , they do not need to take into account the vagaries of the patient – a case administration, the role of which can successfully perform BACTERIA . New neutrino structure of bacteria ensures the continuity of decisions taken in accordance with the new program and does not allow to violate the conditions of their existence on Earth. The distribution of the remaining responsibilities will be completed soon, accumulating material for repair work groups, is prepared (in accordance with the new program) information provision. It is worthwhile noting that in this actively participate Program “light”, if you are aMEMBER of these programs .   Some cells may not agree with the innovations, but there is a Chinese method of education.

Furthermore, no labor strikes the cell can not stop planning process EVOLUTIONARY DEVELOPMENT  and control. We can not allow SPONTANEOUS FISSION  cells and not the creation of controlled mutations.

Emphasis should be placed on the standardization group. From the mode of operation of the group and recruitment depends on it. State groups should be large enough, and stocks – not limited, as those wishing to take a sauna may be enough. What today is widespread.

So, what are the requirements for standardization group?

In – the first, the identity of the replacement components, ie, the obligatory presence of capacities and frequencies 56.75 and 58.35 . Each storage unit must have the appropriate label with the indication of the presence of these frequencies and instructions on their use. A copy of the manual is available for administration. Secondly , one must have the potential to adjacent frequencies – . 61.5, 63.5, 65.5, 67.5 Of the variety of biological structures by the presence of these stocks have cockroaches, rats and sharks .

Consider the qualitative characteristics of biological objects. This can be a revelation to the reader, but it is true.


Cockroaches.  According to the description of Korney Chukovsky – “terrible bewhiskered creature” to catch up on the fear of elephants. The sight of a cockroach is the presence of the skull, just copying the skull, “the king of nature.” According to the laws of the form there is no need to store in a high-octave skull. It suffices to reduce their original form to order. In addition, the opening of the skull cockroach showed a complete lack of biological structure – entry system – O, which does not allow third-party systems to take advantage of inventory. The frequencies of 61.5 and65.5 are available and can be provided by “the king of nature” for everyday use.

Standardization under the known properties of a NEWPROGRAM today allows “the king of nature” have biological structures brain in neutrino SPACE ,  freeing up space in the skull to use as an incubator for the cultivation of useful organisms ionov.Konechno,  cockroaches may all not be enough  (especially when start PROGRAM replace brain. It is not known how many of them will need to replace a single), but the administration will always find an adequate substitute even through sacrifice.


Similarly, cockroaches brain in the neutrino space and contain RAT ,but before they start spending idle power program, accumulated for the implementation of the program REPLACEMENT Brain, creating around himself a “ball of fear” and showing off in front of “the king of nature” with open jaws. Of course, the upper octave of the brain in rats is lower than that of a cockroach (and corresponds to 58.35 ) as well as the frequency octaves are not curtailed, but in the event of the absence or shortage of these or they can be used temporarily.


The most valuable asset as a reference has CROW . Firstly,it does not creep, that is, its brain is not afraid of heights.

Second, the brain it is also in the structure of the neutrino, but collapsed. Crow’s brain is very useful to employees of the banking sector (it is known that a crow drags all that glitters is not unaware of its hidden possibilities).

Range of hidden octaves – up to 63.5 , which is quite sufficient bulk “kings of nature” .Vorona- the most intelligent of birds known. This quality allows it to be easily in any environment.


All set of capabilities and standardization group frequencies haveSHARKS , but they are finicky, and the administration can not always take advantage of their amiable attitude. And when sharks are not “engaged” in advance, they are utilized in other processes and activities. In 1986,newspapers reported that sharks have damaged fiber optic cable laid between the Canary Islands. It has even been suggested that the sharks, supposedly indifferent to the electric cables, for some reason it was attacked on the optical fiber. It was, however, refuted by the fall of 1987, when the American signalmen presented as a gift to the museum of Natural History in New York, a collection of 350 broken shark teeth, extracted from a variety of cables and telecommunications.

The shallow and midwater optic telephone cable with enhanced armor protection from bumps anchors and trawls:

1  – a supporting member of the optical module, twisted steel wires;  2  – optical fibers (OB)  3  – optical module – a plastic rod with spiral grooves in which loosely arranged optical fibers;  4  – sealing a copper tube;  5  – double layer bearing element of steel wire;  6  – PE insulation;  7  – layers of polypropylene fibers;  8  – the armor of steel wires wound hollow;  9  – the armor of steel wires wound steeply.

Ichthyologists believe that sharks can sense extremely weak electric field, and finding food is for “electric track.” In everyday terms – recognize that a direct current submarine cable around any feeding amplifiers, forms an electric field.So it is not surprising aggressiveness sharks.

           And what is the Administration,  and why she had to ask her and “report”? This life-support system, “the king of nature” in the Management Systems in the world.


Management Systems in the world.







   Dispatch center, the main complex management, job programs for all systems



   For the production of complex changes in the Earth’s topography (land and sea),alignment of the winter and summer



   The main complex installations winter – summer


   complex system

   124 complex in the world, including Stonehenge – control surfaces and changes in the land and in the oceans, seas.


   Great Lakes

   200 km north west of New York City.Coordination and control of the status of all 7909 objects (UFOs) in mainland and sea-based


   Bermuda, the center

   The main energy complex for all objects, control of the output of 60 octaves k-structure


   Bermuda 2

   Energy complex development of 60 k-octave structure.



   The main control center, the correction in accordance with the Programme of the brain and the atmosphere all genotypes in the world .


   China, Tibet

   Condition monitoring brain atmosphere at atmospheric correction and objects of all communication channels 560, 520, 500, 440, 960



   meninges (63 oct) for all genotypes (from single cells to man)


   emergency rescue system humanoids 42, 44 in the event of a disaster


   compliance management and meninges octaves from 49 to 59 for all genotypes


   Kailash 2

  Current (weekly) cord control



   The main control center, content, and storage of humanoids (for future use)


   Control of humanoid on Earth



   The main complex monitoring, control ‘golden billion “- the genotype 42(disabled)


   Regional development – the European part of Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Bulgaria – full control of genotype 423(reprogrammed)


   Regional Complex – East and the South Caucasus, Central Asia, East Asia Minor – full control of genotype 422(reprogrammed)


   Territorial (the first in the world) complex – Asia Minor, Greece – complete management of genotype 421



   The main complex monitoring, control ‘golden million, “- genotype 44 (disabled)

   Alpes 1

   Regional development – France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Western Europe – complete management of genotype 441(reprogrammed)

   Alpes 2

   Regional development – Eastern Europe, Germany, the Baltic States, Scandinavia – full control of genotype 442 (reprogrammed)


   The main energy complex octave 53.5 (all kinds of radiation). The first atomic bomb was developed in Germany.



   The main complex of preparation of a new genotype – 46 (introduced in 2012). (Off)


   Bermuda 2

   Energy complex development of 60 k-octave structure.Weekly inflation system and the transformation of 560 brain atmosphere.


   China, Tibet

   The main set of controls in the world, setting standards for all facilities



   The node control through coordination of Kailash



   The main control center and provide communication tubes with the satellites of the planets (see. Planetary satellites)


   The Great pyramids

   paging system, the removal of information (and transmission) with the planetary satellites.


   Moscow 960

   The main object Management System (UFO), all brain matrix 42, 44, 46, Moshiach.(Disabled)



   cord management atmosphere



   Computing Center. All kinds of calculations.Incidentally, Ireland – 2nd place in the world of computer programming.At the same time, Ireland – birthplace of productions are not problems to be solved.



   “Peace” near the station.Switching the Summer – Winter and synchronization shift 1 hour (including 10 – 25 – 03 – 14 – 45)


You have to understand that programs that “provide” the solution of problems on the development of specific genotypes brain removed. Some Complexes “disabled” as unnecessary. The rest of the complex with new   programs are used in the most difficult period of transition, and directly “involved” as the administration in the sauna process .  

        I have shown you that the reserves Nature creates a perfect standards NOT LIMITED . It is only for fashion and quality REPLACEMENT Brain. It is not necessary to force “the king of nature” to be dragged into the bath, vkolachivaya violently that he has yet to receive early. There is quiet and subtle ways to replace. These methods possess biological catalysts passive type. Another thing, if you are a member of “” light “programs. This will avoid cockroaches, crows, sharks and not be” forced “party (even if he still considers himself” the king of nature “) to hold all in the bath. Perhaps the “empty” and without waiting in line, especially in the current time.

        Now focus on the biological catalysts PASSIVE  type. What is the catalyst of the passive type? First of all – forward and reverse TRANSLATOR potentials . The purpose of this type of catalyst – the connection with the Administration (receiving instructions and progress report), broadcast, lulling (instead of anesthesia), combing and wetting (ablution).

These functions do not require active mobility, and can successfully perform biostructure having at least tail.

The tailis the locking ring of the coaxial cable 50 octave .In addition to performing regular duties, this type of catalyst should not be allowed to human brain structures that can damage bannomu process. A lot of them today. Passive type can of course be used for its intended purpose, for example, instead of scouring pads or brushes rubbing of shoes to shine, as well as a tow to plug gaps in the bath.When used as sponges or brushes rubbing shoe is the best cat, because the cat separate serving part can scratch the skin, “the king of nature” or a boot. As an example of the passive type catalyst is best to consider the cat (cat).


We note immediately that if a cat (cat) throw from a height, she (he) just landed on their feet. No one had seen a UFO, flying upside down, the same property and this type of catalyst – as in a sandwich-law, which falls only butter side down, never a cat (cat) does not fall on the side on the back there.

A characteristic feature of this type is that primitive “kings of nature” is eager to dress up in the skins of felines

(. cm. “Rustaveli Knight in the Panther’s Skin”), masking so innocent under suschestva.Koshki (cats) have a number of qualities. Firstly, the ground state – sleepy.Sleeping is chosen based on the needs of “the king of nature” – from head to toe, you have a cat (cat) does not sleep anywhere, and is located where it is necessary to maximize the inflow or outflow of frequency potentials obtained in the INSTRUCTIONS onADMINISTRATION in this patient .

This unnecessary potentials simply dissipate. Upon completion of the work begins purring “Come, cockroaches, I’ll treat you to tea,” which literally corresponds to the invitation of the Standardization Group for the performance of its functions.

If necessary, something align cats (cats) are equipped with powerful combs, made under the scheme biousilitelya.When viewed from the outside legs – invisible combs, but if need be, a cat (cat) comb release from under the feet soft, leaving a lasting impression for a long time.

If the “king of nature”, lulled and undisturbed sleep (unaware that during sleep he GONE part of the brain  will try to throw a cat (cat), she (it) is soft and not intrusive, using combs, reminiscent of “the king of nature “that the process of the Elimination  of his brain is not yet over, and is not supposed to spin.


If the “king of nature” once, it can cause early music, scratching the cat behind the left (from the cat’s right) ear, that is, where  is located the transmitter button . All this is in the instructions from the administration ( “Use of detergent” ), which I’ll tell you later. 

Also, it noted in the instructions that should be ironed from the head to the transmitter for transmission of unnecessary potential you cat (cat), and not vice versa.

Despite the apparent passivity of the feline type has extraordinary jumping ability, especially if you notice that the correct charge (potential) passes by.

In contrast to the protection of a cat (cat) employees can not sniff the potential to recognize it, having an ectopic of lattice, so that even under the cover of darkness, the potential will not be able to slip unnoticed.

It is noticed that the cat himself chasing potential, and the cat is waiting for when the potential priplyvёt to it. For painless removal of potential at the “king of nature” requires general anesthesia, which has been successfully used several songs sung by a cat (cat). Choral performance of these songs practiced cats, cats in the choir do not act – hesitate.

Choral execution practiced once a year – in March, when required, to “the king of nature” DO NOT SLEEP in a period of intense work life support systems.  

Of course, the bloodlust, “the king of nature” has no boundaries. You can judge by the adage – . “… And then – soup with a cat” meekly bearing his duties, a cat (cat) eke out a miserable existence, as they periodically inform the administration.

         Periodically cat adjusts the transmitter, wetting it with saliva and tears. From the outside it seems empty pastime ( “when the cat is nothing to do …”). As a rule, the passive type is equipped with a powerful receiver system (frequent change of “instructions” Administration means that you must have a permanent supply of additional antennas).Kotu they really do not need, so there is an expression “look like a mangy cat.” Cats (cats) as the “kings of nature!” Have the full opportunity to get AIDS and instruction (under anesthesia) to move it “the king of nature.” Therefore, if the “king of nature” wish to receive it, the administration will give appropriate instructions.

There are, of course, and mistakes, but we must bear in mind that cats (cats) only broadcast what they transmit from the warehouse. By the way, if you take a biochemical analysis of the blood of a cat (cat), then you will not find AIDS, as provided by the warehouse structure and the frequency potential has separate packaging and assembly is done in the VERY BRAINking of nature,” according to the instructions.

Modesty cat erected even in advertising – the stomach with a thimble, and can eat a bowl pischi.Semeystvo cat is sometimes used for other purposes, eg for the organization of mass movement “kings of nature” (if the road goes black cat, panic starts) .Nezamenimoy especially in family cat is catching the right “the king of nature” potentials. For example, “the king of nature” still has not learned to catch mice and immediately eat them (getting the desired potentials). This function successfully executes a cat (cat), passing under the then king of nature purring all that was rich mouse before eaten.This is not a joke.It is known that in the mouse brain human brain corresponds exactly. This feature makes extensive use of medicine, in particular – Pharmacology, where the action of drugs is tested in mice, and if the mouse is not sick, the drug is attributed to the use of “the king of nature.”However, in production of medicines add various chemical additives, which may cause allergies or any negative effects.


The cat shares the same mouse into its component parts, and transmits “the king of nature,” only that he was supposed to, and does not cause allergies purr. A surprising aspect of the cat family is their patience. They can sit for hours in the place where the mouse (they did not seek it anywhere), and when brazen and shaggy mouse snout protrudes out of hiding, immediately set in motion a comb, and only after a potential prichёsyvaniya removed in the correct sequence. We note a few more features, clarifying the above.

In the cat under the tail is the dust-collecting huge size (to get ideas, projects, results of the work, etc.). Hence the expression – “down the drain”. Cat lives less than a cat, because the cat walks by himself, and the cat – just near the “king of nature”, taking with him the extra potentials. We also note that the cat mice looking for, and by the mouse the cat get out themselves (there are analogues – when hypnotizing cobra mouse).

After completing all the items the user manual, passive-type catalysts are resting. The cat stretched out asleep, the cat curls up into a ball, closing the ring 50 octave, so even in the dream of a cat reaction is much higher than that of a cat ..

        When changing the phase of the environment has the property of cat (the cat it is not) change according to the current phase ( “night all cats are gray”).

Furthermore, cats sleep only on a soft and cats – anywhere.If you ask the cat what she sees in a dream and how she manages to advance notice of those who might hurt her, you’re a long walk with his mouth open. Unlike Nostradamus cats have a practical outlook . All that in a few months or years before the events of doing cat, will be replicated in human beings and has been successfully used in everyday life.

Thus, in the “Buttermilk” was first shown how to organize market relations, “Kote in Boots” – in what sequence it is necessary to withdraw the property from the Goyim (raider seizure).

As I noted Chukovskij cat “walk backwards” (if the security officer is lame). And of course, the immortal image of a cat Behemoth, who was able to behave properly. It should be noted that it is a cat “communicate” with the owners of the “light” of the program, as cats tend to run away from them.This suggests a more “a delicate respect” for a man who still HAVE TO GO to the bath.

     Whomever you ask, any meaningful answers that he likes or cats or dogs. Or both together. And all this love, is laid in the first class. Adults will be useful to remind ourselves of this.  Cats are very smart, clean animals. They are always clean and lick their fur. Until now, the main “profession” cat – hunter and guard. It is estimated that one cat hunting mice rescues them from a year to 10 tons of grain. The behavior of the cat can predict the weather . Cats anticipate an earthquake, a volcanic eruption .   

Cats exhibit unusual sensitivity to patient owners , warming them with his body. From this, people will go on the amendment. In addition, modern cats act as performers in the circus , the theater Yuri Kuklachev, shot in kino.Ohotnik and guard forecaster and healer, artist and friend, even a toy live “Service” -Here whom  may be for you cat.  

           Who on earth there is no place anywhere near the man did not live dog. It helps people in everything and guard the border, and to find the trail of criminals, and to accompany the blind, and to search for a person under an avalanche, and herd the livestock and guard house.



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