Time displacment and thoughts on the Mandella Effect …

3:10p.m. 8/28/16 

Lake view,Tulsa Oklahoma
  Saturday morning at around 7:00 a.m.+/- 20 minutes or so I experienced what I can only describe as a temporal displacement event. If you or ANYONE has had a noticeable disruption in the way you yourself experience the linear timeline please write about it. Tell someone about it. TALK about it to somebody. The event I experienced happened 4 nearly 5 days ago. I was so disoriented that I couldnt immediately write anything that was coherent. The next 3 days after the event still i made no progress. I attempted many times to write about it. Just as in begin to recall something specific I would type something totally unrelated or get EXTREMELY sleepy or fall asleep entirely. Very strange. this entire ordeal experienced by my girlfriend and 2 month old daughter and myself. When I “woke up” i was sitting up in a different spot than last I can recall. My eyes were open already. There was no grogginess from first waking up. I was wide awake and totally disoriented. Everything seemed wrong, EVERYTHING. From the direction and layout of the room I was in to the time of day to the almost cartoonish nature of things. I made eye contact with my girlfriend who was holding the baby she said something very profound. “Where were we just at”. I knew by this simple statement that she knew. We noticed things that were out of place slightly. A clock on the wall I have never seen before. My clothes were changed. I had a feeling of dejavu so complete that I predicted a knock on the door and literally who it was knocking right down to the clothes she had on. The night before we did see a odd UFO. A red orb very high in the eastern sky falling straight down until it was below my point of view. Related ? Who knows? 

This got me thinking about time displacement. In turn this led me to the mandela effect. 


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