Could life survive in a black hole ???

The question is daunting to say the least. No one knows for certain what takes place at the singularity of a black hole. Only speculation can be discussed. But one aspect of a black hole that should illuminate space based philosophies is that a Black Hole or what I call a Dark or Black Star is in fact capable of supporting life. Lets first look at a Sun that has the potential to become a Black Star. Before the Sun becomes a Black Star the Sun has three criteria. The first is where the Sun generates radiation that provides life with the necessary means of survival. The second criteria is that at the same time if the wrong radiation is taken in then the radiation will kill life. The third is gravity that without the Sun’s gravity life would not exist. Thus a Sun creating and destroying life at exactly the same moment in time from three different aspects. Helpful radiation, harmful radiation and gravity. Now the same Sun has collapsed into a Black Star and the inverse of the sun takes place. Now the gravity and harmful radiation become killers but what about the radiation that was helpful as well as the helpful gravity? Would they still exist. So what we have in comparison is a Sun with Help Radiation, Harmful Radiation and Helpful Gravity to a Black Star with Harmful Gravity, Harmful Radiation. Would the Helpful Radiation and Gravity still exist within the Singularity itself? It would have to think so because just like a Sun there has to be something fueling the singularity itself. Could the Helpful Radiation and Helpful Gravity be what is keeping the Black Star alive? Could it be that the Helpful Radiation and Helpful Gravity are compressed into a a new Sun in some other dimension or Universe outside of our Universe thus possibly lending the necessary heat to cause a Big Bang in another Universe or dimension? I for one think that the entire Universe and just not our own are linked together through Black Stars where energy energy is transferred from one Universe to another like a set of jumper cables between two cars. The exchange of energy promoting life and death in one region while promoting death and life in another region of space.


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