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Let us compare the!

Reflections on the materiality of the human bodies, their numbers and how to overcome “blocking effect” with “light” programs.


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Dear colleagues and friends!

This short article was written to help those who are willing to lay down a few fragments in such an interesting, exciting picture being presented to us in the writings of N.Levashova, A.Hatybova and fundamental works of Mankind – the basis of formation of Humanity and proactive strategies for the transition period of Civilization by imputation elements influencing control “outside”.

Most admirers of materials sites “NTR” and “Research Institute of the network control center” is not always able to independently reconcile some specific concepts, terminology and inconsistencies in the works and N.Levashova A.Hatybova – bulk materials and information-rich. But it is good that there are sites where there is an opportunity to ask questions, the very posing of which can greatly help in promoting know and understand for many people. And that is exactly what is now our top priority – to inform and to help her learn. Therefore, “accidentally” bumping into question, as my understanding will try to give answers that to get closer the two concepts of the great scientist …

QUESTION: What is the unity and the distinction “for Hatybovu octaves” and “material spheres (levels)” by Levashov?

In order to find unity, let us consider one of the chapters of ‘Knowledge of Nachala “:

Octavia (top to bottom):

128 . The clock interval. Defines the Sun, is taken as the speed of light.

  78 – 126 . Control systems, storage and humanoids “barabashek”

(PROGRAM “light” created and run (depending on demand) to 126 and the octave below). (After the complete “start-up” new program January 19, 2015,    frequency conversion and amplification on the order of the generator – I dare to suggest that Octave Generator Software raised to the level of 224 octaves, today RESOLVED in the new complex “light” ).

74 – 76 . Control systems of all insects.

  72 . The brain is the “golden million,” 461 genotype.

  68 – 70 The brain is the “golden billion”, the genotypes of 441, 442..

  66 . The rest of the population of the Earth’s brain, the genotypes of 421, 422, 423.

  64 . The upper octave material structures.

62 . Materials Management structures during the transmutation.

40 – 60 . Energy Corridor (Tesla worked with 60 octave).

34 – 38 . Corridors “0 transitions” after death.

30 – 32 . Complex mixtures (such as oil).

  24 – 28 . Water.

16 – 22 . Gas.

Modern science can work (and create technical devices) are not above 64 octaves, all kinds of devices can not be created over 64 octaves. That is, all monitored devices of electromagnetic signals are below 64 octaves.

Anything above 64 octaves, and the Program “light” – above it – non-inertial mass , ie, there is no gravitational frequencies.

Basic atomic structure – 128 octave, and if it is “pluck”, we reach up to 64 octaves. As all these octave combined with the planetary spheres and levels of dimensionality? How to restore bridges between terminology and N.Levashova A.Hatybova?

Most often leads to misunderstandings that the notions of the material world with readers N. Levashov and A. Hatybova “stumble” on 64 octave as the border of the material (FPM)

A.M.HATYBOV:    64 – Upper octave material structures.

N.V.LEVASHOV:   Physically Dense Matter – Matter is a hybrid of 7 primary matters.

Here we are not one and the same. Any material structure is formed by several spaces, each space – material with inherent to him the properties and qualities. That is, it has a certain octave (dimension).

2979159_image003 (326x431, 19Kb)The space of the current existence of biological structures – a 64 octave (n = 64), as the lower level of the living cell , if it is possible to speak, at the same time it is also designated as a space code (64 code). As we know from the work of Levashova – Live cell has one or two additional material bodies: etheric and astral . And only neuronal cells have three additional bodies:  etheric, astral and mental 1st …

The material world, which has the ability to face the modern science, there is a drop in the ocean of highly plasma. All technical control and measurement database in humans is based on the material world ( not2979159_image004 (347x231, 10Kb)above 32 octaves ), so that the measure of any octave above 32 is not possible. Outside the 32 octaves produces all the necessary measuring herself Management System and, oddly enough, the complex is “light” because it was originally entered into the control system (see. Octave). In addition to the optical radiation spectrum, the visible human eye, all material bodies have a glow, showing “an ethereal level of” material plane. Kirlian effect allows us to observe the phenomenon of manifestation of essential level in the form of “aura”, or rather, dematerialization MTF, but does not explain the reason for this state of matter.Attempts to different healers and medicine men to heal psychic man, “and even trim” aura – does not change the emitting these frequencies are the most material of living cells, since reverse “investigation” into the “cause” no one can …

Then what is the scope for Financial Levashov?

Material scope of the Earth or Man is a set of material bodies with different dimensions (qualitative characteristics of the space).

2979159_image005 (500x322, 148Kb)

There are several “worlds” or the adjacent “layers” of reality, penetrating the planet so that, due to the limited development, most of us are not able to feel it.

The planet 6 areas, but they are not homogeneous. There are three levels of management of a complex process of being all things to him, and the dispensation of appropriate information structures: super-system (from the outside, with respect to the Earth itself being managed); The system (autonomous existence of the Office of the energy system of the Earth and at the same time super-system level by Her position on the planet life management); Subsystem (for humans and the surrounding reality with respect to the Office of the Earth System at Its software control of all processes.

Brain model people have absolutely similarity such as process control in all three of its own system of internal levels, ieSuper-system, system and subsystem (with respect to all three states of the brain). Starting with the 4th level of material spheres belongs to Construction Information Intelligence 4th space, which fell only “favorites” in moments of inspiration …

N. Levashov used the usual term MTF in relation to the human body because the people had no understanding of the matter. After esotericism called unmanifested material body – “thin”. But all these body material, only with different densities and one without the other does not exist

2979159_image006 (325x459, 24Kb)The modern man – only three permanently activated material body. As a result of the blocking qualitative barrier There is a limit of people’s brains. This barrier between the third and fourth levels of irresistible due to the uneven development of the brain, when any part associated with a certain kind of human activity, as a result of constant training and continuous human conscious focus on the desired subject, leads to the discovery of the local high-quality barrier. You receive a “build-up”, whereby the “vertically integrated” come time illumination, insight, or “discovery”. Thus there is a strong difference between the dimension of the advanced areas of the brain and inactive neurons virgin state.There is a “brain wind” that blows and advanced plot and structure of the rest of the brain, discarding Human evolutionary ago, introducing it with a deep depression. With such stress suffered body cells, gradually losing touch with the brain, often resulting in Oncology …

More than 18,000 years ago the Earth was interned “Ebrovskoy System” .Privnesennaya cubic lattice energy, framed all former state and the energy structure, changed and restricted the condition of the material world on Earth to a level acceptable only for foreign management system, change all environmental conditions, including air, water, etc. and the biosphere – Sm.podrobnee .

Octave Brain interventionist in a (foreign) support systems, could not accompany the life of the cells at all levels of its formation, so Live cells rapidly grow old and lose their original livelihood potential introduced by Essence at obryazhenii flesh.

Interventionists Management System specifically created distortions in the development of the brain, by filing only narrowly focused on a particular genotype information, causing sudden changes of emotional state, which went beyond the sustainability of living matter. But in this way they tried to pull up an octave Brain chosen people, to get a “shirt” (flesh), harmonized their brains spiders.

In the book “Essence and Mind – 2” N.V.Levashov some detail showed the presence of high quality barrier and the possibility of overcoming it. The increase upstream capacity in the bodies of the Essence to overcome the barrier blocking the development of quality can only be created when the body healthy and 2979159_image007 (319x453, 18Kb)versatile development of the brain in the learning process. And this is what people today lack in terms of destructive predominance in the field of information and technology management, aposledstviya from such an active information “overload or satiety,” and even more so on a digital basis, unpredictable against physics brain cells and physics.

Information from the last article F.D.Shkrudneva clarifies the importance and need for the program “light” in the preservation and development of all material bodies Essence !!!

“… Without additional assistance and support from the outsideby recreates a true Management System, both parties (and non-essential authoritative minority and dominant performing the majority)is equally a NOT can be quite a level higher than the currentachieved the development of states of consciousness and intelligence in conditions the residual effects of the previously declared reality for them, including in Poznan … “processes

That is, 64 octaves for people – limit. The limit of their mental abilities, their reality. Automobile Engine  processes go on decaying, being laid ebrovskoy system of violence in their perception of the reality on the basis of false logical foundation. We may assume that 64 is equal to the upper octave, the astral body, as demonstrated in humans unstable emotional experiences, often aggressive and the manifestation of the irrational attitude towards their fellows. An illustrative example of such a demonstration of animal instincts to the rituals of black magic, and lack of brains demonstrated at the exhibition “Art”:

http://rus.delfi.lv/news/daily/criminal/v-rige-vo-…na.d?id=45971563#ixzz3aCa4jz53 .

2979159_image008 (521x354, 30Kb)

2979159_image009 (316x239, 10Kb)The above means that in such an unmodified state function of the brain, most of the people and the corresponding decrease in the level of the previous states of energy of his escort , actively collapsing during the current transitional period, will be manifested in the full inadequate behavior of people . This presents a barrier LIMIT perfection of their brain (according to their state of consciousness and intelligence) in an already changing surrounding reality as embodied reality of the processes to recreate the conditions of a true civilizational development of the Earth. If a group of biological structures, no matter what scale it is not acquired, the software will not function empowerment – this group will not be in the near future! The reason for this is that the brain octave of this group of people are not supported by the Office of Native Systems Earth as alien to the natural nature planet designs. It is regrettable …

In contrast, the behavior of people, accompanied by the energy-management systems of the Office of Native Earth, which was created specifically for zhiznesoprovozhdeniya living structures and the brain cells, showing a more human face of behavior and spiritual unity http://rnto.livejournal.com/340265.html


2979159_image010 (554x437, 69Kb)

Everything that happened on May 9 – is the process of “switching” state of public consciousness.

Yes, I WAS other nations . But NOT ALL, but only that part of it which is either directly or through several generations is integrated into the future.

Does everyone have a chance to be integrated?

“For most people in the world continue to release NO SELF on a new path of civilized development. But it does not mean that changes are impossible to overcome the limits of the Brain those who are already “enjoys” the program “light”, which allow to overcome this barrier. This once again shows the genius and understanding “foresight” N. Levashov “events” far forward system-related livelihoods and human development. Those “changes” in the “work” a generator that they were made just before his “departure”, now understood, applied and are effective. ”

Each person using the “light” of the program has a chance to wake up and get the contact state with the Mind of the planet. CHANCE – be integrated directly and overcome another barrier quality, coming out of the captivity of the Planet.

Human Genetics (DNA) and does not unravel Ebrami, harbored a threat during the intervention – uncontrollable potential. If there is no understanding of the consequences of their actions, using the magic of Nature, could do much harm – violate the Code of harmonious energies. Therefore it was set generator locking for protection against “bum,” which operates in the spectrum of octaves, corresponding to human acquisition six entities material bodies(to the existing physical), which corresponds to the octave range of 66-128 “.

Then it turns out that the second material Human body – it is 128 octave. And these octaves were captured during the intervention and lowered to 32 octaves, and then based on them was the development of consciousness and Biogenesis flesh in accordance with the objectives of the parasitic system.

And another important point: the difference between the upper limit of 126 octave “light” (relative to the Man) and the upper boundary 128 octave to octave maximum Old interventionist system and at the same time blocks the generator. This relationship is once again said that to overcome the key milestone of 128 octave final plunge (certainly in the good interests of others) Man has to do anyway – himself! And here all will depend  not on the energy-tracking “bright ” and those specific personal behavior and human action, making it possible to overcome the planetary level of development …

At such low octaves current brain of people (up to 63 oct) biological life extension of more than 125 years is not possible. Only by raising at least to the value of 82 octaves, already allow to prolong biological life to 250 years.

2979159_image012 (345x446, 32Kb)No “school of wizards, shamans, Imperial Club” and other clowning with all the sticks collected by them with stones, balls and manuscripts, as well as no world government – is not able to recognize and influence the changes that are now producing management system. What does the land management system in forming and acquiring new Mind in the transition to the new methodology of values “Human Values”?

The transition to a new methodology , as one of the new states of the fragment of the Mind provides runtime following software processes:

– Translation of the total energy and the structural state of “shirt” in a higher state of energy frequencies 224 octave . To save the lives of people, it is necessary to take into account the very danger of the fact that all the complexes and objects of the old system is completely destroyed in the next short period of time all that they have been created for the purposes for the entire period of the program implementation and their functioning. In this connection, it will be eliminated of the previous interventionist management systems for tracking people’s livelihood conditions, organized by the Office of the old system. It is, accordingly, lead to the elimination of the old people’s living conditions on Earthand not on scenarios of Hollywood visionaries or predictions of some mystical figures.

In the name of saving people’s lives, which in part can be saved and ensure that they are being restored in the new habitat, the Earth System Management undertaken a number of specific actions, processes and events. This phenomenon is an event that is executed without human action, subject to those individuals who have the potential for a variety of objective reasons, obtaining the condition of active energobiogenezisa, which aims to introduce a “shirt” in a state in which it will be fully protected from any damaging and liquidation effects of the old system. All the previous control system were built on the 128 octave, so the new system, in order to exclude the impact of past and influences on people, their total energostrukturnoe state “shirt” is translated into higher frequency energy state 224 octave . This transfer of certain conditions of the people will be preserved and adapted in the future to new true human living conditions. Technology transfer to another state is not appropriate and an open topic of judgments within the issues under consideration;

– Giving a new system of private individuals such contact condition and the brain level, which would help to find an entirely different, higher level of true knowledge and be able to contact with the new Mind;

2979159_image011 (356x356, 21Kb)

All of these transformations can withstand only those individuals whose condition Brain overcame qualitative blocking barrier (128 octave), or those who have a chance with the help of the program “light” tighten their evolutionary level, actively transforming your brain, using a big spade Experience. Those who are not waiting for “manna” from the CPS (the native), and rebuilding the foundation of its existence the reality of those ideas that have been generated and imposed by discrete logic, digital dictation in the brain of a suitable “advanced” genotype will be able to overcome themselves.


We all have something to think about, because the transformation ebrovskoy CPS was subjected to EVERYONE!

But HELP us bestow genius Nicolai Levashov and embodied Russian scientific and technical society.

And the methodology of becoming human there, and we have a chance OVERCOME WEB blocking designs !!!

Therefore, the conclusions in my arguments in this article are encouraged to make YOU HIMSELF !

I would be grateful for the expressed opinion or a comment!


2979159_image014 (375x281, 18Kb)

Yours faithfully

Helen Bittner, 14 May 2015

Attachment: 4175033_davayte_sravnim.pdf

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