i want some of what they’re smoking

Star Earth War (final model)


One day in the distant-galaxy predalekoy Emperor gathered Jedi Council.

– My valiant Jedi, you are a pillar of the throne and empire, and only you can save us from these constant raids fiend – Sith. They have repeatedly been able to make daring raids, and only your efforts escaped empire.
– Yes, we could do nothing, because finding their base carefully concealed. But, finally, the Imperial analytical center has collected statistics of their occurrences, and could calculate their dislocation. They are in a remote star system at the end of the spiral galaxy. And we can destroy this hornet’s nest.
– But there is a significant problem: the system is separated from the dark space of the galaxy. Apparently, under the influence of the Sith space and mutated in such a vicious creatures. Dark space destroys droids brain – we can not send them to the army. Need a living army. But dark space blocks subspace tunnel – will have to fly in outer space. And the last point: the need to fly two thousand years!
– This tour can withstand only the Jedi Order. Even an army of clones, we can not give you.
– Yes, you just fly without covering army – simply an act of suicide. We need tens of millions of brave soldiers. And analysts have found a way out: the new spacecraft “Noah’s Ark” was designed in the utmost secrecy. You have to remember this ancient legend of the Great Flood.
– The remote system extinguished the sun has found a suitable planet radius of nine thousand kilometers away, remove the core and six thousand kilometers radius and attached photon engine. On the inner surface were created oceans and continents with diverse flora and fauna, and in the center is placed a special set of simulating day and night. Inhabited by people will be on the mainland. Their descendants will consider this home planet Earth. For two hundred years before the arrival you include a special program, “Be fruitful and multiply” and hold a series of global wars, privation in order to forge an army of fighters.This will create the necessary tens of millions of soldiers. You will develop science and technology, to empower them. And to encourage the fight, announce the Sith invaders of their native land.
– How? For this and come up with the main trick: terraforming. Hard talk with prisoners allowed to build continents, corresponding to their home planet. For two hundred years before flying reconnaissance probes are no longer able to carry out the mapping of the planet and to specify the details. And the inner landscape of the ark will be adjusted to the planet of the Sith, and the starry sky will fully comply with the required. And when soldiers are landed, they will come into the fight for the defense of their native land from cosmic invaders.
– Brilliant?
– Then give out a team of technicians who will be instructed in the ark of the control center.
– And yes you will arrive with Power!

3 thoughts on “i want some of what they’re smoking

    1. I Judy downloaded the massive ZIP file to go over. No telling what’s in there…. I wasn’t planning on commentary but now that you mention it,it does sound like idea…


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