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Oleg Ermakov
Moon rings
“Apollo” Mission:
major discovery earthlings
Moon r in gs. «Apollo» mission
is a ma in discovery of earthlings
CHI bed in
SACRED Linguistics
Rhyme A number and rhymes ETIKA WORDS
Kiev – 2016

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Who imagine that wealth reached Selena America
there is dust and stones from it, are mistaken. the main thing
heritage mission “A | floor | Lon” there is an opening
physical emptiness Moon pus then you urns s East John’s,
Sat, and in the mouth in the heavens, which knew its P ra | CB p. That –
In a spine floor LNO st: F of Hb, Lawn | about. Flying on A University at
for John th, we brought out Seb I forgotten –
It’s Amen s what we got from the sky giant “Sat | urns -5
The sacred knowledge 5 is the number of man: the star, looking to the heavens.

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Cave said about the room, turned on or shelter
something. According to Jung, this is something inaccessible and secret, for example
That characterizes the moon.
Occult and mythical Zodiac
Since time immemorial, in the caves carved monasteries
and the sanctuary. After all, the cave is an image of the world,
and likened to the heart and the stomach, and therefore a place
the transition to the other world, was a meeting place with God.
That hidden cave?
laneta moon – yet this fact is a major discovery.
committed in the course of “Apollo” series of flights to the US ships
Moon as part of NASA program of the same name (1969 – 1972). According to the results
seismic surveys carried out within its framework, the moon has
empty metal bowl.
The discovery of this fact occurred November 20, 1969 4 hours 15 minutes at
hitting the lunar surface used takeoff the cabin of the ship “Apollon-
12″. Coming into the swing of the moon, as if a giant gong, trembling more than 55 minutes,
It was recorded on her left seismometer surface.
The amplitude of the oscillations in the beginning grew. Lots of it came in the eighth
a minute from the moment of impact, and then she began to fall, went down to nothing. On the same day
director of the US Institute of Seismology M | Oris Yong | to (Un ‘a) in the afternoon
He announced the news these startling facts. In particular, he said, if figuratively
characterized by fixed jitter moon, it reminds shot
bell in the church. Seismic wave born of the fall, spreading
from the epicenter in the surface layer of the moon in all directions, except for one –
inside, entirely reflected from the mirror barrier secret eyes.
Opening NASA is so shocked and intrigued Americans that,
changing the course of the program, all subsequent flights are pushed to the moon
parallel course the last stage of the carrier “Saturn 5” before
cast by as unnecessary upon completion of its work, to strike the moon and
listen to the ringing of the bell. Giant bat, crashing into the planet at a speed of 2.5
km / s, gave rise to a powerful response to the Mystery. Thus, the impact stage of “Apollo 13” (paragraph
collision was elected to the 87 miles from the seismometer installed crew
“Apollo 12”), the ringing of the moon lasted 3 hours and 20 minutes, and seismic waves, not going
deep, it moved within the boundaries of the 25-kilometer rock strata. As a result of all

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Test the highest recorded duration lunar ringing
It amounted to more than 4 hours.
The media wrote that: “According to various studies, at
scientists the conclusion is that the moon is sure to be hollow. In his
1982 book «Moongate: Suppressed Findings of the US Space Program» ( « Hidden
the results of the US Space Program “), nuclear engineer, researcher
William Bryan II writes that the information provided by seismic
experiments “Apollo”, indicates that “the moon is hollow and relatively
zhѐstkaya “. In addition, a number of astrophysicists were so bold that they became
assert that cavity inside the Moon has an artificial origin. “
This discovery – supporting science: s | moon out there blágovest Darkness, Emptiness
perishable eyes:
LUN and is – ZERO s inside
The depths of celestial rings, moon – bell of God, calling on us for bessutnosti
The bottom line, according to an empty part of the Whole, Mother
by di | tyati with | lep | oh. T | ain | s st | ng, then – the voice
Heart path us to our roots. He knew the world of the Trees | tions: L y n and empty – for On | ln | and she.
Identifying her with the Great Bo | hin | her how the cosmos, all Lon, a former Co | moat | oyu,
go (. Sanskrit) in the ‘star’ s (Egypt – Chickpeas), P | raschu | ry zrili that it carnally – floor | first ball:
Sex | of the Spirit – eyes of perishable items, because they have deserted. The word
A | University | It seems cavity its syllable dyrnosti un, not [just] in the middle of the UN (lat.) = EN.
(g | peq.) Lun | a – moons | ting. recess of darkness, Nut | pa in it. So zril Lon | om (Pesch | ep | oh) it
CG Yung | g Therefore the rank of | a | crit | ski Luna – Chan | core: pan (tank)a hole, cavity: in this –
That. The mother of all Liu | bo | BL thing in John | diy | ant it – as the voice of the goddess of Speech wack.
Wack | x, aka Bach | mustache, God M | EN ‘s, Moon (Greek.), Maine | a | d in | zhd – the essence of a tank
Pouce | have | the | th in it (here – Bach: mu | tongue | ant – star shower | it | pt), Vo | id (. Eng), that
cries in | dq | and !; Apollo, son of the Moon and connected with it (after all, Summer, Latona – Moon) –
Buck | hy: n | Liu | u, climbing to the moon, in essence – Bacchus himself; Pan (Gr. Vsѐ), the face
B | Selenium | tion (When | genus | s: at Rhode | e, the Creator (old) of a second.), Relatives of Bacchus Pus (ind.-
Hebrew), in the Vedas Pus |. han, Poot | and Art | pa | x. Depth Moon Mun | dus (World), shower Choir, in Moon,
The essence of ringing – in this pan | CIR | e, moon ‘Dir Ra | k (in the zodiac – the sign of the moon), the eyes
perishable hole. As Selenium | well, Juice | RA | m e n Peace Forces pus’ am, they force Mr. Ye with grave how to know
Himself Void
. Axis (Number) eye kóla (circle -. Old) of Center, our goal – that
Number of | Number o Horn, Luna, s | crustacean in the eye of the human: the eyes of the world and – one. C | enter – enter:
center – the entrance to the fact; Media | insiná in | Ra | is the God in us, and He is in us – the gates g;

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voice Eye: Number | tat | l – Eye of the Creator, whom he sees in this world: in ancient scrolls –
Ringing it – in the heart of the holy Arm | Strong.
, The first Earthling to her, rivers of “I
sure that the number of heartbeats each person felt at birth.
I do not know how many heartbeats in my stock. I just want to live life,
in which every beat of the heart – it is a bell. According to the memoirs of my
mother, first uttered in my life was the word “moon” and the first bright
impressed – the song “Ring of Bells” for the victims of Buch | en | shaft | da. Hearing her
two-year baby, in silence, I heard a long time experienced, followed by
He demanded from parents for paper and pencil and said, “I’ll draw bells
ringing! “.
Jung called the collective unconscious world, the universe, the mystery of mortal eyes.
C God Mother of beings, Luna Cow united as M | lan | s His, Power, whose style go | v, visible in “gov Yadin ‘words,” gov ene “
«Go | v | er | n | men | t». ‘Gov’ Blá eat – her voice: installed seismic periodic signals Bowels, Vel planet ring (for
Scientists estimate that its source lies at a depth of about 900 km).
This is a great Socratic dictum “I know that I know nothing”: know your ignorance of our mortal – be in charge of the World,
Void like himself most.
Last, this translates to English as “strong hand”: Moon, Mother, Who lived Nile. Egyptians and Greeks had her heart
Togo, Dungeons, chip flew us Wives of blood – the Nile, the “black river”: What the Moon – Darkness.
All the secrets of the world and the moon. The book “Planet of Love. Fundamentals of unified field theory “download:
All mysteries of the Universe and the Moon . The book «Planet Love. The basics of the Unified Field theory » , download:

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Annex 1
SACRED linguistics, my method
Ab ovo. The sacred linguistics, my method
Sacred linguistics – the science of the right division slova standing on two pillars.
First, as the essence of the Word of God and the world is identical (in | Selenium | tion). saith
Ngele Eve: “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God” (John 1: 1.)
– Ie, that exists primarily to catch on is God, parents, and Peace Child: because apart
Peace of the Lord there is nothing. Pillar Two: The word of beings Hold, does not bear the root of a
part of her as mnyat now – the roots have it vsѐ
. With those words the division to Poznan
meted not from parts to the whole, but the meeting – from the whole to the parts, into the depths of the word,
siréch With Ver xy down. Thus, AB OVO, flowing from the EC | the | ka River: Peace – from God. So,
God create, a divided world without intelligible | I | tya; so in the bosom taken | Ra | ceases dit I: body –
goal of ‘OV’ s, its root. Dividing so we, with God going, visible through cl ‘OVO vsѐ things
Peace and trust in Dr. The aim of the World,
The essence of the know – from her to walk us by Rich P ins to Preach John e WHO | in | Ra | tnym by
rin Eva m. So the soul walks, Koya – we ICs | to | Ra God, commits By | ICs | to: God
to God fromtoRa. In – sa | to | Ra | Flax L ‘IN’ gvistiki essence. Moon Speech (Vak
(. John d)) – the roots of this science, particle her wack SMM; so Tel its people – Wack x: Word Juice
Moon, I ‘God’ s vak-invariant
; aB is p in mirý her – Juice | Pa | t in | ino | Jun | Pius him
; voice
forgotten it – I, who ascended from physics, false eye (nature and
Gk. fyuzis as
reality Ares’ TOTEL – World bezgo fishing th: Heaven without Earth, Dol without heights), to
ling ‘VIS’ tick, as the science of the Word of Peace, vessels and all fields.
Work sacred linguistics, Bacchus paths:
squeeze out of the question as the world of berries juice, to drink it to us.
Met – hod – to Met Us é, objectives of the course, the essence of science Eid | ti Dos | property | causeway.From the pores of Aristotle, Earth connector | I | vshego with heaven, its head, the word Flight “metá”
translated as flat “after”, “for” honoring immanence, whereas the purpose of – “above”: transcendent, Vys, winged wise way.
Root, Whole, mnyat now a part, sharing the word, roots itself to the root, suffix, prefix and the end. Slóva as the root of a single reality –
San | skrit (Virgo | Naga | ri), where the letters of the words of beings with ‘VIS’ ayut to support single as mortal men from heaven, with Eternity Brenna: संस्कृता.
P lan ka bars, OPORA H | L axis (VIS ‘s (in Ukrainian).) – Speech words Soul: Moon and Virgo, the serpent (naga (Sanskrit).) Ring.
“All those who are truly out of this world, go to the Moon.(…) Indeed the moon – this is the gate of heavenly peace “- rekut of the Vedas
(Kay | shiitake-upa | niche | yes, I, 2). Truly Heaven Vys – The World as U | John | GUSTs how is he; Land Dol – The world as discord, koeyu he did not have.
According to the NASA discovery, L y n a – hollow vessel: According ln spine, secret eyes of mortals, that behold turvy.
Beach days now, my daughter Stagiritova science does not know: the art of Juice | Ra | is the ma | d | s | teak given in aid to pregnant Truth, people give birth to Her – there are pulp,
Yes | occurrence of Her Words like juice | and Ya’God’y of-Darkness In | ino | hail (Vine – by Christ): KingDionysius drain process, through whose world in this Berry
Inograd, extracted from trees of | their roots speech, the moon in it, for the sake of his knowledge. Squeeze out of our speech, wok | ala, World – I | vit | s h unu how his vessel: wack, like speech
Mother of all Maine | Luton y | y in G | Rivers | s (son means P | Luton – husband peq | true of | changed | but,calling the moon – to the frogsvaking into the night l | un | well: P | Reach | Inu sing
Dolne), Love as s | lové | s essence, from all ills Wack | q | and | n | y (so, the first vaccine in the world around us – the cow has provided: Tb | Ma, Ma | be). Therefore, without the side | ala, rekut no
wok | ala: No Wack | ha IU | n | hell leader and king of E | lion | syn | s, Akkadian Sin | and, lord of the Moon(Bacchus there Bull Son Cows still, Bok, he is Horn, it is as true Two
at Nohl | e A | floor | Lon Lon-like floor | and when Lon | e Lun | e) – there is no question of people as the river | and from Isaiah | the | ka this.
When Rod | e (God (old).) – The fruit of His image and likeness: Peace, God’s Child.

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Appendix 2
Lunar deity Kaaba: the God of gods
Are you surprised that the symbol of Islam, there is a crescent moon?
What crescent crowned mosques and minarets?
What crescent depicted on the flags of Islamic countries?
What do Muslims fast during the month which begins
and ends with the appearance of the crescent in the sky?
What do Muslims pray towards the Kaaba black meteorite?
Maqam, located next to the Kaaba, crowned with the symbol of the lunar deity.
Each mosque is crowned with the symbol of the lunar deity,
and flags of Arab States bear this mark.
In the past – the idol of the pagan pantheon, and now – the god of Islam:
such is the fate of wonderful Lunar Deity Kaaba.
Origin of the word of Allah
The word “Allah” comes from the compound Arabic word “Al-Ilah”. Al – the definite article and Ilah – Arabic
the word “God.” We immediately see that:
1. God – not a proper name and a generic name, like the word “El” in Hebrew, used to denote
any deity.
2. God – not a foreign word (borrowed, for example from the Bible), and purely Arab.
3. Also, do not compare with the word Allah Hebrew or Greek word for God (El, or Theos), because “Allah” –
purely an Arabic word used to refer to the Arab deity.
Allah was a pagan deity Arabs long before Islam
“Allah – a pre-Islamic name, referring to the Babylonian Bella» (James Hastings).
“The name of God found in the pre-Islamic Arabic inscriptions» (Encyclopedia Britannica).
“The Arabs before Muhammad worshiped deity called Allah» (Encyclopedia of Islam).
“Allah was known pre-Islamic Arabs; he was one of the deities of the Meccans »(Encyclopedia of Islam).
“Ilah appears in the pre-Islamic poetry. If you use the Al-Ilah was shortened to ‘Allah’ ‘
(Encyclopedia of Islam).
“The name of God has appeared before Muhammad» (Encyclopedia of World Mythology and Legend ).
“The origin of the name of God brings us back to pre-Islamic times. God – not a common name, denoting God,
so the Muslim must use another word, if you want to say about any other deity »(James
Hastings, Encyclopedia of Religion and Ethics) .
A scientist from Harvard University, Henry Smith, says: “Allah was already known to the Arabs» (The Bible and
Dr. Kenneth Cragg, a former editor of the academic journal «Muslim World» and outstanding scholar on Islam, writes:
“The name of God is present in the archaeological and literary monuments of pre-Islamic Arabia» (The Call of the Minaret).
Caesar Farah in his book on Islam, writes: “There is no reason to accept the idea that God came to the Muslims of
Christians and Jews »(Islam: Beliefs and Observations) .
According to orientalist EMVerray, whose translation of the Koran used today, the pre-Islamic religion of Allah, as well as the cult of Baal,
is an astral religion in which appeared the sun, moon and stars. In ancient Arabia, the sun god was female
god and the moon – the male.
According to many scholars, among them Alfred Guillaume, the moon-god had different names, and one of them was the name of Allah.

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“The name Allah was used as the personal name of the moon god, in addition to other titles.Moon god Allah was married to
the goddess of the sun, and together they gave birth to three goddesses: Al-Lat, Al-Ouzou and Manat, – who were called daughters of Allah.
“Daughters of Allah, along with Allah himself and the goddess of the sun, is considered the highest gods.They were located on the top
the level of the Arabian pagan pantheon »(Robert Morey, The Islamic Invasion ).
A well-known fact that in pre-Islamic times, the crescent was the symbol of the cult of the moon-god in Arabia and
throughout the Middle East.Archaeologists have discovered numerous statues and hieroglyphic inscriptions, in which
crescent is placed over the head of the deity, in a symbolic form refers to the moon-god. While on vsѐm
the ancient Near East, the moon was worshiped as a female deity, the Arabs considered eѐ as a male deity.
In Mesopotamia, the Sumerian god Nanna, named Akkadians Sin, especially worshiped in Ur, where he was the chief
the god of the city, as well as in the city of Haran in Syria, which has close religious ties with Ur. Texts of Ugarit
They show that there is a lunar deity worshiped under the name Ur.On the monuments the god marked crescent symbol. AT
Hazor in Palestine, a small shrine Canaanite Late Bronze Age was discovered basalt stele,
depicting two hands raised to the crescent moon, indicating that the shrine was dedicated to the moon god.The cult of the moon
deity, in contrast to the religion of Yahweh, was also a constant temptation to the Israelites.
“Quraish tribe, the birthplace of Muhammad, was particularly betrayed the moon god Allah and his three daughters,
speaking mediator between people and Allah.The cult of the three goddesses, al-Lat, al-Ties and Manat, played an important role in
Kaaba in Mecca. The names of the first two daughters of Allah are the feminine forms of the name of Allah.Father’s name was Muhammad Abd-
Allah, Muhammad’s uncle called Obeyd Allah. These names speak of personal devotion that Muhammad’s family
fueled by the cult of the moon god »(Robert Morey, p.51).
History shows that before Islam emerged in Arabia worshiped the moon-god Allah who was married to
the goddess of the sun. The fact that Allah was a pagan deity in pre-Islamic times – irrefutable. We must answer
question: why Muhammad called the god of Islam in the name of a pagan god?
In pre-Islamic times Allah idol, together with other idols stood in the Kaaba. The pagans prayed toward Mecca
and the Kaaba, since there were their gods, and chief among them – Allah.
Orientalists admit that the cult of the moon-god extended far beyond Arabia. All the fertile crescent was
involved in the moon cult. You can see why early Islam was a success among the Arab tribes who have traditionally
We worship Allah as the moon god. It is also possible to understand that
Use the crescent as a symbol
Islam, appearing on the flags of Islamic countries and the minarets crowning is
a return to the days when in Mecca to worship Allah as the moon god
Unlike most Christians, educated Muslims are aware of this fact. Robert Murray wrote about this: “In the
one of his trips to Washington, I spoke with the driver – a Muslim from Iran. When I asked him why Islam
uses the crescent symbol, he said that it is an ancient pagan symbol, widely used in the Middle East,
and that this symbol helped Muslims to attract a lot of people. When I noticed that the word Allah is used in
the cult of the moon-god in pre-Islamic Arabia, he agreed. When I said that Islam and the Koran can be explained
terms of the pre-Islamic culture, he also agreed with this. He told me that he graduated from the university and for life
I am trying to understand Islam. As a result, he lost his faith. The value of pre-Islamic origin of the name of Allah can not be
overrated. “
What is particularly interesting is the parallel between the development of Islam and the Catholic Church. Both absorbed
pagan ideas to attract novoobraschѐnnyh. Muhammad was not alone in his plagiarism of other religions.
Different religions under different names
Worship different gods
The main result of my research is that all religions have different concepts of the divine. Yahweh, Allah,
Vishnu and the Buddha – this is not the same thing. Other religions do not worship the same God under different names, so
use of the word God in the description of the deity is not correct and we need to use a particular name of God.
Ignoring the significant differences that distinguish the world’s religions, there is an insult to their uniqueness.
Yahweh (God of the Bible) is not Allah (the Qur’an God), and it is not Vishnu (the god of the Vedas), and not a god of the Buddhists and
.. Etc. There are fundamental differences between Yahweh and Allah – personal attributes, theology, morality, ethics, eschatology
and theocracy. They are two different spiritual world. And when we find the further disclosure of Jehovah through
Jesus, we see eschѐ greater gulf between the Bible and the Koran.
The archeology of the moon god
Muslims worship a deity by the name of Allah and say that in pre-Islamic times was the biblical God Allah
Yahweh, the God of the patriarchs, the prophets and apostles.
Ahmed Deedat, a well-known Muslim apologist, argues that the word Allah is the name of the God of the Bible and going
from the word “Aleluyya” is transformed into “Allah-luyah» (Ahmed Deedat, What is His Name). This statement

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It shows that Ahmed Deedat does not know Hebrew, because the word “Aleluyya” is the verb “to praise,” standing before
the name Yahweh, it literally means “praise Yahweh.” Other “Bible” Deedat arguments as absurd. is he
He argues that the word “Allah” has not been polluted by paganism. “Allah – a unique word for a single God,
you can not make a feminine of Allah “- says Deedat. But Deedat silent that one of the daughters of Allah
called “Al-Lat”, and that she was the female alter ego of Allah. The problem here is the Muslim claim to continuity:
from Judaism to Christianity and then to Islam, as well as their desire to Islamize the Jews and Christians. If Allah –
part of the flow of divine revelation in the Scriptures, it is the next step of biblical religion we
should all become Muslims. But if Allah was a pre-Islamic pagan deity, the Muslim claim to
sacred inheritance have no reason to.
Religious claims often fall as a result of archaeological evidence. Archaeologists have discovered a lunar temples
god throughout the Middle East.
From the mountains of Turkey to the Nile itself a widespread plѐsov
the religion of the ancient world was the worship of the moon god
. He was even the religion of Abraham, the patriarch, before Yahweh
He revealed himself and ordered him to leave his home in Ur and move to Canaan.
The Sumerians, the first literate civilization left many clay tablets describing their religious beliefs.
As shown Sѐbergom and Hull, the ancient Sumerians worshiped the moon-god, who had a lot of names different.
The most popular were Nana, Suen and Asimbabbar (Mark Hall, A Study of the Sumerian Moon-God).
Its symbol was the crescent. Given the amount of artifacts related to the cult of the moon-god, it is clear that it was
the dominant religion in Sumeria. The cult of the moon-god was the most popular religion throughout ancient Mesopotamia.
“The Assyrians, Babylonians, Akkadians and transformed the word Suen in Sin – their favorite deity» (Austin Potts, The Hymns and
Prayers to the Moon-God). Professor Potts writes on this score: “The name of Sin, essentially Sumerian, was borrowed
Semites. “
In ancient Syria and Cannes moon god Sin was usually depicted the moon in its rising phase. Sometimes the full moon
placed inside the crescent moon to emphasize all the phases of the moon. sun goddess was the wife Sina, and the stars were their
daughters. For example, Ishtar was the daughter Sina (Ibid., P.7).
crescent symbol is found everywhere in the ancient world: on imprints, steles, pottery, amulets, clay
tablets, cylinders, weights, earrings, wall murals, and so on. In Tel-El-Obeid copper calf was found with
a crescent moon on her forehead.
In Ur, on the stele Ur-Nammu crescent symbol placed over the gods, because
the moon-god was the head of the gods
Even the bread was baked in the shape of a crescent, as an act of devotion to the moon-god (Ibid, pp.14-21).
Victims of the moon-god are described in the texts of Ras Shamra. The texts of Ugarit, the moon-god was sometimes called Kusu. In Persia, so
as in Egypt, the moon god was depicted on wall murals and Titles Charter. He was a judge of men and gods.
Ur of the Chaldeans was so committed to the moon-god, that labels of that period it was sometimes called Nannar. Temple of the moon
god was excavated in Ur by Sir Leonard Woolley, their many artifacts of the lunar cult was found today
on display in the British Museum.
In the 1950s, the main temple of the lunar God was excavated at Hazor in Palestine. two idol of the moon god were found,
each is a statue of a man sitting on a throne with a crescent moon on the breast. The accompanying inscription explains that they
They are the idols of the moon god. Several smaller statues were identified by the inscriptions on them, as
daughter of the moon god.
In the 1940s, archaeologists Caton Thompson and Carleton Coon made some amazing discoveries in Arabia. During
1950 Wendell Phillips, W. Albright, Richard Bower and others excavated sites Qataban, Timna and Marib (the ancient
the capital of Sheba). Thousands of inscriptions were collected from the walls and rocks in Northern Arabia, found bas-reliefs and the sacrificial
bowls used in worship “daughters of Allah.” The three daughters, al-Lat, al-Ouse and Manat, sometimes depicted with
Allah, the moon god, the crescent marked on them.
What about Arabia? Professor Kuhn writes: “Muslims are hateful tradition of pre-Islamic paganism,
so they tend to distort the pre-Islamic history »(Carleton S. Coon, Southern Arabia).
During the XIX century, Arno, Alevi and Glayzer held southern Arabia and unearthed thousands sabeyanskih, and mineanskih
karabaneanskih inscriptions which were subsequently translated. Archaeological findings show that
the dominant religion of Arabia was the cult of the moon-god. The Old Testament consistently condemned the cult of the moon-god.If
Israel fell into idolatry, it was usually the cult of the moon-god. In the Old Testament (555-539 BC)
Nabonidus, the last king of Babylon, built in Arabia inning as the center of the moon god. Burt Segal writes: “
religion southern Arabia has always been at the mercy of
god with different variations »(Berta Segall, The Iconography of
Cosmic Kingship). Many scientists also point out that the name of the moon god Sin is part of such Arabic words as the
“Sinai”, “wilderness of Sin”, etc.
As elsewhere in the popularity of the moon god weakened, the Arabs were still loyal to him, claiming that
the moon-god is the most important of all gods. They worshiped 360 gods in the Kaaba in Mecca – and the moon god was
chief among them.
Mecca was in fact built as a shrine to the moon-god, it is
made Mecca sacred site of Arabian paganism

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In 1944 Caton Thompson in his book “The Tombs and Moon Temple Nureyda” he told that opened the temple of the moon god in
Southern Arabia. In this temple and crescent symbols 21 label with the name Sin were found. Idol was also detected,
which is probably by the moon-god. This was later confirmed by other well-known archaeologists (See: 1.
Richard Le Baron Bower Jr. and Frank P. Albright, Archaeological Discoveries in South Arabia; 2. Ray Cleveland, An Ancient South
Arabian Necropolis; 3. Nelson Gleuck, Deities and Dolphins).
The discoveries show that the moon temple of God was used even in the Christian era. Evidence gathered in
North and South Arabia demonstrate that the cult of the moon-god was active in the days of Muhammad, and that he was at times
According to numerous inscriptions, the name of the moon-god was Sin, his title – Al Illah, “god”, indicating that he
was the highest among the gods. Kuhn writes: “God or IL Illah, originally represented the moon-god» (Coon, Southern
The name of the moon god al-Illah was shortened to “Allah” even in pre-Islamic times. The pagan Arabs used the word
“Allah” in their names, who gave their children an example are the names of his father and uncle of Muhammad. The fact that the name of Allah
used in the names of people, it suggests that the cult of the moon god Allah was active and when the life of Muhammad.
Professor Kong said: “Thanks to Muhammad relatively unknown Ilah became Al-Illah, god Allah,
supreme being. “
This fact corresponds to the famous question: “Why is the word of God is never mentioned in the Koran?” – Because
the pagan Arabs knew who God is.
Muhammad was brought up in the moon god Allah’s religion. But he went one step further than his pagan
tribesmen. While they believed that the moon god Allah is the chief god of their pantheon, Muhammad
decided that
Wa is not only the most important, but only
In fact, he said, “Look, you already believe that Allah is the most important of all gods. All I want
that you have agreed with the fact that he – the only god. I do not tidy Allah whom you worship – I just
I put away his wife, his daughters, and all the other gods. ” This is evident from the first point of the Muslim creed, which states that
not “Allah is great”, but “Allah is the greatest”, ie it is the greatest among the gods. Muhammad said that Allah
the greatest, thus nullifying the other gods.
The pagan Arabs never accused Muhammad of preaching God other than the one to which they have already
worshiped. In other words, God has been their pagan god; on the same evidence, and archeology.
Muhammad, therefore, tried to go two ways. Gentiles, he said that he was still loyal to the moon god Allah and
Jews and Christians – that the one God is also their God. However, Jews and Christians, who worshiped Yahweh,
knew who the moon god Allah and rejected as a false god.
Al-Kindi, one of the earliest Christian enemies of Islam, pointed out that Islam and its god Allah did not come from the Bible,
Sabeyan from paganism. Sabians worshiped the God of the Bible does not, and the moon-god and his daughters al-Uze, al-Lat and Manat (Three
Easly Christian-Muslim Debates).
Dr. Newman says: “Islam manifests itself as a separate and antagonistic religion that arose from
idolatry. “
Islamic scholar Caesar Farah concluded: “There is no reason to accept the idea that Allah prishѐl to
Muslims from the Christians and Jews »(Caesar Farah, Islam: Beliefs and Observances). The pagan Arabs worshiped the moon
as the supreme deity, but it was not biblical monotheism. Despite the fact that God was more important than the other gods and
goddesses, he remained a pagan deity pantheon.
Now, you are not surprised that the symbol of Islam is the crescent moon?
What crescent crowned mosques and minarets?
What crescent depicted on the flags of Islamic countries?
What do Muslims fast during the month which begins
and ends with the appearance of the crescent in the sky?
Using the symbol of Islam Lunar Deity reflects how the pagan past of the Arabs,
and the continuity of pagan Islam.
Source: Investigate Islam
(Material comprises a number of priceless visual illustrations
the oldest nature Lunar Deity, not represented here)

Page 12
Appendix 3
It is alleged that Armstrong after the flight suddenly all accepted Islam. Curiously,
Flight to the Moon was exactly seven. A selection of Armstrong explained that part of the flight, which is not like
NASA managers comment. That’s what happened on the Moon during the first landing. Aldrin,
Collins and Armstrong, the crew of “Apollo 11”, during the study of the lunar surface suddenly
We saw a striking phenomenon – the two rings over the sea of Tranquility, like an open book.
By changing the position of the optical devices, the astronauts were once again convinced that they had seen a shape
an open book. In addition, it sounded nowhere who had taken music and singing in Arabic. All
talk astronauts to Earth were recorded on magnetic tape. The next day the book disappeared.
When Armstrong stepped on the moon, again, there was a sound like a signal. At this time (again, all
recorded on tape) I heard these words: “robbial ardzdini Indus huiza kunaliym”, then again –
It sounds like the music, “ashxadu ala illaxa yl lallax” and “ashxadu anna Muhammad-district rasulullax.
Astronauts could not understand where the sounds. Negotiations with the Earth made it clear: the sounds were
directly from the moon. At the time of their occurrence astronauts felt a pleasant feeling and a strange
malaise. ( Notice how this is similar to the feeling of the Prophet Mohammed, tested them
the presence of God. )
The astronauts returned to Earth. It was again scrolled tape and consulted
executive secretary of NASA Al-Baz. In a narrow circle, he gave an explanation for the “music” that sounds
on the Moon, declaring that it is a holy saying in Arabic: “I bear witness there is no God except Allaxa”.
All the secret sooner or later becomes apparent. And so it happened. 14 years later, in February 1983
year Armstrong came to Egypt to participate in the conference. It was the first trip, not only in Egypt,
but also in the Islamic world. During the meeting, at the end of the first part, sitting on the podium Armstrong suddenly
pale when he heard from the street singing a familiar voice. Asking excitedly surprised Egyptians that
kind of music, Armstrong has learned from them, that is – the adhan, which, like church bells szyvaet
the faithful to prayer. Armstrong’s words sounded after this explanation, were for the Egyptians
like a bolt from the blue: “This voice. This is what I heard for the first time he stepped on the moon, from which have
me goose bumps! At first I was a noise in the ears, and then listening to that voice, over and over again,
I experienced a pleasant feeling. ” Then, according to witnesses, pale, HOW canvas, Armstrong said: “On
Allax! I found thee not on Earth and on the Moon! ” . He paused for a moment, and came a little
themselves, continued: “I have walked on the moon, without prayers, and now I’m going to pray, you can consider me
Muslim. “
Is manned flight to the moon is predicted sacred books? Word of it we find in
Bible prophecy. In chapter 4 of Revelation speaks of a certain mysterious book for “
enigma “, which is holding a” sitting on the throne. ” See, this is in heaven. A
“Mighty angel” at the Throne encourages open secret of this book. Something similar to the American moon
paradoxes already felt. But we keep looking. Surname Armstrong translates as “strong hand”
and the astronaut, in a sense, is the “angel” because flies beyond Earth. “Book for the family
seals “- apparently the Koran: for his first sura called” Open Book “and it contains
7 verses. Let us now try to find an explanation of what is happening place. “Allah” is translated as “white
hand. ” The symbol of Islam – a hand and a crescent moon, which could mean an allusion to the place
stay Allah – the Moon . The combination of all these factors leads to a stunning hypothesis –
fly to the moon, the Americans have visited at the Throne of God ! And that is the reason why all
technical misunderstanding. Where miracles happen – the laws of physics are not valid. American
scientists are faced with a number of problems and unexplained phenomena … and understand that the continuation of the Moon Epic
It threatens to undermine the authority of materialistic science. Therefore, probably, and they made a decision to
termination of operations. This explains the position of the Soviet side, which is likely met
the same problems.
Celebrities, who converted to Islam

Page 13
Annex 4
The Scythians:
a tribe from the Moon
People root and root language of the Earth
Life on Earth came from B | Selenium | Neu:
piece Whole alive, this world – everyone. Tribe
first of our Earth – the Scythians, the people from the Moon,
Mena Greeks: the gate in fact, they fell chip –
Eternity in ashes; them I tongue, root
Earth – moon rumor shower naked and exchange .
Scythians: the tribe from the Moon
The root people and the root language of Earth
The life to Earth came from the Universe: the part is alive due to the Entire,
this world is alive thanks to the Whole. The first tribe of our Earth were
Scythians, people from the Moon; their selenic language was the root
to earthly languages – the heart of human language.

Page 14
The civilization of Homo sapiens originated from Liu dei coming down
Earth with Lu us
. Title to this wise in the books –
the fall of man: its loss of Heaven, the Motherland, whose gates
A University well. Selenites Earth – Scythians, roots Tribes Men of beings.
Testimony to this there are m any of my contradiction between
certificate d rivers and Herodotus, that the Scythians have m way shy
the people of the earthlings, and the position of Roman Pompey Trogus,
that they are the most ancient people of the land, a hundred rshy and Egyptians.
Illusory, this discord – split our Mr. manhole , seer
A howling ku, di ru where P ra | CB p One zril: Peace,
The essence. Clearly, Trog, who honored work of Ge kind of Ota shrine
could not contradict to this ancient sun – ist John and Well
that REAL on race , rávno Jr.
and a senior in this world, is that because EARTH
He did not involved . He – Ne fucked and of not p,
in this world NO – so there it is about mega
the unit on Alpha and the John about: the child and star You are going You are going of uh likeRiyadh from – by Liu | bo | the BL,
Eternity in the guise of p ebѐn ka is, d ep -containing
in the hand obedient Olympus.
Procession of Th of The LOVE ka is from the Moon, Men ‘s – Evidence of a sacred, relief in Our language.
Of the root of The moon has IT Man : Love, Int s That purpose út us and of mana of ur the self; the man – the the man (Eng.);
first man – Man y (OE Ind.); our hand – the man us (Lat.): Dr. Ian L. Moon ‘s, aB is p ours, given to us

Page 15
Of SKY (England.)
The SKI the ES (England.)
Of SKY THIANS (England.)
The SKI Oscilloscopes (Rus.)
The NAME NA the MENA the ME …

Page 16
Scythians as the last and P er high,
Infants and the elderly
Lords of Olympus, the mighty, were powerless
bow before Er ota – winged
bully-boy on the arrow mountains this:
Erót in fact – E grew , primordial Dev and,
Tb | Ma Ma | be , mo means of higher G s sa.
So heavenly
Uk, the spirit of love, n ra Fork
immortal chorus of maidens shis in the child.
The Scythians, according to Ge kind otu later in the race – E mouth
Same. for They are m harmony the above all, as with a ma tion of of Their
childhood hidden
First, the oldest people of the earth,
Roots directory of earthlings of The. The People with the Moon
Of N with In fucked by on in of pa t, folk of pa th.
Reality of this – the name of the SRS Oscilloscopes, the gift of the Greeks, English. SCY thians:
Of SKY Oscilloscopes, messengers of Heaven – our From chizny, That th,
on what is of SKY eat us; Peace Ambassadors, of SKY lptor
whose – the eternal God. SKOLÓTY , self
them – in fact SKÓLOTY E : God – with the Moon
in the mortal world to the SKI Tanya in it.

Page 17
As the soul, IP | to | ra God
From God and in God stepping in circles – due to Ra
(Root on | a lawsuitWoz | in | of Pa | t), – in the flesh descends from the heaven to me the detection,
so the tribe earthlings – the essence of souls, skit Alicja Gornji descended
in this world in to | linseed her l of n on them. T and F in the speech – one: the T EOS – F AGM
Hence the “ski t ” – Ski p : name common shower came down Over
the in hermitage
Breña – people to | Ochev
, Of Tb | ma :
The SKI the F – of of SKY the F, the C of SKY the GUEST
Not | the devil and – our Source: disgusted seeing – Moon , ki | from God, R Reach ins,
il by sky Ra (Rus. shku pa, Ukr. shkі pa) him. He sat | ene – our P raschu p
Above | Earth, Korn s horn rd
, The pillar ver | s us mortal. From | sat | s
(panspermia teaching, rivers Ver | of | ENGLISH) descended into the world of our Scythians: Dol
with heights. Syllable moon has Qi , Ki : Ki | melt – Energy syllable Spirit
Darkness means L in on by the LDF . In order ” to Key ip” – ” with the Key “: the moon tribe
Phoebus means messenger, her son
, The Ki | f Areda. Scythian is a king Ski | lu The district,
Capital and – Ishkuz and ” from Caus s ” – with the Lu us, Causes of Earth.
For God of spark The of The, the soul – of fire of the Love, Earth’s Highest: for for God is
Love . She noun of Th LOVE to! With That, by Liu bov, Whose god Kam and – the world Already
in the world of an e by Sem on with with In om Cams uflyazh: the Lone , the John s. for So under the guise of the
by arrow E mouth but the slightest of olim Pius ant, hidden e grew up , Ancient
are (Hesiod rivers), and he W s with no stronger than his arrows . The ino , Love
Ambassador to Brenna, Pushkin calls therefore “young old man.”
Camouflage is the same – the Scythians feature: Ge kind of sees them younger
on race st of all, Pom Pei T horn – naistarshim
, What means:
this people – in the guise m way entsa Spirit etc. s tions, the Star uk fire,
Earth does not claim Reach ACTH as the root of all earthlings from heaven, P Pts you own.
It is at once a junior and senior in this world – are to be
nick | Kim as another: under the Lich Breña | a – Shadow Spirit .
The earth has a tree tribes Scythians ancestors of all , and in succession
direct Root – Rusich spirit of their kind . The Scythians, mountain – face of the Whole
in part: in sѐ m Vsѐ . Such is, and their tongue: the root of all the earth,
Senior san skrita as the Heart of Mind , etc. s as root, servants
State under the John
. It is a science ™ of the Bulwark of Lord’s: the a paths of the moon,
hidden koyu disgusted Stagirite for his science:
The S of The the the CI | Je NCE – of of SKY of of ENCE:
Science – Heaven the n | a | sat on | sowing | th: in the the S love for God,
Is Life by Sam s ( the the S | the the EV | the the E | the the n) as with the by Sam | I of am holy, Luna is’s lips.

Page 18
Soul is of The I of Our : the Living-drop of Fire Simply, Their own Sense of the concept – the Sense of the forward. This,
Castaneda, “fire within”, not dangerous for flesh dismembered her transcendent barrier –
substrate razemlyuschego us with the true concept of “figurative meaning” generated by Aristotle as a way to
prevaricate . The creative breakthrough still faces entails the disappearance of the flash and human in this world – his
Care, admiration (old.) In Heaven with vosstavlenem primordial spiritual bodily integrity like finding oneself .
Breakthrough verge of a disastrous, rare in the world, call “spontaneous combustion of human» (spontaneous
human combustion, SHC): take the flesh of the fire as the loss of her , or death. Therefore, as the outpouring of the Fire Burned
Inwards – Ra Dost, a devastating train – out: on | heat like zhor Evil góre us.
Both mark a person: T – with | That yaschego with arms outstretched in | That hand, O – Akimbo, that is to say standing
f ertom as letters this.
Skit – vale of hermit house people detachment from everything. This is our Earth, the scope of clay, in the sacred
tradition – the “tomb of the spirit.”
Points for – wanderings: in fact – the world, the subject of them, in talking s – step By us, the World, to the Goal
Creator, in I his.
Her life, ancient yavna, later lost in the lost world of sight Dolny in the moon went away . not Life
He disappeared: as Truth, Spirit, forever I VNA it – our eyes are blind, it sees ceases.
On the initial Earth Moon and Earth we Blavatsky writes:
The moon is a satellite of the Earth in only one respect, namely, that physically the Moon revolves
around the Earth. But in all other cases, it is the Earth the Moon has satellite, and not vice versa . No matter how
A startling statement The This, IT is not without confirmation from Scientific Knowledge. IT is Confirmed
the tides, the periodic changes in the forms of MANY disease, coinciding with the the lunar Phases; IT
It can be traced in the growth of plants and pronounced in the phenomenon of human conception and process
pregnancy. The value of the Moon and its influence on the Earth were recognized every religion of antiquity, especially
Jewish, and were noted by many observers of mental and physical phenomena. But while science
only he knows what the impact of the Earth to the Moon is limited to physical attraction, which causes her to
rotated in its orbit. And if the objector insist that this fact, in itself, sufficient
proof that the moon is really a satellite of the Earth and other plans of action, it is possible
answer with a question – whether a mother who goes around your child’s cradle of protecting it,
subordinate of her child or dependent on him? Although in one sense, it is a satellite, yet
However, it is certainly older and more fully developed than the child, protected by it . // Therefore, it is the Moon
He plays the largest and most significant role in the formation of the Earth itself, and in its population
human beings. Lunar Monads, or Pitris, the ancestors of man, become, in fact,
by the man himself .
EP Blavatsky. The Secret Doctrine. Cosmogenesis
(Highlight text – mine)
Occult Moon is the “parent” of our planet, it is much older than the Earth (…). Our
spiritual ancestors “Pitris” (ancestors) came from the moon and entered the empty shell of the earth, animate them,
svoѐ to continue the evolutionary development on a new planet. So the Secret Doctrine teaches. Hence
the cult of ancestor worship, which are spirits, entered into our physical bodies. In this way,
Petrie – is ourselves. The moon is much older than the Earth, and even the sun. That moon controls the earth, to take
even the tides, plant growth, menstrual cycles – all these phenomena of life
related to the influence of the moon.
The same work
(Highlight text – mine)
Sensibly seeing Moon Pillars of the Earth, HPB thinks it is only a passive link Death of Life, that this fire giving,
extinguished. No: The Moon – Life Source, fire forever : is not it – there is no river, it soluble. Lick hladny moon – reality
fraudulent: false mortal eyes, not seer fire, so – empty without him.
Latona, mother of Phoebe – from the Greeks the Moon.
Trog writes:
Scythian tribes has always been considered the most ancient, although between the Scythians and the Egyptians has long been debate about
the origin ancient. the Egyptians boasted That AT the Beginning of the world, with some Countries from the blazing

Page 19
excessive heat of the sun, while others grew numb from the terrible cold, so it could not only the first
make people even take the alien … at that time Egypt had a climate so
moderate, neither the winter cold or summer heat of the sun did not cause suffering to its inhabitants, and the soil
it was so fertile that no country is producing more food for the benefit of the people;
therefore, the original home of the people have every right to be considered the country where people are better
Could support all. // the On the contrary, the Scythians DID not Recognize the Evidence of climate moderation
… As far as the ancient climate of Scythia harsher Egyptian, so there hardier body and soul …
Egypt … could cultivate and can be only under the condition of the Nile barrage and so it seems
country for last inhabitants antiquity as it is formed and, presumably, all later
a king by the Countries of DAMS sediment or silt of the Nile. Such Evidence Scythians prevailed
over the Egyptians, and the people have always seemed more ancient origin.
The closest in nature and build towards this language there are church-going (by the Holy Spirit) slavyano-
Russian language.

Page 20
Appendix 5
Heaven child in tenѐtah Earth
Heaven wise and silѐn,
he will one day return to it

Page 21
Che LOVE to the present day – a child
Heaven has forgotten their wings.
With that, it is important for people Pa crush :
the mother of them stating Lono.
Source remembering his – those
Earthlings, we find the way home.

Page 22
tat tvam asi (. Skt) – “you have the”:
not the earth – Heaven, not the body – the Spirit.
H EB O HIGH L, U have ANOTHER – P ONE and our Spirit, Cycle, QTY of (st.-Slav.) From | QTY e
s the VIS ‘amu we, the people, as the letters in the SAN to CRETE with O CHO you, Axis ( the VIS s (Ukr.)) them, mortal
The SLEEP ; of The strength, the the VIS (the Lat.) Of As the the MUof of SKY ‘ formula to | digging has Given us Soar in the MOT as with the the Depth
(Because Vys – the Depth), an article . the Sky – Š | of of KOL a (Czech Schools.), we spalling
The C | NUMBER of Ota an RA not, in the any way the TO of of SKY eat, of of SKY Lim Both an RA | Dost the TA ynoy in an-effort to
Dost Grigorievich – the root of SKY Oscilloscopes, SKOLÓT s
A: A | UN | s, MENA (. Gk) CE | MENA
how to | RA t RA , BO hectares of beings, and in the world, His PAUL e whose name is Heaven
(with those with a CIF am SRT | PERSONS her And of SKY ‘ for was: Mr. RA d FROM CÁUS ‘s, P RICH | IN |s
with | the TO . l) the LEP the OTE to still in the T Our the AIN the oh, the this mortal world – with-to-the LEP .
Of Heaven of Son – the CIF aréd A | POL | the LON , Streit LOVE rzhets IT as with POL-the LON and the this,
PÓLON Them how of to Osud its’ the C utyu: yet Mind With erdtsem, with In | the IN | OM OM sage; the F the EB and son is –
The E of of SKY paws, Or A-with-a-the LEP s, the BJ | the BO twist the who Treated the BJ | the DAY :PURPOSE th, PURPOSE | b u PURPOSE I of
Fallen now: Dr. EB about the roots, Isa | THAT com reký. Phoebus – at GATE Nick Moon, Sky Art RA Well,
GATE s whale
(month someone has FEB-lied ), the spirit of securing the Path. C AND | ICs mustache
single, this is of SKYPER Up | MY us PER natyh, with | TEZ its curve –
Pupo In | IN | O | Q VIT oyu love, power and ukre DRINK and kill
(In charge koyu
The CSR | an RA t, Phoebe voice on VIT soup the child): the C m the EPT s with Love – one’s.
Just great Heaven ( MÁH | A (Sanskrit).); The who fitment the LAT reality – MAG welding ,
of essence the MA ster MAHÁ the BE, PILI | the MAKE
in the LUN the y the MAX (AVEST.) mortal
Our the AI the BE where clause the TA Them the M ir, Wa of the Lun , the K | A | the M | to EN s the KAM ‘s, Love – of beings
The IC the T the IN s, ÁMEN (the Lat.), Facilities: Shower the the VIS ‘of Ota. Of The world is the Depth Our – us By | Dug | s | I of ;
Selenium oh, moon STRONG Th LOVE to love, East OKO m his.
All those who are truly out of this world, go to the Moon. (…) Indeed the moon – this is the gate
the heavenly world “- says Kaushitaki-upa | niche | yes (I, 2).
Nicknamed for the curves of Mr. molecule Lok Siem, curve ( vit fired a lock it).
In theory astronavigation known as snail Ball | gay .
Whoever saws make- your, empty flesh above her in the Spirit as the essence, I own, going up.

Page 23
Appendix 6
Psi, Bird
The soul is like a winged essence
The mystery of our higher nature, burning in the Word

Page 24
Get used his life to thinking:
She will soon have eagle’s wings.

Page 25
Gave us rýki for God of Dey tion of ra di,
our day – by Mr. day stvya. But most importantly
Liu case the action – campaign to Bo Gu, Ver w Ying e
The universe as a pure I have: Elev ra t like
Flying in essence, Liu | bo | Bb. Therefore, hand – to | dug | s | I .
And dusch its path of Knowledge, a warrior and – in John s toryaschego:
in God, Depth – Wisdom calls od | John | tat | yu bird * ,
someone to | Liu | to look up: Depth – heavens. In this endeavor –
the essence of the Cross as the Rasp I ment: long ver | ti | to | Al ** ,
the burn crosses short umbrella of Al as with an arrow ad
the by sky Into. This Same impulse runners – the roots directory of children the Flight
dream: les | That | out – SO to Dr. Stout.
The All the IP | the | Darya, trail in the fall in Remen – the way ot the | I of | tya
us from the wings and vertical directions: the keys to Heaven, our
for a long the P a s. With Them in the of pa evil ! ke us. But wings the rd Our
Vys gone nowhere and – for They wings vivo, the Recording voglub a shower to and,
essence Our. Like a butterfly in a window is, IT lies in us,
the who are in worms the mortal world. of The hour strikes –
of burst The cocoon, and people will of wings I of twist again.
Solo-way – path (way (English).) As a song of one (solo (um).).
“Verti of Al to” – “the Tories to the of Lord ( of Al (a ra b).)” The Exists of Al of Fe.

Page 26
Name Psyche (Psyche), soul ( BA – Egypt), in g peq Eski – BA b RON Single:
bird fitment LAT th point. Name it it BUT vym us a metaphor – meaning
portable, second. But in the STAR s this sense,
Truth to dust ne edge with,
God vanishes
given to us to discord, was not sýsch. soul was
Ancient winged in the units IN GOVERNMENTAL sense – etc. I IOM
Because he knew P | RA | CB | p:
GOD the IN the WHO | Bed and | an RA | the T of SEB the AS I of the CA the MY .
Therefore soul Lick State – the letter- the PSI Mr. RIVERS s: the PTI tsa, flight to Rusk GAP sha is to digging á.
Meaning, etc. The | I of | the MY , DREV tions of
– Bird, power wings – in selenium of Skye
power. Wherefore the EGI for God SING ENGLISH, the EGI the PTA of fire – the PTA | the X : King Facilities: Shower,
Horní Ptah HIM. With That, of Th LOVE to the first in heaven, GAGA na is is ( the SAN Skr.)
ascended der WKO – CAA | P in, loons and re- ROY . Wings – octane and us:
about PTIKABIRD . An TRAILS A UN expected in | RA | m NOT | BES , bare souls – Mr. LAZ
gospodá therefore, seer World Peace
And by digging atye fact, the law
someone – Flying, PROGRESS into the depths : in God, Vys: Depth and Vys is One.
With Heaven n SCENE de one, man was winged; I fall into the SIC DALE – became
Th RVЁM , DISCORD stings Kim slave goose H
C s, who crawled Th – USE .
In your life – we soar on FIVE to the heights star riding , FRI eritsey! The worm –
butterfly will; META handicap-lie – we will PURPOSE s, METÁ : ICT | IN | A
Is for God love as with I of Our how of PURPOSE . S us Soul of SUIT, | an RA Gospa the DAY
The Article I of zhaet Creator, Sun- an RA as with the IP | MOT | to That CLAIM amb suscha, the LON on Their own,
the any the before the C | the K | the GLS | ene A | the TMA the this, of fire the CAS uvshy, of w the DOL sthe IP | the CAS | s
whose DARKNESS – Breña KR corner, DALE ny KR ah.
SOUL – BIRD, KRYLÁ – our feet, FLIGHT – our essence.
LIVING in this land – marching AIR: LIVE – IS the VITA Th
Tributary Ares, strife, deprivation of God’s people from Poznan otsekshy Heaven: Um, from the heart, from the Whole part.
Rivers of Hiv Andes, ya- OX BULL will gakovsky: freshness – the second does not happen ever. The heart knows
this child is God’s gift to this world winged:
The world (universe) as a consonant DREV at whose root is God.
Aboriginal people, we, the inhabitants of Heaven, the World seer what it is;
we, the fallen – the visible world peacelessness, zero: Vsѐ – nothing like it from the hole.

Page 27
Annex 7
Ray Bradbury
“The Well, the smell found here” -. Thought of Rockwell the From Makgayra Carries beer from Hartley – tired, have not I of
scoured flesh, but worst of all acute, if from insect smell coming from Smith whose
body naked, Covered with green leather, to still Stood on the The table. And everything the else Pulls petrol
and lubricated by unknown mechanism, gleaming in the corner of the cramped little room.
Smith is This – Already a corpse. Of Rockwell angrily Stood up closeup, the put the stethoscope.
– I of have to! Go back to the hospital A. War, works on the throat. You Understand, Hartley. Smith is
for an eight hours dead. the If you want the else something to the find out, call the Coroner, the let
vskroyut …
DID not finish the He – Hartley raised a His hand. Bony trembling hand to Smith is Pointed’s body –
on the body, entirely covered with stiff green shell.
– Of Take the stethoscope, of Rockwell, and the listen again. By Yet only once recording. You are welcome.
Wanted to a refuse of Rockwell, But he changed a His yet Mind, he sat down again and took out a stethoscope. Of Fellow Doctors
We concede a must we. Presses the stethoscope to the green body numb, Pretend
listen …
Dimly lit little Tight room Exploded around HIM. It Exploded only green
Shudder cold a. Like punched eardrums. a His hit. AND
fingers jerked themselves from the prostrate body.
He heard the tremor of life.
Depths of the with In the this dark body only once recording IT hits the heart. Of As the if IT is to a Distant Given the echo
depths of the sea.
Is dead Smith is, not breathing, numb. But the inside in a reply mummy’s heart the lives. Lives,
It started, though not yet born baby.
Of Rockwell Fingers, The skillful fingers of the Surgeon is, in a reply mummy Carefully palpate the. The He tilted
head. with In the dim light hair SEEM very dark, some places gleaming gray.
The nice person A, the open, quiet switch. The He WAS about a five-thirty. The He again and again listening to
shaven cheeks-clean emerges cold a sweat. It is to impossible impossible to Believe such work
One blow after thirty-five seconds.
And Smith’s breath – how to believe it? – One breath for four minutes. Movement of the chest
elusive cells. And the temperature?
Sixty. (Fahrenheit, ie about 16C -… Ed.)

Page 28
Hartley laughed. Not very nice laugh. More like erring echo. He said
– He’s alive. Yes, I am alive. Several times he almost fooled me. I introduced him adrenaline, trying
speed up the pulse, but it did not help. For three months he was in such a state. More I can not
unable to hide it. Because you and I called, Rockwell. It is … it is something unnatural.
Yes, it is simply impossible – and just so Rockwell enveloped strange excitement. is he
Smith tried to lift the eyelids. Unsuccessfully. Their skin tightened. And his lips are fused. And the nostrils.
No air access …
– And yet it breathes …
Rockwell and did not recognize his voice. I dropped the stethoscope raised and then noticed a tremble
Hartley stood over the table – a tall, skinny, exhausted.
– Smith did not want to, so I called you. And I did not listen. Smith warned that I
you did not cause. Only an hour ago.
Rockwell’s dark eyes flashed wide with amazement.
– How could he prevent? He is motionless.
Emaciated face Hartley – sharpened features, stubborn chin, narrowed in a crack
eyes – twitched painfully.
– Smith thinks …. I know his thoughts. He is afraid that you have not exposed. He me
He hates. For what? I want to kill him, that’s what. Look. – He awkwardly reached into his pocket
his crumpled, blotched jacket, pulled out a gleaming blue steel
– Murphy is the At. Of Take IT. Of Take IT The until I of the infamous holed up the the semi-Corpses!
Makgayr backed, on a round red face – fear.
– I of hate guns. Of Take you, of Rockwell.
Rockwell ordered sharply, merciless voice, like a scalpel:
– The Get the gun, Hartley. You protorchal a three months the outside of the patient, and That’s got to’s
breakdown the mental. Night’s the sleep, Helps IT. – the He licked a His dry lips. – for What
Smith picked up for disease?
Staggered Hartley. Stir unruly lips. Falls Asleep standing up closeup, SAW of Rockwell. Not
immediately Hartley managed to utter:
– The He is not SICK. I of do not the know what IT is. But I of angry AT HIM, as with the boy WAS the when angry
WAS been born a family the child. the He’s not wrong …. the Help me. by Will you to help me, eh?
– Yes, of course the – of Rockwell smiled. – I of’m in the desert resort, the are most Suitable PLACE,
IT CAN the BE where clause Thoroughly Investigated. of After Smith is the … IT’s are most incredible of a case
the history of medicine the. Since header the human body the this just does not Happen!

Page 29
He did not finish. Hartley took aim with a revolver in his stomach.
– Stop. Stop. You’re … you’re not just upryachesh Smith away, it’s not good enough! I thought you were me
help. It is malicious. He should be killed. He is dangerous! I know he’s dangerous!
Rockwell’s eyes narrowed. At Hartley clearly wrong with the psyche. I do not know what to say. Rockwell
Shrugged, now he is cold and calm.
– Try to shoot Smith, and I will give you to court for murder. You ruptured
mentally and physically. Get the gun.
They stared at each other.
Rockwell slowly approached, took Hartley arms, patted on the shoulder and handed
Murphy revolver – he looked as if he was waiting for that revolver is now his bite.
– Call the hospital, Murphy. I’m not going there a week. It may be longer. Warned that
I am doing research in the nursing home.
Thick red face angrily Murphy grimaced.
– And what do I do with a gun?
Hartley gritted his teeth, muttered:
– Take it yourself. Wait, he still want to put it in motion.
Rockwell wanted to scream, to proclaim to the world that he has in his hands – an incredible,
the the history in an unprecedented of human life:. Bright a sun lit up closeup the sanatorium ward off; Smith is,
silent, lying on the table, his handsome face impassive frozen green mask.
ENTERED the noiselessly of Rockwell room. The He pressed the stethoscope to the chest more green. Turned
either scratching, or a soft rasp, as if the metal shell concerns huge beetle.
A short distance away stood Makgayr, looking around suspiciously motionless body smelled recently
beer drunk in abundance.
Rockwell listened intently.
– Probably, in the an ambulance he WAS Severely shaken up closeup. I of Should not have to risk …
Rockwell cried.
Makgayr, dragging his feet, walked over to him.
– What happened?
– It Happened? – Of Rockwell Looked around in Desperation. The He clenched a His fists. – Smith is the dies!
– Why do you of think SO? Hartley Said Smith is just pretending to the BE dead. The He to still you
fools …

Page 30
– No! – Of Rockwell knocked out of the Forces of dumb body, Trying to inject the medicine.
Any For. And swore WAS worth the. Of After all the hassle of the this to Lose Smith is to impossible impossible.
No, not now.
And there, inside, under the green armor, Smith’s body shook, beat, writhing,
covered by an incomprehensible rage, and seemed to be in the depths of a dull roar awakened
To Maintain the tried of Rockwell a His composure. Smith is – a special a case. Conventional Methods of emergency
do not the apply aid. How Could there the BE? How?
He looks fixed stare. Ossified body glistens in the bright sunlight.
Hot sun. Sparkles, burns on the stethoscope. The sun. Rockwell looks, and the window
slides over the clouds, the sun disappeared. The room was dark. And Smith’s body calms down. Volcano
inside I calmed down.
– Makgayr! Draw the curtains! Hurry until the sun came out!
Makgayr obeyed.
Smith’s heart slows down, hitting it again lazy and rare.
– Sunlight is harmful to Smith. Something he interferes. I do not know why and why, but he
dangerous … – Rockwell sigh of relief. – My God, if only not to lose it. If only
not to lose. He some not so, it creates its own rules, something he does this, what else
I did no one. You know what, Murphy?
– Well?
– Smith was not in agony. And do not die. And does it not be better to die, whatever spoke
Hartley. Last night, when I was putting him on a stretcher to be taken to the sanatorium, I suddenly
realized – Smith I like.
– Br-r! First Hartley. Now you. Smith, you said it yourself, or what?
– No, I did not say. But beneath this his shell, he is not without consciousness. He is conscious. Yes, that’s the
Is the essence for What. The He is conscious.
– Quite Simply, he tetanus. The He will of die. More than a month without food the lives he. It Hartley
He said the He. Hartley first HIM anything injected intravenously, and the then the SO the skin is hardened That
I have not missed a needle.
Slowly chamber door Single Room creaked the open. Of Rockwell the Started. The On the the threshold,
all in a His upright considerable height, Stood Hartley; of After Several hours of the sleep
prickly his face was calm, but the gray eyes still evil and hostile.
– Get out of here, and I will kill two accounts with Smith – he said quietly. – Well?
– The Do not the move, – angrily ordered is of Rockwell, Approaching HIM. – Every time yavishsya,
to’ll have you scour. the To the put IT bluntly, I of do not trust you. – Weapons have not Hartley
Turned out IT. – Why DID not you a warn me about the sunlight?
– How? – The Quiet, not once recording Sounded in response. -. The Ah … yes or The I of forgot. The At first, I of the tried to
Moved Smith is. The He WAS in the a sun and Began to die in Earnest. Clearly, the more I of do not

Page 31
Touched from HIM I of the spot. It looks like he WAS Vaguely aware That he will of. A Maybe he is even is
Conceived, I of do not the know. a While he WAS not a completely numb and to still Could speak and eat, appetite
WAS a wolf It, and he Warned me to a three months DID not to budge. Said is That
Wants to stay the He in the shade. For What a sun spoil everything. I of Thought he WAS kidding me. But he DID not
Joked I of. The He ate in greedily, like an animal, like a hungry by wild beast, the then Fell Into a stupor – and the then,
… admire – Hartley Vaguely cursed. – I of WAS IT Hoping you a leave on longer a
sun and accidentally ditched.
Makgayr surged up all its carcass – two hundred and fifty pounds.
– Listen … What if we contracted the disease smitovoy?
Hartley watched the motionless body, his pupils narrowed.
– Smith is is not SICK. The Do not you see, immediately direct signs of degeneration. It’s like a cancer.
Infect not do for They IT in the family and handed down. The At first I of DID not have to Smith is
no fear, no hatred, is it only a week ago – when I saw that he was breathing, and
The exists and thrives It, Though a His nostrils and mouth closed tight. It does not Happen. It Should not
– What if you and I, and Rockwell also become green, and this plague will cover the whole country, then?
trembling voice uttered Makgayr.
– Then, if I’m wrong – perhaps even mistaken – I die – Rockwell said. – Only me
it is not a bit worried.
He turned to Smith and continued to do his job.
the bell tolls. Bell. Two, two bells. Ten bells, a hundred. Ten thousand, a million
deafening, rattling, clanging metal bells. All at once broke the silence,
howling, roaring, given to a painful echo, torn ears!
Ringing, singing voice, loud and quiet, high and low, muffled and shrill. Bute on
shell huge firecrackers in the air and the incessant roar of crackling!
Under the ringing of bells Smith did not immediately understand where he is. He knows he does not see,
eyelids closed, he knows – he did not say anything, her lips fused. And the ears are sealed, and
Bell still stunned.
He can not see. But no, still can, and it seems – in front of him close crimson cave
if the eye inward brain. He tries to move his tongue, trying to shout and
suddenly understand: the language is missing – where there was always a language, void, void if poignant
longs again to find him, but now – can not.
No language. Strange. Why? Smith tries to stop the bell. And they stop,
blissful silence envelops his cool blanket. Something is happening. There.
Smith tries to lift a finger, but the finger does not obey. And also foot, foot, toes,
head – nothing is being heard. Nothing can shevelnesh. Legs, arms, whole body – Property,
frozen, pinned down, as if in a concrete coffin.
And a minute later a terrible discovery: he was no longer breathing. At least the light.
– Because I have no more light! – He yells. Yells somewhere inside, and this thought
cry overwhelmed, entangle, crumpled and drowsy led off into the dark depths

Page 32
crimson wave. Crimson drowsy wave enveloped the silent scream, twisted and took
off, and Smith became calmer.
“I’m not afraid – he thought -. I understand the incomprehensible I understand that is not afraid, and why. –
I do not know.
Neither the language nor the nostrils or lungs.
But then they appear. Yes, there will. Something … something happens. “
The pores are closed the air penetrates into the body shell, as if every particle of his prick
of-life: streams giving scene rain. for Breathe the myriad tiny the gills, oxygen and the intake
nitrogen, hydrogen and carbon dioxide, and everything is going for the future. It’s an amazing. A heart as with – or is even Beating
Yes, IT beats. Slowly, Slowly, Slowly. Vague’s murmur of purple around Arises
, stream, river … SLOW, is even to still Slower. for So the nice. for So a restful.
The days merged into weeks, and quickly add up to a coherent picture of the scattered pieces
puzzle. Helps Makgayr. with In the the past, a Surgeon is, he WAS AT for MANY years of Rockwell
Secretary. Not much of a to help, But a the nice fellow.
Rockwell said that though Makgayr grumpily making fun of Smith, but restless, even
highly. Tries to the keep the peace. And the then once recording he Fell by silent, thoughtful – and Said,
– That’s what I of just now! Just Realized: Smith is the live! It a must the BE to die. And IT’s alive. Like the this
Rockwell laughed.
– For What the hell do you of think, I of’ve guns? This week Brought found here the X-ray Player
device, see what’s going on inside Smitovoy shell.
He jabbed the syringe the He of needle Into the rigid the shell. Of The Broke of needle. Of Rockwell changed the of needle, the then
another and finally pierced shells, took blood and studied samples under
microscope. A FEW hours later, he quietly Slipped Makgayru of the samples under
his very red nose, spoke quickly:
– CAN I of not Believe. A His blood is to the deadly Microbes. I of a poured of slurry of streptococci, and
seconds for They all an eight died The! Smith is CAN Press enter to the any The sort of infection – is the any IT
bacillus destroy, he regales them!
IT WAS hours Within made more and more Discoveries. Of Rockwell the lost the sleep AT night loe
tossed and turned in bed from side to side, thought through, changed his mind, again and again weighed
guesses great. For example. Since header the then, Smith is ill WAS, and The until the recently named,
Hartley every day intravenously injected him a certain amount of a nutrient cubes
serum. Not a gram of food is not USED. the All of IT is for stored is in reserve – and not
body fat, but in a completely unnatural way: it is a very rich
solution, a mysterious liquid contained I’s in Smith is blood. the One ounce of HER of pretty,
to nourish human for three days. This amazing fluid moves in the blood
vessels and the body hardly feel the need for it, he at once it learns. It is much more convenient,
than fat reserves. Incomparably more convenient!

Page 33
Rockwell exulted – this is a discovery! In the body of accumulated Smith X-solution so that
enough for many months. It does not need the food from the outside.
On hearing this, I looked at her sadly Makgayr solid abdomen.
– That would be me so …
But that is not all. Smith hardly needs air. A tiny amount of it right
It is absorbing, apparently, directly through the skin. And assimilate to the last molecule. any
– And everything – Rockwell finish his – in the final analysis, Smith probably does not need to be,
to his heart beat, and so he will manage!
– Then he dies.
– For you and me – yes. For myself – maybe. Or maybe not. You just think,
Makgayr. What is now Smith? Closed circulatory system, which by itself
cleaned for months does not require power from the outside, almost no failures and knows nothing at all
loses, for the benefit of each molecule absorbs; self-developing system and durable
protected, deadly to any germs. And with all of this still says Hartley
Hartley took the opening with annoyance. And repeated his: Smith is no longer a man. is he
geek – and dangerous.
Makgayr has added fuel to the fire:
– Who knows, maybe the causative agent of the disease and in the microscope can not see, and he,
cracking down his victim, at the same time destroys all other microbes. After the grafted
sometimes malaria, to cure syphilis; why should the new unknown bacillus does not eat
– A strong argument – Rockwell said. – But we did not get sick?
– Maybe, this bacterium has already in us, but it needs some sort of incubation period.
– Typical old-fashioned argument Aesculapius. What would happen to the person or, if he does not
fit into the usual framework, so ill – said Rockwell. – By the way, it’s your idea,
Hartley, not mine. Doctors do not rest until they put in each case the diagnosis and
Stick tab. So, in my opinion, Smith is healthy, well before you’re afraid of him.
– You’re crazy, – Makgayr said.
– Maybe. Only Smith, I think, does not require the intervention of medicine. He himself
save yourself. Do you think that this degeneracy. And in my opinion, the growth.
– Yes, you look at his skin – almost groaned Makgayr.
– Sheep in wolf’s clothing. Outside – a of hard, brittle Veil. The Inside – ordered is
the restructuring, transformation. Why? I of’m Beginning to matching guess. for These changes in internal,
SO Violently That Smith is for They need protection, armor. And you tell’s me the this, Hartley, only
honestly afraid of you in childhood insects – spiders and all such creatures?

Page 34
– Yes.
– That’s IT. You have a phobia of. Innate FEAR and disgust, and IT all Turned to Smith is.
Therefore, you and disgusted with this change in him.
The the following weeks with In of Rockwell found! Out details about the Smith is the past. I of visited the laboratory
Electronics has, he worked where clause The until he Fell ill. Meticulously researched room where clause Smith is AT
Hartley spent the Supervision first weeks of a His “disease.” Carefully he studied in standing
unit corner. for Something to do with radiation.
Leaving the resort, Rockwell securely locked Smith in the House and to the door put a watchman
Makgayra in case if Hartley will any zaviralnye thoughts.
Thirty to two two-Smith is years, and the life: he HAD the Simplest. I of a five worked for years in
lab will electronics. for Never Seriously ill.
PASSED The Days. Of Rockwell are addicted to a long solitary walks Along the nearby parched
, stream. for So he found! time to of think, to justify the incredible theory That Evolved
he has all the more clearly.
And once stopped at a bush of jasmine blooming at night near the resort, rose to
her toes and smiled, took off a high branch something dark, glittering. inspected and
He pocketed. And I went into the house.
He called from the veranda Makgayra. He came. Behind him, muttering interspersed complaints and threats,
He trailed Hartley. All three of them sat down in the waiting room.
And Rockwell said.
– Smith is not sick. His body can not survive any bacillus. And no devils, demons and
evil spirits it is not moved in. I mention this as proof that touched all
conceivable possibility. And any diagnosis of any of the common diseases
I discarded. I propose a much more important and the most appropriate opportunity –
delayed genetic mutation.
– Mutation? – Not his voice echoed Makgayr.
Rockwell raised and showed something dark, glittering in the light.
– Here’s what I found in the garden, on the bush. Excellent confirms my theory. I have studied the state
Smith looked at his lab, investigated several of these stuff here, – he turned it over in
fingers dark little thing. – And I’m sure. This metamorphosis. Rebirth,
modification, mutation – not before, but after the birth. Here. Hold. This is Smith.
And he threw a dark little thing Hartley. Hartley caught it on the fly.
– It’s a doll – Hartley said. – Former track.
Rockwell nodded:
– That’s it.
– So what do you imagine that Smith is also … a doll ?!

Page 35
– I am convinced – Rockwell said.
In the evening, in the dark, Rockwell Smith bent over the body. Makgayr and Hartley were in another
After wards, silent, listening. Rockwell gently fingered body.
– Let’s live – it means not only to be born, to reach seventy years, and die.
Suppose that in its being a person should take a step to a new, higher level – and
Smith, first of all of us makes this step.
We are looking at a caterpillar and how we seem to see a certain constant value. However, it
It turns into a butterfly. Why? No theories do not give a full explanation. She is
It develops – that is important. The most significant: if something turns into a constant
something else, intermediate, totally unrecognizable – a pupa, and it comes from
butterfly. It looks dead doll. This disguise, a way to put off the scent. Understand Smith
It knocked us off the scent. In appearance he was dead. And in all the juices Bubble, rearranged, rapidly
aspire to the same goal. The larva turns into a mosquito, butterfly caterpillar … and it becomes
– Smith – a doll? – Makgayr mirthless laugh.
– Yes.
– With people it does not happen.
– Come on, Makgayr. You evidently do not understand evolution makes a great step. Look around
body and give some other explanation. Check the skin, eyes, breathing, circulation.
For weeks he stored food to dive into hibernation in this its shell. Why is it so
greedy and ate a lot, why hoarding in the body of a X-solution, if not for this
reincarnation? And the whole reason – radiation. High-energy radiation in Smitovoy
laboratory. Intentionally or accidentally, he was exposed to, I do not know. But affected by some
a key part of the genetic structure of a part designed for the evolution of human
the body, which can be had only to join thousands of years.
– So what do you think someday all people ..?
– Dragonfly larva does not remain forever in the swamp, masonry Beetle – in the soil, and the caterpillar – on
cabbage leaf. They mutate and emerge into the open. Smith – is the answer to the eternal
question: what will happen to people, what are we going? Before us stands invincible wall
The universe, in this universe, we are doomed to exist, and people are what he is now,
not ready to enter into this universe. The slightest effort tires him, overwork kills
his heart ailments destroy the body. Perhaps Smith would be able to answer the question to the philosophers in
What is the meaning of life. Perhaps he will give it a new meaning.
After all, we, in essence, just pathetic insects and bustle of the negligibly small
planet. Not for people there to languish forever on it, remain frail,
pathetic and weak, but the future for him is still a mystery, too little he knows.
But change a person! Make it perfect. Make … Superman or something.
Deliver it from mental misery, give him full control his body,
nerves, psyche; give a clear, penetrating mind, tireless circulation, body,
able for months without food from outside, get comfortable anywhere, in any climate, and
the any disease Overcome. the Free from the shackles of the flesh human, the the flesh of the disaster, and he now! Just
It does not wretched nonentity who is afraid to dream, because he knows that frail body
prevent him from fulfilling a dream – and then he is ready to fight to only truly

Page 36
war standing. of The the newly-been born person is to the ready to confront the Whole, the damn IT IT the damn,
The universe!
Choked of Rockwell, hoarse, a His heart Beating wildly; the He bent over Smith is
gently, reverently put his hands to the cold motionless armor and closed his eyes.
The Strength, imperious traction, the firm belief in Smith is overwhelmed by HIM. The He’s right. Rights.He knows it. is he
opened his eyes, he looked at Hartley and Makgayra: only shadows in the twilight chambers at
curtained window.
A short silence, then Hartley put out his cigarette.
– I do not believe in this theory.
A Makgayr said:
– How much do you the know, maybe all the the insides to mush Smith is Turned? Did you
– No, it’s risky – suddenly hurt his transformation as prevented sunlight.
– For So, IT Becomes a superman? And how of IT will of look?
– Wait and see.
– Do you think he can hear what we’re talking about him?
– For Hey there, Whether one’s Thing is the clear: we have the learned the secret of the which we Should not the know. Smith is
I do not want to devote to it and I Makgayra. He had somehow to us
adjust. But Superman may not want everyone to know about him. People
too jealous and envious, full of hatred. Smith knows if the secret gets out,
it is dangerous for him. Maybe here and your hatred of him, Hartley.
All were silent, listening. Silence. Only noise blood in his temples Rockwell. And here it is,
Smith – Smith is no longer, but a kind of receptacle marked “Smith”, and that it – is unknown.
– If you are not mistaken, we will certainly have to destroy it, – said Hartley.
Think what it will get power over the world. And if the brain had changed in that direction,
I think … then, as soon as it comes out of the shell, he will try to kill us, because
we alone know about it. He will hate us for what we have to visit his secret.
– I’m not afraid – blithely said Rockwell.
Hartley said nothing. Noisy, raucous breathing filled his room. Rockwell walked around
table, waved his hand:
– Let’s go all to sleep, it’s time, do not you think?
Machine Hartley veil hid light drizzle. Rockwell locked the front door,
ordered to Makgayr that night slept on a cot at the bottom, before Smith Chamber and
he went upstairs and lay down.
Undressing, he mentally went over again the incredible events of the last weeks.
Superman. Why not? Strong-willed, strong …

Page 37
He went to bed.
When? When Smith “hatched” out of their shell? When?
Rain rustled softly on the roof of the sanatorium.
Makgayr dozing on a cot under the murmur of rain and thunder roar, heard its noisy,
hard breath. Somewhere a door creaked, but he was breathing was still even. In the hallway
a gust of wind swept. Makgayr snorted, turned to the other side. softly closed
door draft stopped.
Relaxed with a thick carpet of quiet steps. The slow steps, cautious, furtive,
wary. Steps. Makgayr blinked, opened his eyes.
In the twilight, someone leaned over him.
Above, on the landing, lit a single lamp, yellowish streak of light
It stretches next to the bed Makgayra.
In the nose hit the sharp smell of crushed insect. Stir someone’s hand. Somebody
tries to speak.
In Makgayra he escaped a wild scream.
The hand that stretches into the light green.
– Smith!
It’s hard stomping, screaming Makgayr running along the corridor.
– He walks! She can not walk and walk!
The whole weight of it hits the door, and the door swings open. The rain and wind whistling
attack him, he runs into a storm, incoherent, meaningless murmurs.
And the one in the hallway, motionless. Upstairs, the door opened, the ladder runs Rockwell.
Green hand jerked away from the strip light, hid behind.
– Who is there? – Stopped halfway, asked Rockwell.
Anyone coming to light.
Rockwell looks point-blank, frowned.
– Hartley! What are you doing here, why I come back?
– Something happened, – says Hartley. – You Go and bring Makgayra. He ran under the
rain and babbles like a madman.
Rockwell did not say what he thinks. Fast, searchingly he looked Hartley and ran on –
down the hall, out the door, into the rain.

Page 38
– Makgayr! Makgayr, durian head, come back!
Running in the rain, spray and whipped. On Makgayra came nearly a hundred yards from
home, he mutters:
– Smith Smith … there goes …
– Nonsense. It’s just returned Hartley.
– Hand green, I saw. She moved.
– You had a dream.
– No. No! – In the loose, wet from the rain Makgayra face bloodless. – I saw a hand
Green, right I tell you. Why Hartley returned? After all, he …
At the sound of the name Rockwell as a hit, he realized at once. Pierced with fear, thinking
whirled swirl – danger! – Reznul desperate cry: help!
– Hartley!
Rockwell Makgayra pushed, rushed, screamed and ran in all haste to the sanatorium. In the house,
through the hall…
The door to the ward Smith hacked.
In the middle of the room with a gun in his hand – Hartley. Rockwell heard running, he turned around. AND
both act instantly. Hartley shoots, Rockwell flips the switch.
Dark. And the flame flash exactly at the instant photography is highlighted sideways frozen
Smith’s body. Rockwell rushed toward the flash. And jumping, shocked, I realized
why Hartley returned. In the second, until the lights went out, he saw the hand of Hartley.
Fingers covered with green scales.
Then fight hand to hand. Hartley falls, and then the light broke out again, on the verge Wet
through Makgayr, pronounces trembling lips:
– Smith … he killed?
Smith was not injured. The bullet passed above.
– Fathead, a fool! – Rockwell shouts, standing over the limp on the floor Hartley. – Great,
an unprecedented event, and he wants to ruin everything!
Hartley came to himself, said slowly:
– I guess I should have. Smith warned you.
– Nonsense, he’s … – Rockwell stopped, bewildered. Yeah, right. That sudden feeling
confusion in the mind. Yes. He furiously looks at Hartley. – Go upstairs. After sitting up
am locked up. Makgayr, go you. Keep an eye on him.
Makgayr said hoarsely:

Page 39
– Look at his arm. Did you just see. At Hartley hand green. There in the hallway was not
Smith – Hartley!
Hartley stared at his fingers.
– Looks and cute? – He says bitterly. – When Smith was ill, I, too, had long been under this
radiation. Now I’m so … same creature … Smith. It’s been with me for a few
days. I hid. I tried to keep quiet. Today felt – can not stand it, and that it came
to kill, to repay, he’s ruined me …
Dry-pitched sound, something cracked dryly. All three froze.
Three tiny flakes flew over Smitovoy shell, circled in the air and gently
They fell to the floor.
Rockwell suddenly found himself at the table, stared.
– The shell starts to burst. Crack a thin, barely visible – the triangle, from the collarbone to
navel. Soon, he will come out!
Flabby cheeks quivered Makgayra:
– And then what?
– We will have a superman – sharply, the evil said Hartley. – The question is: what it’s like
superman? The answer is: nobody knows.
With a crash flew off a few flakes. Makgayra shuddered.
– You try to talk to him?
– Of course.
– Since when do butterflies … … talk?
– Go to hell, Makgayr!
Rockwell threw them both to be sure the top of a castle, and he locked himself in his room and Smith
lay down on the cot, ready to watch all the long rainy night – watch,
to listen, to think.
Watch as the flakes fly off the brittle shell because of pupae silently
It tends to go out the unknown.
Wait is a few short hours. Rain knocking on the house, on the escape of the jet
glass. What is he now will be to look at, Smith? May change the structure of the ear, because
that would be thinner than a rumor; perhaps there will be additional eyes; change the shape of the skull,
facial features, the entire skeleton, placement of internal organs, skin tissue; perhaps uncountable
many changes.
Rockwell overcomes tiredness, but sleep is terrible. Eyelids grow heavy, grow heavy. What if he
wrong? Suddenly it conjectures absurd? Suddenly Smith inside the shell – like a jellyfish?
Suddenly he – mad, mad … or completely degenerated and become dangerous for the whole

Page 40
mankind? No. No. Rockwell shook his clouded head. Smith – perfection.
Perfection. There is no place for a single evil thought. Perfection.
The resort profound silence. And only hear the crackling of the scales fragile
shell, falling to the floor …
Rockwell asleep. He plunged into darkness, and the room was gone, flooded dreams. I dreamed that Smith
rose is, angular movement, wooden, and Hartley, shrieking, and again
again puts sparkling ax chops with fluff green carapace and makes a living
It is in a disgusting mess. Dreamed Makgayr – runs under the bloody rain,
babbles meaningless. I dreamed …
Hot sun. Hot sun floods the room. It’s morning already. Rockwell rubs her eyes vaguely
Worried that someone raised the blinds. Someone raised … jumped like Rockwell
stung. The sun! Curtains can not should not rise. How many weeks they
rose! He screamed.
Door open. The resort silence. Not daring to turn his head, Rockwell glances at the table. There,
where he would lie Smith.
But it is not there.
On the table is only that the sunlight. Yes, even some desolate remnants. Everything, that
It remains of the pupa. All that’s left.
Fragile shells – split in half profile, rounded fragment of hip strip in
which guessed his shoulder, a fragment of the chest – the broken remains of Smith!
And Smith disappeared. Depressed, barely able to stand, Rockwell came to the table. exactly
small, I began to delve into the subtle rustling leather scraps. Then he turned abruptly and,
staggering like a drunk, he left the room, heavily stomped up the stairs and shouted:
– Hartley! What have you done with him? Hartley! You are what killed him, got rid of the corpse, only
shell pieces left and think knock me off the scent?
The door of the room, where they spent the night Makgayr and Hartley, was locked. shaking
Rockwell hands turned the key in the lock. And he saw them both in the room.
– You are here, – said in confusion. – So you’re not going down there. Or, unlocked the door,
went down, broke into the room, killed Smith and … no, no.
– What happened?
– Smith disappeared! Makgayr, say, Hartley went out?
– During the night I never left.
– Then … there’s only one explanation … Smith got out of his shell at night and fled! I
see him again, and I will not be able to see it, damn it all! What I
blockhead, he fell asleep!
– Well, now everything is clear! – Hartley said. – Smith is dangerous, otherwise he would have stayed and gave us the
look. God knows what he has become.

Page 41
– So, we must look for. He could not have gone far. We should all be searched! Faster, Hartley! Makgayr!
Makgayr slumped into a chair.
– I will not move from their seats. He himself will be found. I’m over it.
Rockwell did not listen further. He was walking down the stairs, Hartley at his heels.
After a few minutes behind them, huffing and puffing, moved Makgayr.
Rockwell ran down the hall, pausing at the wide windows overlooking the desert and
mountains, lit by the morning sun. Peeps in every window and asked myself: is there so
a shred of hope of finding Smith? The first Superman. Perhaps the first of very,
very many. Rockwell broke out in a sweat. Smith did not have to disappear, do not show first
even him Rockwell. He could not disappear like that. Or still could?
Slowly I opened the kitchen door.
Threshold crossed leg, then another. Against the wall hand rose. Lips released a trickle
cigarette smoke.
– I needed someone?
Stunned Rockwell turned. He saw the face changed Hartley, heard
Makgayr gasped in amazement. And all three burst again, like a prompter:
– Smith!
Smith exhaled a stream of smoke. Face bright pink, like his nazhglo sun, blue eyes
glisten. His feet were bare, naked body draped over an old bathrobe Rockwell.
– Can you tell me where I got it? And what happened to me in the last three months – or
for four? Here that hospital?
Disappointment struck a heavy blow at the Rockwell. He swallowed hard.
– Hi. I … I mean … Do you mean … you do not remember anything?
Smith put his fingers splayed:
– I remember that I turned green, if that’s what you mean. And then – nothing.
He ruffled pink hand brown hair – fast, strong movement of the person who
He came back to life and is happy that once again lives and breathes.
Rockwell otkachnulsya, powerless against the wall. Shocked, he buried his face in his hands,
shook his head, then, not believing his eyes, he asked:
– When you come out of the chrysalis?
– When I came from …?
Rockwell led him down the corridor to the next room, pointed to the table.

Page 42
– I do not understand what you mean – just genuinely Smith said. – I woke up in the room for half an hour
ago, I stand and look – I’m naked.
– And it’s all? – Joyfully I asked Makgayr. He obviously felt better in my soul.
Rockwell explained where did the remnants of the shell on the table. Smith frowned.
– What kind of nonsense. And you, in fact, who are you?
Rockwell introduced them to each other.
Smith grimly looked at Hartley.
– At first, when I was ill, you came, right? In the electronic equipment factory. But this is
all silly. What kind of disease I had?
Every muscle in Hartley’s face tensed to bursting.
– No not a disease. You somehow did not know anything?
– I found myself with strangers in a strange sanatorium. Woke up naked in a room where
a man sleeping on a cot. Very hungry. I went to roam the sanatorium.
Eliminated in the kitchen, I found the food, ate, heard some excited voices, and now I
I declare that I hatched from pupae. How do you want all this mean? By the way, thank you for
bathrobe, for food and cigarettes, I borrowed them. At first I did not want to wake you, Mr.
Rockwell. I did not know who you are, but it was clear that you are dead tired.
– Well, that’s nothing. – Rockwell refused to believe the evidence of bitter. Everything is crumbling. With every
Smith said the recent hopes crumble like a broken shell of the pupa. – And how are you
You feel?
– Well. Full of energy. It’s great when you consider how long I had been unconscious.
– Yes, just fine, – said Hartley.
– Can you imagine what I felt when I saw the calendar. So many months – bam – it does not
happened! I’m wondering what is so much time to do with me.
– We also wondered.
Makgayr laughed:
– Do not bother him, Hartley. Just because you hated him …
Smith raised his eyebrows:
– Hated? Me? For what?
– Here. That’s what! – Hartley spread his fingers. – Your damn exposure. Night after night I
I am sitting next to you in your lab. What do I do with it now?
– Hush, Hartley – Rockwell intervened. – Sit down. Calm down.

Page 43
– I do not sit down and will not calm down! Has he fooled both of you? It’s a fake
man! This pink youngster started a terrible deception, some still have not seen the light!
If you have even a penny considerations kill this Smith until he slipped!
Rockwell asked pardon flash Hartley. Smith shook his head:
– No, let it says further. What does all of this mean?
– And you know yourself! – Furious yelled Hartley. – You’re lying there month after month, I was eavesdropping,
I made plans. It’s not easy to fool me. Rockwell fool you, he is now disappointed. He waited for
you will become a superman. Maybe you have a superman. It is whether commercials, but you have
no not Smith. Nothing like this. This is just another one of your trick. Confuses us,
so we do not know the truth about you, that no one knows anything. You can easily kill us,
and stand there, and I assure you, if you are a man as a person. So you prefer. A couple of minutes
ago you could get away, but then we would have remained suspicious. So you can wait for us, and
I assure you, if you’re just a man.
– He is just a man – plaintively put Makgayr.
– Not true. He does not think like human beings. Too smart.
– So test it, check what his Association – suggested Makgayr.
– He is too smart for that.
– Then everything is very simple. Take his blood sample, we will listen to the heart, inject
On Smith’s face showed doubt.
– I feel like a guinea pig. Do you really really want. All this is stupid.
Hartley was indignant. Looked at Rockwell, he said:
– Come syringes.
Rockwell took syringes. “Maybe Smith still Superman – he thought -. His blood –
sverhkrov. Deadly to microbes. A heartbeat? A breath? Perhaps Smith –
superman, but he does not know. Yes. Yes, may be…”
He took Smith’s blood, put the glass under the microscope. And drooped, slouched. the most
ordinary blood. Entering into it the germs – and they die in a normal period. It is not
superlethal for bacteria. And the unknown X-solution disappeared. Rockwell sadly sighed.
The temperature at the Smith normal. Pulse too. The nerve reflexes, sensitivity – in
than any abnormalities.
– Well, all right, – said softly Rockwell.
Hartley fell into a chair, eyes wide, bony hands clenched his whiskey.
– Excuse me, – he breathed. – Something in my mind … the mind … for true imagination ran riot.
So the months dragged on. Night after night. He became like a man possessed, fear prevailed. That matted
fool. Sorry. Sorry. – And stared at his green fingers. – And what will happen to me?

Page 44
– I have all passed – said Smith. – I think, and you will pass. I sympathize with you. But it was
not so bad … In fact, I do not remember anything.
Hartley clearly eased.
– But … yes, maybe you’re right. Little joy that have zakostenet like that, but there’s
that’s that. Then everything goes.
Rockwell was sickening. he deceived too cruel. So do not spare myself, so wait and
crave something new and unknown, burning with curiosity – and all for nothing. So, here is what he,
People that hatched from the pupa? Same as he was before. And all the hopes, all the speculation
in vain.
He greedily gulped air, trying to stop the secret thoughts a frantic run. Confusion.
Sitting in front of him cheeked, man-voiced quietly smokes simplicity …
simply a person who has suffered some kind of skin diseases – temporarily solidified skin
but still under the influence of radiation went wrong at the time of internal secretion – but now it
Again the man as a man, and nothing more. A riotous imagination Rockwell, violent
fantasy played out – and the existence of a strange disease developed in a desired
fiction, non-existent in perfection. And Rockwell deeply shocked and agitated
Yes, the fact that Smith had lived without food, his blood extraordinarily secure, extremely low
body temperature and other benefits – these are just manifestations of a strange illness. It was
disease only. It was – and gone, over, over and nothing left behind not,
except fragments of brittle shell bathed in sunlight table. Now it is possible
It will observe Hartley, and if it will develop the disease, and then to report on
new illness the doctor’s world.
But Rockwell did not care about the disease. His care excellence. And perfection is exhausted,
It cracked, crumbled and vanished. His dream vanished. Superman invented disappeared.
And now he does not care, let them at least the whole world will acquire a rigid shell, turn green,
crumble, go mad.
Smith beat them all, everyone shook hands.
– I need to go back to Los Angeles. I was waiting at the factory important work. It’s time
to begin his duties. It is a pity that I can not stay with you longer. themselves
You understand.
– You need to stay and relax at least a few days – said Rockwell, he was bitterly
see how disappears the last shadow of his dreams.
– No thanks. However, that way a week later, I look in to you, Doctor, obsleduete me again,
want to? Can even a year old look, about once a month, so that you can me
check, okay?
– Yes. Yes, Smith. Please come. I would like to talk with you about that your
disease. You are lucky to be alive.
– I’ll take you to Los Angeles – cheerfully offered Makgayr.
– Do not worry. I’ll make it up to Tudzhungi, and then take a taxi. I want to go. Long time I
did not walk, have a look, what kind of feeling.

Page 45
Rockwell lent him an old pair of shoes and a worn suit.
– Thank you Doctor. I will try as soon as possible to give you back everything you owe.
– Not a penny you owe me not. It was very interesting.
– Well, good-bye, doctor. Mr. Makgayr. Hartley.
– Good-bye, Smith.
– Goodbye.
Smith went up the path to the old course, the bottom of the stream is quite dry and cracked
under the rays of the late-afternoon sun. Smith walked with ease, fun, whistling. “Here
I now do not whistling “- thought wearily Rockwell.
Once Smith turned and waved, then he went up the hill and went down with
his other hand to a distant city.
Rockwell accompanied his eyes – so looks a little child, when his favorite creation –
Sand Castle – tempted and carried away the sea waves.
– I can not believe – he repeated again and again. – I can not believe. Everything comes to an end as quickly as
suddenly. I somehow dulled and empty inside.
– And in my opinion, everything is fine! – Makgayr grinning happily.
Hartley was standing in the sun. Gently lowered his green hands, and for the first time in all these months,
Rockwell realized, quite calm, pale face.
– I will pass all – quietly said Hartley. – Everything will pass, I get better. Oh, thank God.
Thank God. I have not made a monster. I will remain myself. – He turned to Rockwell.
Just remember, remember, do not give, so I buried by mistake, because my will
dead. Look, do not forget.
Smith went footpath that crosses the dry riverbed and up the hill. It was almost evening,
the sun is already sinking behind the distant bluish hills. The first stars shone. In a heated
still air smelled of water, dust, blooming orange trees in the distance.
I started up a breeze. Smith was breathing deeply. And he went further.
When moved so that it could not be seen from the resort, he stopped and stood on
place. He looked up at the sky.
He gave half-smoked cigarette, carefully stamped out. Then he drew himself up to his full height –
slender, well – he dropped from his brow brown hair, closed his eyes, took a sip, free
He swung his arms along the body.
Without the slightest effort – just a little breath the warm air around – Smith rose above
Quickly, silently, he soared upward and soon lost among the stars, rushing in space
gave …
Translated from English Nora Gal

Page 46
Appendix 8
Power of love
fairy tale
osslavim Creator of friends! His greatness Affairs – small warning to us.
A certain scholar captivated by the song of the Nightingale, conceived to comprehend its mystery. For hours, forgetting
other very important lessons, he listened to a free bird in the garden, but it was his art
all the same mystery. He wanted to find out everything of the Nightingale, but it was a proud scientist and he
I did not like to be the supplicant. Yet his curiosity got the better.
– Look, Nightingale, – he said to the bird it is important – I have learned the wisdom of many sciences, but not
I can understand why and how you sing?
– Sing – and realize – Nightingale said.
– What a strange advice! – Surprised Scientist. – Or do not you see I am not an artist. tune your
Song tormented me more than anything in the whole world. Speak to just ask her secret!
– Sing – Nightingale said – I have nothing to add to that.
Anger clouded eyes of scientists.
– Stubborn – evil, he whispered, – you even think to laugh at me! Here is appreciated by my
favor. You do not want to reveal to me your secret? So wait a minute, I’ll get you her himself!
He caught the singer and put it in a cage. But in captivity Nightingale though have changed: it is no longer
– Hey, buddy, what had happened to your song? – Angrily shouted scientist, but the response to it
It was a profound silence. “It must have been the Nightingale had concealed it in his throat. Cursed bird! Come on
I have a look what roulades dare she hide from me. “
And so saying, science minister killed a beautiful bird. With a sharp blade, he cut her neck,
but I did not find anything but lifeless flesh. Then he decided to look deeper. vsporov tender
breast, he pulled out the entrails and the long conjured them, weighing and watching through a microscope.
He tried very hard, this worthy scholar, working day and night without sleep and rest. Inspired,
he forgot what he sought first. And when his book was swollen from multiple notes, I wrote
tricky treatise “On the Nightingale,” a third of the Latin words, and a quarter of the Greek.
Academic Treatise brought success. Stately courtyard gave him praise himself First Minister
crowned him with a wreath of laurel. Grey academics applauded his discoveries. Colleagues vied
lavished praise.
– What a talent this teaching! What is inquiring mind! – Admired ones.
– Just think, he was the first in the world numbered lung volume nightingale! – Echoed the raptures
they others.
– And the larynx, – amazed others – he measured it as no one until now! Is there any equal to it in
science experiment?
Chest decorated Academic Medal. It was made of pure gold, and the scientist could rightly
proud of it: because it is so nice to bother!
Scientific jubilant. To his return turned the servants in the house in perfect order. when all
setting shining splendor, maid eyes fell on the corpse of a small bird, lonely
lying on the master’s table.
– What kind of crap! – Maid clasped hands. – And how is it I have not noticed it before?
And she brushed light remains in the waste basket.
* * *
– Praise, praise scientist! – Trumpeted in all areas of the heralds.

Page 47
Honor and respect of citizens umneyshemu!
rhetoricians appealed to the High Assembly.
Simple-minded people could not hold back the joy of hearing these words. Laughter and shouts sounded funny
neighborhood. And only one person was in no hurry to share it in the midst of the jubilation, remaining silent and
sad. It was the scientist himself.
Fame came to the scientist, but rest left him. Since the treatise was written,
odd bouts of anxiety began to visit him, barely came down to earth twilight. Some
irresistible force drew scientists in the garden, and there, standing under the branches, he listened intently to
the evening silence, as if trying to grasp something forgotten and lost long ago. What? Scientist
I could not answer. After all, he had the honor and wealth, and that may be necessary for the person in addition to this?
Once, late at night when the scientist tossed in his bed in a vain attempt
sleep, moonbeam fell through the open window. He brushed Academic person inviting way, and
Scientist though for a long time waited, responded to this appeal. He looked out the window and saw a trail
of moonlight, silver shimmering through the trees. Wondrous lightness filled Scientist. is he
walked along the path, and she brought him to the edge of the cliff, the dark over the surrounding community by vysivshegosya
hills and groves.
Real Estate, in the heights of heaven shining stars. Below, powdered lunar dust,
carpet meshed crowns of trees, and then … there flowed painfully familiar enchanting sounds. the
Nightingale singing, and ringing song it widely and easily fill the space. Dahl is disclosed,
I listened to her the greeting; her winged listened, leaning worlds. And while scientists understand what
I missed all this time, and why he had come here. “O Nightingale, – he said, – I just thought,
I killed you, and you’re alive, and death has no power over thy song! I ruined your generous heart, but
Now I know that I had to give you my. Well, today I correct this mistake. “
So said the noble scientist. And a light smile, he stepped into the infinity of the night
towards the song she was so fond of.
After all, our soul – bird life – a song.
Praise the Creator of friends! His greatness Affairs – small warning to us.

Page 48
Ermakov Oleg ● Oleg V. Yermakov
Curriculum Vitae ● Biographical information
Born in 1961 in Michurinsk Tambov region (Russia), in the same graduated from high school. In school
years – the winner of VII All-Union competition of school essays in the genre of the essay (1975). He graduated from Kiev
State University. TG Shevchenko specialty “Chemistry” (1983). Employing approximately 10 years
chemical industry of Ukraine, further – in journalism, rising from reporter to editor in chief
Ukrainian magazine. Author of several inventions and works of the cycle of the universe, to work on the most important of which,
“Planet of Love. Fundamentals of unified field theory “, led for 22 years (1987-2009). Member of the copyright community
Wikipedia. Author of poetry, “The Power of Love” collection (2001), a professional cartoonist.
Exploring the universe – my main occupation. I betrayed him from college and I think it
hereditary: my grandmother Hope Zaretskaya – designer of the antenna unit of the first artificial
Earth satellite whose launch marked the beginning of the space era, the author of a number of inventions in
the field of rocket and space technology, and the husband of Hope Bonner and my grandfather, Mikhail Zaretsky Mamontovich –
brother Nina Ivanovna, the wife of SP Korolѐva in KB is in suburban Podlipki grandmother worked up
pensions. Conquering the universe, in those scant on everyday good times it endlessly in love with the Earth,
I longed to get a piece of it to plant a garden on it. The dream of her true: Sergei troubles
Pavlovich Russia talented daughter received land in Bolszewo (now part of Korolѐva), which raised
lovely garden and built a home for a large family.
He is married and the father of an adult son and grandfather of three grandchildren. Now I live in Kiev.
Born in 1961 in Michurinsk, a town near Tambov, Russia, where I finished school. During my school years, I won the 7
USSR National School Essay
Competition (1975). I graduated from the Kiev Taras Shevchenko State University with a Master’s degree in Chemistry (1983). After 10 years in chemical
industry in Ukraine, I decided to pursue a career in journalism, where I grew from a reporter to the editor-in-chief of a national magazine. I have a number of
registered inventions. I am an author of a series of works about the Universe. By important work are most the My, «Planet Love. The basics of the of The Unified Field, theory, or
the Introduction to sacral linguistics », took me 22 years to write (1987 – 2009). Member of Wikipedia author community. Author of a published book of
poetry Power of Love (2001). Professional caricaturist.
Researching the Universe is my primary occupation and a passion since college years. Passion for space runs in generations in my family: my grandmother
Nadezhda Zaretskaya designed the aerial assembly of the first man-made Earth satellite, the launch of which started the space era of the humankind, and holds
credit for a number of other space engineering inventions. Her husband, my grandfather Mikhail Zaretsky, is a brother of Nina Koroleva, wife of the great
Sergey Korolev – it was in Korolev’s Podlipki space design lab near Moscow that my grandmother worked all of her career until retirement. Despite her success
conquering space, in those tough Soviet times, her biggest dream on our planet was to own a piece of land to grow a garden. Her dream eventually came true:
through Sergey Korolev’s patronage, the talented space engineer received a piece of land where she was finally able to grow a beautiful garden and build a
house for her big family.
I live in Kiev with my wife. I am a father to a grown son and a grandfather of three.
Telephones in Kiev:
+ 38 (066) 561-21-20, + 38 (044) 533-12-20
E mail address-:
A Skype: martin196966
Personal site devoted to the “Planet of Love”:

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