What a gorgeous enigma …. Luna my Luna



This ladies and skeptics is Luna.  Ain’t she a ‘beaut !? I mean all she’s ever done for me is inspire my imagination and the creative juices flowing. Gazing at all her glorious splendor I can’t help but think…. 235,000 miles away? 1/3 the size of the earth? I glance down the road struggling to see the street sign at the end of my block. I look back towards sweet Luna and I can easily see Tycho. Hardly even have to strain or squint. The relative comparison seems ….. Off.


It’s possible simple perspective is the answer. I waited until the largest supermoon in 70+ years to see if this was the case. Coming up on the horizon it was breath taking. High over head and bright as can possibly be. (More on this brightness later) I can say personally, from the perspective of Matthew S.Fields, whatever THAT is up in the sky…it is NOT 1/4 million miles away. It is NOT a rock in space orbiting the earth. By the way orbiting in such perfect geosynchronicity it makes NASA look like the fools they play US for.img__201611320__071323.jpg

I have a idea or two on how to test the brightness or reflectively. I’m sure anyone could google it and get NASA tested and specified answer but FUCK NASA. If anyone reading this has a few moon rocks in a local museum then grab a bright flash light,stick it in your back pocket,and bathe the moon rock in light. I’d be willing to bet it absorbs WAAAAY more light than anyone thinks!




Ever hear that moon light is colder?? Here’s a theory for you….

I think nearly everything that occurs naturally has a duality. Night+Day,Sun +Moon,Up+down etc…..

If the sun’s light warms us and tans skin producing vitamin d which had health benefits and the opposite or the duality being the moon,it should perhaps lighten skin,maybe even help with a sun burn?? Either way there should be a measurable change be it physically or chemically in every person.


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