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The number of 1 π – π 2 – π 3 …

(Reflections on the same topic)

At acquaintance with the concept of AM Hatybova many contradictions arise related to the fact thatthey are trying to verify the knowledge gained from reading books NV Levashova with the knowledge derived from the concept of AM Hatybova. This is normal, because It is not universally imposed “bridges” between the two concepts. And these contradictions can be resolved, involving both the two concepts, not giving advantage to any one of them.

With school geometry, we know that is the number π = 3.1496. It is true anywhere in the world and, as shown by research and theoretical developments, it is equal to the level of 3.1496shestiluchevika. However, in order to explain a number of effects described in AM conceptsHatybova and NV Levashova, it should be different, or vary, depending on specific conditions. There is a contradiction: the number π It must be equal to3.1496 to conform to generally accepted observed facts, and it should not be equal to it, to match other ideas and explain other effects, in which there is the number π. In short, the number π must be a number π and they should not be, that is,under the same conditions must be “manifest” the number π, and at the other – otherwise the numberπ. But as the transition states are interrelated, it has to be natural, and the transition from one state – to another. Let’s try to resolve this contradiction, (using the list of methods given in lesson 1), for example, using the reception 5: Separation of contradictory properties through the use of transition states in which coexist or appear alternately opposite properties: let the system has the property FROM (for these conditions the number π I’m one to parameter equal to 3.1496) to a state (dimensions, common to our universe), and when passing through it (for example, with a change in dimension) has the property   not-C(takes a different value other than π = 3.1496),changing at the same time.

In their calculations, Nikolai CGIL rovich appliedto the two values I of π, in Hatybova – more. I assume that this is due to a different dimension of the space, which are described in a specific situation. It follows from the above resolution of contradictions.

We know that the ratio of the circumference to its diameter is equal to π. The circle is a very minimal way in which it can take point on a closed path. However, spaces with varying dimensionality of a length very minimum a closed path that covers the maximum possible in this area, to its “diameter” – the line connecting the two opposite points, the number of π It may be different (Fig. 2). Here it is worth recalling Thu dimension of a particular point in space can be represented by its curvature, for example, the plane (with a radius of curvature R) – The scope (with a radius of curvature of the R – Riemann or Lobachevsky geometry) – “funnel”(such as the “black hole”) – etc.

For example, s The shutter of π   a support surface for the quaternion = 3.6428, for the octave = 3.88. The initial value (for the formation of the vortex tube) number π   =   6.00000000, as specified in [1] (Ch. 5 “Big shovel in the physics of the process,” FD Shkrudnev).

Vortex – this is not a set of random frequency. All frequencies should be coordinated with environmental frequencies, first and foremost – with the frequencies of the lattice Environment and Radiation bars.

This process can take place in different spaces with different dimensions, interconnected harmonious relations. As noted in [1]: “Thesequential change in sign of the charge (potential) it is important that the succession of COMPLEX [1]space – the quaternion [2] – octave – a complex space – has not broken the continuity of the transfer function, which depends upon the values of the numbers   π ». – This is another proof that the number π It is connected directly to a particular space with specific dimension.

These mathematical functions – is only a mathematical technique, the mathematical model describing the proposed Hatybovym physical model of a particular phenomenon.

Here begins the most difficult to understand the vortex.

Actually, the vortex itself is constructed as follows(see. [1]).

For example, a spiral clock can show the dependence of pitch and length spiral of the number π.

Consider a few simple geometric shapes: circle closed line (one-dimensional figure), a circular area (two-dimensional surface), the hemisphere and the world of (two-dimensional surface with a radius of curvature of the R), the ball (three-dimensional figure) (Figure 2.). Note the shortest distance from the diametrically opposite points A and B.

In a circle – is the diameter of a circle – AB (Figure 2 a..); in the hemisphere and the area (curved space, “black hole” (hopper) – AB – the shortest distance between points A and B (see Figure 2). in the ball – the shortest distance on the dimension lines with a gradient of dimension (L 1 – 2 of L) (Figure 2 b -. Fine white line).. At the same dimension parameters of these figures are related to the number π, with different dimensions – the number π   They will have different meanings.   For our space value of the corresponding geometrical parameter is proportional to the power of the diameter of the respective figures and the number π.

As noted in [1]: “The basis of any potential transfer between adjacent groups are atomsGravity-electromagnetic wave, having total albedo of zero, and morphologically designed in the form of a barrel. The higher the pH of the lymph, the smoother (more stable) barrel of Diogenes, but the shape of Archimedes spiral forms on the barrel dents and projections about who “stumbles” potential. Then the barrel – CONTAINER   for gene transfer to the right address.

The grid of Euclidean space we can imagine thatapply longitudinal vibrations (gravitational wave) clock speed on the x-axis, which are imposed (on the axes y and z) electric and magnetic frequency, with magnetic frequency (or pulse), according to Landau’s research may in some cases outperform the electrical component, but in any case the magnetic p th frequency of electric quantized. “

Note that the barrel – a specific form.Morphology is shown in Fig.

Barrel – this morphology link between proton atoms.

Consider three options Jeno form barrels. They are described in detail in [1].

Barrel (option C): When considering the Archimedes spiral pointed to the possibility of changing the quality of the spiral by changing the number π. Wherein ANY Genetic structure must conform to the values of π Earth and is determinedby the difference of the number of the solar system and the Earth. For other planets, this difference will be different. Next, see. [1].

The initial value (for the formation of the vortex tube) number π   =   6.00000000. With this setting, move the outer spiral vortex is approximately equal to the radius vector and exactly conjugate with the support surface. The rest of the explanation befound in [1].

Kondrakov IM 28.05.2016 Mr.


  1. Shkrudnev FD Ch. 5 “Big shovel in the physics of the process.”https://shkrudnev.com/index.php/home

[1] Complex analytic space, – analytic space over the field of complex numbers.

[2] Quaternions (four)   – A system of hypercomplex numbers (various extensions of real numbers (complex numbers, quaternions, etc.)), forming a four-dimensional vector space over the field reals. Quaternions extend the concept of rotation in three dimensions to rotation in four dimensions, and ensures seamless and continuous rotation.


Original Russian text:
Остальные пояснения имеются в работе [1].
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