Hatybow Luna revisited ….. From Russia with octlove

Author: Research Institute Center for proactive strategies http://www.salvatorem.ru

10. The Moon

The most unexplored solar system object


Luna – a special object of the solar system. Has your UFO, Earth lives on the lunar calendar. The main object of worship for Muslims.

On the moon, no one (it never has been the arrival of Americans to the Moon – a cartoon, filmed on Earth).

1.      Glossary


Shine  an electromagnetic wave to the eye  (4 – 7.5) × 10 14 Hz (lambda = 400-700 nm)


 Light year  The distance traveled by light in a year  0.3068 parsec = 9.4605 × 10 15   m


 Parsec (pc)  The distance from which the average radius of the Earth’s orbit (1 AU), perpendicular to the angle of view can be seen at an angle of 1 second  206265 AU = 31 x 10 15   m


 Diameter nasheyGalaktiki  25,000 parsecs


 The radius of the universe  4 x 10 26 m


 Sidereal month (S)  This stellar month – period movements of the moon in the sky relative to the stars (complete revolution around the Earth)  27.32166 days = 27 minutes 7:00 43


 Sidereal year (T)  The orbital period of the earth around the sun


 The synodic month (P) Saros cycle, or a metonym  ST = PT – PS phase change  29.53059413580..29 d 12 h 51 m 36 “


 Draconic month (D)  Circulation period of the moon relative to its orbital nodes, ie crosses the ecliptic points  27.21222 days = 27 5:00 5 min


 Anomalistic month (A)  Circulation period of the Moon with respect to enforcement, the perigee, closest to the ground point of its orbit  27.55455 = 27 days 13 hours 18 minutes


 Line knots lunar orbit slowly turns toward the movement of the moon, making a complete revolution in 18.6 years, while the major axis of the Moon’s orbit rotates in the same direction as the moon moves, with a period of 8.85 years


 APEX (the direction of movement of the Sun)  Lambda Hercules, located above the main plane of the star system (offset 6 pc)


 The outer boundary of the solar system (the Hill sphere)

1 pc = 2 * 10 5 AU


 The boundary of the solar system (Pluto’s orbit)

39 AU


 Astonomicheskaya unit – the distance of the Earth from the Sun (AU)

149.6 x 10 6 km


 Distance SS from the central plane of the Galaxy

8000 pc


 Linear speed of movement SS around the Galactic center

220 km / s



 Radius  6.96 x 10 5 km


 Perimeter  43.73096973 × 10 5km


 Diameter  13.92 x 10 5 km


 Acceleration due to gravity at the visible surface  270 m / s 2


 The average period of rotation (Earth day)  25.38


 The slope of the equator to the ecliptic  7.25 0


 Range of Solar Wind  100 AU

Arrived 3 Moon. 2 Moon to destroy the planet (Phaeton), who blew herself up. The remaining parameters of the Moon:




 Orbit – elliptic





 Radius R

1737.983 km



3475.966 km


 The circumference (perimeter)

10920.0692497 km



405500 km



363300 km


 The average distance

384400 km


 Barycenter of the Earth – the Moon from Earth’s center of mass

4670 km


 The distance between the centers of the Earth and the Moon:

 aphelion –

 Perigee –

379564.3 km, angle 38

384,640 km, a corner 36


 The inclination of the orbital plane (to the ecliptic)

5 0 08 43.4


 The average speed in orbit

1.023 km / s (3683 km / h)


 The daily rate of apparent motion of the moon among the stars

13.2 0


 The period of the orbital motion (sidereal month) = period of axial rotation

27.32166 days.


 Changing the phases (synodic month)

29.5305941358 day.


 The equator of the moon has a constant inclination to the ecliptic plane

1 0 32 47


 Libration in longitude

7 0 54 ‘


 Libration in latitude

6 0 50 ‘


 The observed surface of the Moon



 Corner radius (from the ground) of the visible disk of the moon (at an average distance)

31 05.16


 surface Area

3.796 × 10 7 km 2



2.199 x 10 10 km 3



7.35 x 10 19 m (1 / m from 81.30. C)


 The average density

3.343 g / cm 3


 From the angle of the Earth’s Moon



 ionic structure and uniform density is

2.4 kg / dm 3


2. The structure of the ionic structure includes substantially all of the ion formation of the table structures of ion cubic structure with a predominance of S (sulfur) and radioactive rare earth elements. The lunar surface is formed by sputtering, followed by heating.

 On the surface there is nothing of the moon.

The moon has two faces – external and internal.

The area of the outer surface- 120 x 10 6 km 2 (Moon code – a set of N 120), the inner surface- 116 x 10 10 m 2 (code mask).

The side facing the Earth, thinner at 184 km.

The center of gravity is located behind the geometrical center.

  Moon Inside there is everything necessary for life 66: – own coverage 53.875875 octave (beta) – acceleration 1.52 g (inside);- On a surface of 1,633 g;

– 120 lux / square meter lighting;

– 64 oct software life;

– Other octaves, necessary for life support.

The average loss of up to 45%

Earth comes to 50-55% of emissions.

All systems are protected and do not show themselves, even when working.

At the time of the pulse (radiation) can not significantly change the speed of rotation or orbit of the Moon. Payment – by directional radiation 43. This octave octave octave coincides with the lattice of the Earth and is not harmful.

Complexes on the Moon are in the first place, to maintain an autonomous life support and in – the second, to provide (in the case of excess charge equivalent) life-support systems on Earth.

The main task – do not change the albedo of the solar system, and due to the difference of characteristics, taking into account the orbit correction, this task is completed.

Geometrically in the existing law to this form, which allows to withstand 28.5-day cycle changing sequence of emissions (the so-called phases of the moon), perfectly inscribed pyramid correction that has completed the construction of the complexes.

In total there are 4 phases. Full Moon has a radiation power of one, the other phase – 3/4, 1/2, 1/4. Each phase – 6.25 days, 4 days no radiation.

The clock frequency of the octave (except 54) – 128.0 but the clock frequency is low density and, therefore, the brightness in the optical range is negligible.

When the orbit correction used clock frequency 53,375. But this rate can change the grille upper layer of the atmosphere, and there may be a diffraction effect.

In particular, a number of the Earth Moon can be 3, 6, 12, 24, 36. This effect may last for a maximum of 4 hours after which the grating is restored by the Earth.

Long-term correction (in violation of the albedo of the solar system) can lead to optical illusion, but it is possible the elimination of the protection layer.

3. The metric space


It is known that an atomic clock mounted on top of a skyscraper in his basement show different times. Any space due to the time, and in establishing the range and trajectory must be submitted only final destination, but especially to overcome this path in a changing fundamental constants. All aspects of the course will be given in the “metric time”.

The aim of this chapter is to determine the actual values of certain fundamental constants, such as parsecs. In addition, given the special role of the Moon in the Earth’s life-support system, to clarify some concepts that remain outside the research, for example, the libration of the Moon, as seen from Earth are not 50% of the surface of the Moon, and 59%. Note also the spatial orientation of the Earth.

4. The Role of the Moon.

Science is known for the huge role of the Moon in the Earth’s life support system. Here are just some examples.

–   At full moon partial weakening of the Earth’s gravity causes the plants to absorb more water and minerals from the soil, so at this time the collected herbs have a particularly strong effect.

– The moon, because of its proximity to Earth, greatly influences its gravitational field at the Earth’s biosphere and causes, in particular, changes in the magnetic field of the Earth. The rhythm of the moon causes the tides in the biosphere change night light, air pressure, temperature, wind action and the Earth’s magnetic field, and the water level.

– The growth of the plants and crop depend on the stellar rhythm of the moon (the period of 27.3 days), and the activity of animals, hunting at night or in the evening – the degree of brightness of the moon.

–   With the decrease of the moon decreased plant growth, when the moon was coming – has increased.

 The full moon affects the growth of crime (aggression) in humans.

 Oocyte maturation time in women is associated with the rhythm of the moon. Women tend to produce an egg in the phase of the moon, when she herself was born .

–   With full moon and new moon the number of women with menstruation reaches 100%.

 During the waning phase of the increase in the number of boys being born, and reduced the number of girls.

 Weddings are usually carried out during the ascending moon.

 With increasing moon sow is what grows above the Earth’s surface, with decreasing – on the contrary (tubers, roots).

 Lumberjack cutting trees the moon decreasing , as This tree contains time less moisture longer and not subject to decay.

 With full moon and new moon there is a tendency to decrease uric acid in the blood, 4 – th day after the new moon – the lowest rates.

Vaccinations under the full moon is doomed to failure. 

 When the full moon worsen lung disease, whooping cough, allergy.

 Color vision in humans is subject to the lunar periodicity .

 When the full moon – the increased activity at the new moon – reduced.

 To cut taken under the full moon.

 Easter – the first Sunday after the vernal equinox, the first day

Full Moon.

Such examples can result in hundreds, but the fact that the Moon a significant impact on all aspects of life on Earth, can be seen from the above examples. What do we know about the moon? This is what is shown in the tables for the solar system.

We also know that the Moon is not “lies” in the orbital plane of the Earth:

   Refined angles are at the end of this chapter.

The actual purpose of the Moon, the features of its structure, the destination shown in the application, and then and then the questions arise in time and space – as agreed with all of the actual state of the Earth as an integral part of the Solar System.

Consider the state of the main astronomical unit – parsec on the basis of the data available to the modern science.

5. The astronomical unit of measurement .

For 1 year the Earth, moving in an orbit Kepler, returns to the starting point. Known eccentricity of the orbit of the Earth – the aphelion and perihelion. On the basis of the exact value of the speed of movement of the Earth (29.765 km / s) to determine the distance to the sun.

* 365.25 * 29.765 24 * 3600 = 939 311 964 km – is the length of the path for the year.

Hence, the orbit radius (without eccentricity) = 149,496,268.4501 km or 149.5 mln. Km. This value is taken as the basic astronomical unit – parsecs .

This one measured the entire Cosmos.

6. The actual value of the astronomical unit of distance.

If you leave that for the astronomical unit of distance is necessary to take distance from the Earth to the Sun, its value is somewhat different. There are two values: the absolute speed of the Earth V = 29.765 km / sec, and the angle of the Earth’s equator to the ecliptic = 23 0 26 38 , or 23.44389 0 . If you question the two values calculated with absolute precision during centuries of observations, it means to destroy all that is known about the cosmos.

Now it is time to reveal some of the mysteries that have been known and so, but they have no one paid attention. This is firstly the fact that the Earth moves in space in a spiral rather than an orbit Kepler . It is known that the sun moves, but it travels along with the entire system, so there is movement of the earth in a spiral. The second – is that the solar system itself is in the action of the gravitational frame . What it is, it is shown below.

It is known the existence of gravitational mass displacement center of the Earth in the direction of the South Pole on the 221.6 km. However, the Earth is moving in the opposite direction. If the Earth were simply moved to an orbit Kepler, according to the laws of gravitational mass movement forward movement would be the South Pole rather than the North.

Volchok is not obtained due to the fact that the inertial mass would take its normal position – the South Pole in the direction of movement.

However, any top can rotate gravitational mass shifted in only one case – when strictly perpendicular to the axis of rotation of the plane.

But at the top are not only the resistance of the medium (vacuum), pressure of radiation from the Sun, the mutual gravitational pressure of other bodies of the Solar System. Therefore, an angle of 23 0 26 38 is taking into account all external actions, including the impact of gravity of the frame. The orbit of the Moon is opposite the angle to the Earth’s orbit and that, as will be shown below, does not correspond with the calculated constants. Imagine a cylinder on which the “wound” spiral. The helical pitch = 23 0 26 38 . Helix radius equal to the radius of the cylinder. We deploy one turn of the spiral on the plane:


The distance from the point O to the point A (Apogee and Apogee) is 939,311,964    km.

Then the length of the orbit of Kepler: OB = OA = 23.44839 of cos * 861,771,884.6384 km , hence the distance from the Earth’s center to the center of the Sun is equal to 137155371.108 km, ie slightly less than the value that is known (at 12,344,629 km) – almost 9 %. A lot or a little, take a look at a simple example. Let the speed of light is 300,000 km / sec. With a value of 1 parsec = 149.5 mln. Km time of the Sunny Beam from the Sun to the Earth is 498 seconds, a value of 1 parsec = 137,155 million. Km this time would be 457 seconds, that is 41   seconds less.

This difference of almost 1 minute is of great importance, since, first, change all the distances in space, and secondly, the broken clock period of life support systems, and accumulated or not get the power of life support systems may lead to the disruption of the work of the system.

7. Gravity frame.

   Influence of gravity of the frame to change the orbit of the Earth will be discussed in the next chapter.

It is known that the plane of the ecliptic is tilted with respect to the lines of force of gravity of the frame, but the direction of motion – perpendicular to these lines of force.

8 . Libration of the Moon. Consider a revised scheme of the Moon’s orbit:

  Angles Group A: 5 018    58.42 – apogedy 5 0 17    24.84 – perihelionAngles Group B:

4 0 56    58.44 – the aphelion,

4 0 58    01 – perihelion

Given that the Earth moves in a spiral, as well as the direct impact of gravity of the frame, to the moon this frame also has a direct effect, as can be seen from the angle calculation circuit.


9. How to use the constant “parsec”.

As shown previously, the value of constant “parsec” substantially different from the value which is used in daily practice. Consider a few examples of the use of this value.

9.1. Time control.

As is known, any event occurs in the world of time. Furthermore, it is known that any space object having a non-inertial mass has its own time clock which is provided higher octave. For the Earth is 128 octave and beat = 1 second (biological clock is a little different – Earth colliders provide cycle 1.0007 seconds). The inertia mass has a lifetime defined by the density of the charge and its equivalent value in communication ionic structures. Any non-inertial mass has a magnetic field, and the rate of decay of the magnetic field is determined by the time of the collapse of the upper structure and the need to lower (ionic) structure in this decay. For the Earth, given its universal scale, it adopted a single time, which is measured in seconds, and time – function space, which passes Earth for one full turn, progressively moving along the helix following the sun.

In this case, there must be some structure that produces cut-off “0” with respect to time and this time make certain manipulations with life-support systems. Without such a structure, it is impossible to provide a stable position of the most life-support systems, and communication systems.

Previously considered the motion of the Earth, and it was inferred that the radius of Earth’s orbit is essential (at 12,344,629 km) differs from that in all the known settlements.

If we take the velocity of propagation of gravitational-magnetic elektrovolny in space V = 300,000 km / sec, this difference will orbit 41.15 sec.

There is no doubt that only this value will make significant changes not only in problem solving livelihood problems, but it is extremely important – in the communication, that is, messages simply can not reach the destination than can take advantage of other civilizations.

From here – we need to understand what a huge role plays a function of time, even in non-inertial systems, so consider once again what everyone knows.

9.2. Autonomous systems coordination control structure.

Unusual – but it is the system of coordination should include the Great Pyramid of El Giza (Egypt) – 31 0 east longitude and 30 0 north latitude.

   Unusually, the angle of entry into the pyramid is 25 0 15 , and the daily position accurately aimed at the North Star. But this angle in astronomy there, so just consider the pyramid ritual computer Lex. Performing simple calculations (see. Annex), we find that it was at this corner of the Earth, in the absence of the moon. This means that by the trail of the initial state of the Earth, and the angle of inclination of the equator was exactly 25 0 15 . As far as Earth’s orbit has changed the appearance of the moon?

The total path of the Earth at a turnover of 939311964 km, then the projection of the orbit of Kepler: 939311964 * of cos (25.25) 0 = 849,565,539.0266.

Radius R ref = 135,212,669.2259 km. The difference between the original and the current state of 14,287,330.77412 km, ie the projection of the Earth’s orbit changed at t = 47.62443591374 seconds. A lot or a low-depends on destination management and communication duration.

10. The original frame.

Location of the original frame – 37 0 30 east longitude and 54 0 22 30 north latitude. The inclination of the axis of the frame 3 0 37 30 to the North Pole. The direction of the frame: 90 0 – 54 0 22 30 – 3 0 37 30 = 32 0 .

Using star charts, we find that the original frame is directed to the constellation Ursa Major, the star Megrez (4 – I Star). Consequently, the original frame was established already in the presence of the moon. Note that it is the star most interested in astronomy (see. N.Morozova “Christ”). In addition, the star named after Yuri Luzhkov (there was no other stars).

11. Orientation.

The third observation – lunar cycles. As is known, not the Julian calendar (Meto) has 13 months, but if you bring the complete table of optimum days (Easter), we will see a major shift of which has not been taken into account in the calculations. This offset, in seconds, it takes the required date is far from the optimum point.

   Consider the following diagram: When the Moon by changing the angle of inclination to the equator 1 0    48 22 resulted in a shift of the Earth’s orbit. While maintaining the initial position of the frame, which today no longer defines nothing, leaving only the original frame, but what is shown below, may at first glance seem a little misunderstanding, easily reparable.But here lies the fact that the condition cause any life support system to collapse.

The former refers, as mentioned above – to change the time of motion of the Earth from the peak to peak.

The second – the Moon has been observed, tends to change the correction term at the time, and it can be seen from the table:

Previously stated that the orbit of the moon relative to the Earth’s orbit is tilted:


Angles Group A:

5 0 18   58.42 – apogliey,

5 0 17   24.84 – perihelion

Angles Group B:

4 0 56   58.44 – the aphelion,

4 0 58   01 – perihelion

However, introducing a correction term, we obtain different values for the Moon’s orbit.

12. S I H L

   Principles of communication between neutron systems, consider the example of an object S64 (code name SS433) .- Access Options.When transmitting at: 00.30, 08.30, 16.30 (admission shifted 4 hours) the transmitted message is a cone with an angle of 0.000000248 (when the radius of the active input area equal to 124.000 kilometers on the surface of the circle capture zone is 30.75 m). When receiving messages 75% of the resonance peak falls on the double radius of the core and reception can be received by any station.


Energy characteristics:

Transmission: EI = 1.28 * 10 -2 volts * m 2 ; MI = 4.84 × 10 -8 volts / m 3;

   Admission: EI = 0.728 * 10 -8   V * m 2 ; MI = 0.224 * 10 -8 volts / m 3 Referring seen to work with communication requires great power and not to violate the noosphere, used charge equivalents 84 octaves MI.Reception frequency – transmission is constant and equal to 375,965 MI hydrogen atom H4 (4 connections).

MI Potential quantized by 32 symmetry angles and includes a series of:

1. A negative number:

4, 8, 12, 14, 16, 18, 21, 24, 28, 32, 36, 40, 44, 48, 52, 54

2. A positive number:

54, 56, 58, 62, 64, 68, 72, 74, 76, 78, 82, 84, 88, 92, 94, 96.

These two rows define only the alphabet group and sign symbol system, and are not always used all the angles.

Using all the power is increased 16 times in the corners.

For coding uses 8 – bit alphabet:


Primary colors are not a sign, ie, 54 oct defines the main tone. Divider – 62 oct potential. Between two adjacent corners – additional breakdown by 8, so one corner contains the entire alphabet. A positive number for the encoding commands, orders and decrees (codebook), a negative number contains text information (table – Dictionary).

It uses 22 – a symbolic alphabet, known in the world . Used 3 consecutive corner, past the signs of the last corner – a point and a comma. The more significant texts, the higher octave of angles used.

Message text:

1. Coded signals – 64 + sign 64 passes (fa). 6 repeat

2. The message text – 64 characters + 64 passes and 6 repeat, if the text is urgent, the 384 mark, the rest – passes (384), and there is no repetition.

3. The key text – 64 characters + 64 passes (repeat 6 times).

Given the gaps, to receive or transmit texts applied mathematics cord Fibonacci series, and receipt of text – continuous.

The second mathematical cord cuts the red shift.

In the second set of code signals type of cutoff and reception (transmission) are carried out in automatic mode.

The total length of the message is 2304 mark,

Acceptance peredachi- time 38 minutes 24 seconds.

Comment. The main tone – it is not always 1 mark. By repeating characters (urgent execution mode) using an additional number:

Table command line command repetition table

















































Deciphering messages made in an automatic mode with the use of a lookup table in accordance with the frequency parameters of the spine, if the team intended people. It – complete 2nd octave piano, 12 characters, the table is 12 * 12, which until 1266 housed the Hebrew, until 2006 – English, and Easter 2007 – the Russian alphabet (33 letters).

The table numbers are placed (12th number system), signs such as “+”, “$” and others, as well as special characters, including the code mask.

13. Inside the Moon is 4 complex:



And Octave



With Octave

Octave D



21 (22)

21 (22)



(All sets of frequencies)


25 (26)


27 (28)

27 (28)


37 (38)


43 (44)

43 (44)


45 (46)


47 (48)



23 (24)




35 (36)


83 (84)














35 (36)




39 (40)


49 (50)


53 (54)


61 (62)


63 (64) *

63 (64)

Octave A – generate pyramids themselves

In Octave – obtained from Earth (the Sun – *)

Octave – are located in the tube due to the Earth

Octave D – are in the tube due to the Sun.

14. The luminosity of the moon.

   The luminosity of the moon is determined by its range of activities, the Sun and the Earth. Complexes Moon works as shown in the figure. The surface of the moon does not reflect anything, its luminosity – is the imposition of operating frequencies produced by the Moon and the Sun, as well as the position of the tube due to the Earth ( “Earth Shadow”).

Resetting the Program on Earth there is a halo – ring around the Moon (always in phase III).

15. Archive of the Moon.

   The satellites of the planets produce control the planets. Some satellites are the guardians of the archive (see. “Sputniki.doc”). According to team management of the Earth System resets archive data, which are transmitted to the moon for the formation of the new programs, in accordance with the conditions that have been created on Earth. Processing of archive material only on the Moon, coordination is carried out also on the data that were obtained in the capture of other planets in the universe. The moon has a powerful computer center and everything you need to carry out calculations.

However, its options are limited – complex consisted of 3 Moons, 2 were destroyed (meteor belt – is the former planet, in which the Management System blew himself up along with all objects (UFOs), which reached the secrets of the existence of planets of the system.

During certain times of the remains of the planet in the form of meteorites and crumble to the earth, and mostly – on the sun, creating a black spot on it.

16. Easter.

All Department of Earth System synchronized tact given by the sun, taking into account the motion of the moon. The movement of the Moon around the Earth – a synodic month (P) Saros cycle, or a metonym. Calculation – the formula = the PT the ST – the PS. The calculated value = 29.53059413580 .. or 29 d 12 h 51 m 36. ”

The population of the Earth is divided into three genotypes: 42 (general population, more than 5 billion people.), 44 ( “golden billion”, with the brain, which was brought from the satellites of the planets) and 46 ( “golden million,” 1200000 people dropped from the sun of the planet) .

Note that the Sun – it is a planet, not a star, its size does not exceed the size of the Earth. To convert genotype 42, 44 and 46 there is Easter, or a certain day, when the moon produces programs reset. Until 2009 all Easter conducted only in phase III of the Moon.

By 2009, the formation of genotypes 44 and 46 is completed, and you can destroy the genotype of 42, because Easter 2009-04-19 will be held at the new moon (phase I), and Systems Management will destroy Earth genotype 42 in a withdrawal of the moon brain residues. On the destruction is given 3 years (2012 year – end). Previously, there was a weekly cycle starting 9 Ab, in which all who have seized the old brain and the new has not approached, destroyed (holohost). The structure of the calendar:

By Meto management system works, but in the world (in the churches, Catholic churches, synagogues) use the Julian or Gregorian calendar, which only take into account the movement of the Earth (average for 4 years 365.25 days).

A complete cycle (19 years) and Meton 19 years of the Gregorian calendar are roughly the same (up to hours). Because, knowing Meto and combining it with the Gregorian calendar, we can happily celebrate their conversion.

17. The objects of the Moon (UFO).

All the “lunatics” are inside the Moon. The atmosphere of the moon is only necessary for the control and the existence in this atmosphere without protection is impossible.

To control the surface and the atmosphere of the moon has its own objects (UFOs). This – mainly machines, but some of them manned.

Maximum lift height is less than 2 km from the surface. “Sleepwalkers” are not designed for life on Earth, they are quite comfortable conditions for work and leisure. Total lunar 242 object (36 types), 16 of them manned. Similar facilities are available on some satellites (and on Phobos, too).

18. Protection of the Moon.

        Luna – a particular object, because a reliable protection. On the Moon can not fall meteorite – it will send, at best, to the Earth, but the occasional meteorites fall on the sun and disappear in its crown. When approaching meteorite moon activates the anti-gravity belt (in the sector of the capture of the Earth it is not), and any changes the trajectory of the meteorite.

Moon – the only satellite in communication with Sur – Planet under Megrez, 4 star Big Dipper.


19. The system of long-distance communication.

The communication system – 84 octave, but this creates an octave Earth. Contact Shur requires enormous energy costs (higher octave of 53.5). Communication is possible only after the vernal equinox, for 3 months. Speed of light – is the relative value (relative to 128 octave), so that relative velocity octave 84 2 20 below. During one session, you can transfer 216 characters (including service). Communication – only after the completion of the cycle of Meto. The number of sessions – 1. Next session in about 11.4 years, while the power supply of the solar system falls by 30%.

20. Returning to the phases of the moon.

   We enumerate the sequence of phase shifts.

Number 1 = the new moon,

2 = new moon (approximately equal to the diameter of the Moon when the diameter of the Earth)

3 = the first quarter (the diameter of the Earth more than the actual diameter of the Earth)

4 = sawed in half moon. In the physical encyclopedia states that the angle 90 0 (Sun – Moon – Earth). However, this angle may be 3 – 4 hours, but we see this condition for 3 days.

No. 5 – which form the Earth provides a “reflection”?

Note that the moon revolves around the earth, and if you believe the encyclopedia, then replace all 10 phases we have to watch for one day.

The moon does not reflect, and if the moon Complexes in connection with the liquidation of a number of frequencies in the tube connection Moon – Earth shut off, the moon we do not see anymore. In addition, the elimination of some of the gravitational frequency tube communication Moon – Earth postpone the moon in a lunar Complexes not working at a distance of not less than 1 million kilometers.


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