Chronological Catalog Of Reported Lunar Events (Mirrored)

R-277 is a NASA publication I first heard about on ground zero W/Clyde Lewis

Alternative Solar, Lunar & Geodetic research

Big lies must be held up by many small truths in order to maintain their illusion. Though some folks are not as gullible & realize the imbalance & contradictions within the information received from this institution of pseudoscience.Fortunately, we can differentiate what is true & what is false in many areas. This spicific catalog released by NASA in July of 1968 consists of anomalies & events between the years of 1540 & 1968, as documented & reported by astronomers. Much of these same anomalies & events can be viewed & verified till this day for those who put the persistent hours of observation in. Therefor, I decided to post the complete catalog to have on reference for further analysis & comparison to my & other Lunar footage in future posts… A big thanks to James Alfred of

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