The middlequel of the ark hypothesis



So my basic hypothesis for the moon serving as the ark of the old testament stems from my childhood. Born on the 4th of July you astrologers out there know how lunacy plays a role in cancers.(the Moon rules cancers) I first heard the ark story as a kid ….hell we all did. My mind instantly was like “no way!” “Not possible! To many Critter to few people and WAAAAAAY too small a vessel!!”




Look at this!!! Now this little “boat” couldn’t lady any longer than a luxury ship from carnival cruise lines…..just saying.




This I can get on board with. Imagine the list portions filled with aquatic and Marine life . Coincidence NASA has discovered ice and possibly water at the south polar region?? Now imagine Noah as humanoid,not like us but BIGGER. Noah’s  world may have had more gravitaional pull making species from this world much larger I.E. dinosaurs,giant whales , even the massive skeletal remains supposedly cover up by the Smithsonian. Original inhabitants or nephilem ?




65,000,000 million years ago. That is wildly different than good old Mrs. Meanface and her 5th grade diatribe on cataclysm and extinction BUT SHE TALK FLOOD . Flood … there’s a constant pain in a theologian ass. Every culture has a flood story BUT none correlate. NOT UNTIL NOW . WHAAAAAAAT?!?!?!?



In part 2 of my Noah and his heavenly ark series I will make a the case for space is water. The moon is NOT a ball but a flat disk . This hodgepodge of biblical delight has been brought to you with the help of several people near and dear to my madness. Chelsea Marshall,THE Mr. James, my dad Steve Bonneville for never ATTEMPTING to leave a inquisitive mind have it’s brain food. Most of all …. THANK YOU KEEPERS OF THE TRUTH.  Without you I probably be a PHD or engineer or something equally as mundane and mediocre. TRY AND STOP US. conciseness is a gift. Omniscient is what we ALL can be TOGETHER.



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