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F. Shkrudnev “Bright Broom” N. Levashov in “Banny Cause” A. Hatybova and Labour Shovel 1 Chapter 9. “Lab” spiders If the individual is able to take only, and not create and is not able to replenish or to eliminate the consequences of their offense – it can not be defined as a man. It’s not even a person, controlled biological being. It can only have limited by motor functions of the brain home arrangement and his temporary life support due to destruction of harmony surrounding environment and additional own use, is his will and desire, as a biological object to the implementation of plans and programs external management, running other people’s complexes and System. Such individuals need to call – people. In such Man was driven state in the execution process of the old Programs. And that’s how it happened. 9.1. The first stage of the violent “Civilization” Earth From 17304 BC at 16684 BC (620 years), there was an active preparation for the execution of the Program “cell Energobiogenezisa flesh. ” Insulation boards protective circuit has been made Planets layer of magma and other transformations: – the first “priming” the surface of the Earth is “their planet water “(tritium) and formation sand from this water; – Earth’s surface was higher at 4300 m; – Earth’s atmosphere is added oxygen and fluorine; – the formation of interventionist management of objects on the planet’s surface. Landing on Earth occurred 16,300 years BC First of all the heavenly places were formed, destroyed all Earth systems, together with all who were there. To accommodate planet under his livelihood, had to be destroyed available at the world’s population. In this period, the population of the Earth 1 240 million. The population of the Earth was completely

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F. Shkrudnev “Bright Broom” N. Levashov in “Banny Cause” A. Hatybova and Labour Shovel 2 destroyed, and all humanoids were captured. Molten land which was found in Siberia over a large area – can serve small example results exposure aliens. All being found evidence of an ancient advanced civilization, carefully hidden and still hiding from the public. Aliens have developed their biostructures, but for base are examples of the former people. New biostructures HAD octave of the brain from 31 to 44. In order to control the received biostructures, ebrami had brought with him a 12 billion Phaeton humanoids, programmable power “dummies”, that sometimes manifested in the form of “barabashek” in some individuals. They had been stockpiled in the United States in the Great Lakes region, in Peru, and Tibet Australia. Also introduced by the frequency, they were also delivered to ships samples of plants and animals, flora and fauna. However, since conditions Earth were very favorable and energy security, all grew to gigantic proportions. It was the time of the dinosaurs. This experiment turned out unsuccessful, as it was very energy-intensive, and it was destroyed.

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F. Shkrudnev “Bright Broom” N. Levashov in “Banny Cause” A. Hatybova and Labour Shovel 3 9.2. Attempts to create a people From 16684 BC. at 13344 BC (i.e. for 3340 years) Ebrovskaya system made the first attempt to create people. Conditional “First Civilization”, but in reality – svershёnnoy first phase of the intervention. Beginning with the first aggressive invasion, for 1040 years They are fully captured all the planets. Capture ended in 17,914 BC By itself, the capture – conditional, because all Major complexes of interplanetary planets Cluster Earth’s complex were shut down. Without knowledge of the structures and their build, with a lower level of knowledge, the attackers just tied up all the planet’s gravitational tubes (in Further communication and tubes), including imputed base generating frequency radiation protection sun, surrounded planet “associates” (as a protective escort) and moved to the side Big Dipper, to understand its core reach. But the time it was decided not to lose the path of movement and possible to carry out processes of change in their favor. (Read More about this in Chapter 8). I have already said that the capture of the Earth itself was accompanied by destruction of mankind (in terms of their physical existence) and the objects of management, which were on the conditions surface placement. All humanoids as energy state of the whole matter of the biosphere diversity in their not physically and Mental Essence proto-Man with Brain octave level within 96-124 which are at the moment in the structure of the Earth’s atmosphere (in octaves arrays from 32 to 72) – were Captivity. They could not be hidden “below”, as all Complexes were off before the attack. As noted previously, there were only saved soul Essence 224 Brain level octave. Captured by humanoids kept in “Chambers” interventionist objects (mainly of type 440), when passing on Ground. After this, the first “priming” the planet’s surface “Their water” (tritium) and the formation of the sand from the water. This

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F. Shkrudnev “Bright Broom” N. Levashov in “Banny Cause” A. Hatybova and Labour Shovel 4 process lasted for about 620 years, the Earth’s surface for this time has changed significantly and has become the level of h = -4300 m (relative to its current level of measurement). Earth’s Atmosphere structurally is not changed, but a part of its gas completeness gases were added, which were needed ebrovskim entities breathing (in terms of their physical existence) – it was their oxygen and chlorine (later to be part of replaced). Once installed, interventionist complexes of 111, 222, 333, 444, 555, 000000 and support complexes (shapers cycle fluctuations as at Stonehenge, and others) After landing the only remaining main subject today (type 960, you can “Jerusalem” or the Third Rome (as someone comfortable) unplaced in Red Square, Moscow, Russia) and after planting ALL tracking of objects was made a trial “start Program “for materialization in the physical plane of the first group (2%, ie roughly about 17-20 million) captured humanoids (ie the Earth spiritual essences of the proto-man with the last octave Brain 96-124) previously transferred to the state before energy Level 31 octaves (an attempt at simplifying the brain, such as yourself level interventionists did not have). Sami “aliens” in their true form oblichёnnosti were planted only after the arrangement and creation of conditions for their existence, ie, general condition suitable for them for the conditions of their habitat (primary control) and set up for them completeness gas atmosphere. Aliens (Ebre) – a spider height from 2.5 to 4 meters, Depending on their membership their existing hierarchy (for In comparison, the growth of the proto-man is not greater than 1.88 m). From spiders impossible It was hide pervovoploschёnnym people. Firstly, Brain of people (given in 31 octave) was

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F. Shkrudnev “Bright Broom” N. Levashov in “Banny Cause” A. Hatybova and Labour Shovel 5 extremely limited in the ability of environmental awareness Indeed, brain teaser functions practically It was Blocked. of Energy and translation controlling nature did not exist, was only re-established Control function of the state of flesh cells and limited exchange process management capabilities. For more Then the invaders were not able in his influential experiments with humans. By any attempt higher level oriented modeling design Brain protocol Man for his substitution in the flesh of the human body for a simplified structure of their brains – they were not ready due to loss of its features from the suicide bombing of the Phaeton. Secondly, the area is saved (formed) land after its initial priming imputed water took only 5-6% of the area overall surface planet. Educated “Continental” formation were mostly only in places introduced by location (transported) and established (primary stationary) interventionist control complex or objects. Third, any attempt to create “samozarozhdayuscheysya” fauna at least for some time been a long season virtually futile. The reason is that, as such, control synthesis as a mandatory program being fauna in general, then was not, and the emergence of Automobile Engine goes into oblivion, as the dying attempt the same fauna survival. Land acquired kind of killed, almost a bare planet, filled imputed water condition, the surface of which were happening everywhere large-scale processes of destroying nature, the barbarian destruction of everything that could be preserved by chance at least some way and manner. And those fragments have been on Throughout this first stage, even in the initial period saved the existence of groups of proto-Man. Over plates circuit of water to fill the invaders was formed LAYER magma that no humanoid could not escape down and to prevent any attempt of Earth Systems and Complexes OPPOSE invaders.

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F. Shkrudnev “Bright Broom” N. Levashov in “Banny Cause” A. Hatybova and Labour Shovel 6 In this active mode for destroying 3960 years of the first phase of the intervention of the Earth, It formed a kind of alien to the Earth world, based on parasitism and violence. Someone, perhaps, preserved define this stage as the first civilization (obviously, they has this unshakable “generic” reasons). She was BU W pitifully destroyed during the 2 days in 13954 BC, as all experiments with the “imputed Civilization” ended its collapse and complete failure. Ebrovskaya The system was not ready for such difficulties and not take into account the level of perfection of the Earth, although formal learning, especially for basic constants meaningful dispensation complex energy model of the Earth and its life, it were known. 9.3. “Second Civilization” The second stage of the violent “Civilization” Earth It lasted 3150 years from 13344 BC at 10194 g. BC. At this stage adscititious interventionists Program “Energobiogenezisa cell the flesh ” (Program “Energy-dialectic of genotypes of the Brain” yet has not been formed) found more significant Activity in strenuous efforts to create a people (as a kind of Proto-Man), because the flesh is imperfect and unacceptable for the spiders attempts “to enter the hierarchy of civilizational development of understanding orientation “(as well as the design of the brain). For this purpose interventionists was used 21% of prisoners of humanoids (mental entities), ie about about Millionov 200 individuals (from the captive condition of their existence not at physical Plan). Main ACCENT It was MADE on Control brain of people by primary energy-broadcast (control character) through objects such as 440. For this reason, and everything

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F. Shkrudnev “Bright Broom” N. Levashov in “Banny Cause” A. Hatybova and Labour Shovel 7 quartering of people formed within range of their broadcast. As the results achieved, attempts were made combining human flesh (the body of people in the physical plane of existence through the structure of their brain at a level and in terms of translation in the low octaves, up to 31) with the possibilities of similarity Brain spiders. This is what It was focused the main attention. A certain attention was drawn to the invaders Attempts to interfere in the model of DNA structure, EXTENSION biological life individuals (average duration was achieved only to 18-22 years), the correction metabolic cell processes flesh, translation attempt metabolic processes conditions carnivorous human nutrition and more more. But not so simple turned Human at capabilities easily “Tailor” his likeness, for he – fetus creations Creator! In this regard, interventionists significant progress not achieved. interventionist incarnated and other software processes to change reality. Water is found only freshwater condition. Her number was increased by many orders of magnitude, the former mineral inclusions practically non-existent. Moreover, it was MEDIA tritium. It was stable imputed Programme mandatory presence of tritium in the water, according to its frequency change characteristics and density in the water, as a source, and energy carrier to ensure the functioning of the brain of people on level lower octaves. It formed a kind of “pipes” diameter up to 300-400 m, for the transfer of water objects, which Tritium is also required (pipes, these exist to this day m depth from -2200 to -3000 m). Water heavily saturated tritium.

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F. Shkrudnev “Bright Broom” N. Levashov in “Banny Cause” A. Hatybova and Labour Shovel 8 Has undergone changes and the very surface of the planet, on the this stage the level of priming the surface of the planet was “raised” even at a higher level and reached a value of h = -3000 m (the current level). land geography It expanded significantly. The onset of a certain similarity Continental distinguish the Earth’s surface. But it was Only primary similarity, depriving many illusions, even now present experts from the sphere of geophysics, which knowledge about distinguishing the geographical surface of our planet rely on theory separation (and corresponding further “Travel” over the world in different directions) apart. However, the truth is based on the formation of the continents “Digging the foundation” as an undeniable fact, and the next interventionist accomplishments, not on the theory of the spread and the travel entire continents. But why “cutting mold forms” continents on many borders distinguish them so amazing the same? The answer to this question is not associated with sprawl, it is associated with forms of dispersion of radiation frequencies (imputed invaders) to form chemical elements on an ion level, with the subsequent formation of “bulk firmament” (and Fill with water, in particular) and so on. With the expansion of the continental areas, from interventionists began to actively attempt formation of flora and fauna, as complex member and process at generally “Civilizational” development Earth. besides the participatory provisions of flora and fauna in providing food and organization the lives of people needed an active process of participation in the formation of natural mineral nature. Basically, all Resuscitation attempts at reducing, especially in the fauna of the environment, They were doomed to failure. In the development of its full similarity of flora restore the previous state could not be the reason for all – principal change major constants in all interventionist miroulozhenii being energies. changed essentially all of the surrounding reality. previous “Synthesis” Management Programme trees and plants already be could. The structure of the new chemical elements as ionic level,

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F. Shkrudnev “Bright Broom” N. Levashov in “Banny Cause” A. Hatybova and Labour Shovel 9 and physically, not even allowed to come close to any similarity in flora. Thus, the invaders began to form SUCH flora, which is obtained as a hybrid of past and adscititious processes management synthesis. current in the field of flora experts are surprised to this day as sharp and principally in that distant time to change her condition. They trying to look for the causes of such sudden changes in impermanence climatic conditions, not being confident in yourself. And the reasons completely different. Went ACTIVE experimental search the most appropriate range in the flora to go to more complex processes of future developments related, especially with the development of people, the perfection of Mind and Mind Planet and more. At this stage actively started FORMING PYRAMID like needed receiving and transmitting subordinate member for functional objects and works complexes Office. Height pyramids generally does not exceed values of 8820 m (excluding the pyramids in Bermudas area, h = 840 m ÷ 9940 m), and design (form and including) determined destination and features of object or complex unplaced underneath. By As such, the completion of the creation, Pyramids began to fill with sand. The individual does not fall asleep pyramid performed in the firmament of the other sort, as it were in the form of mountains (Caucasus, the Alps, the Tibetan mountain range, the Andes and etc.). Due to the negative results of “the civilizational development “as it relates to people, this so-called not by us, “Second Civilization” was eliminated for several days. Re-draw your attention to the fact, that may be for realizing someone this step could be

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F. Shkrudnev “Bright Broom” N. Levashov in “Banny Cause” A. Hatybova and Labour Shovel 10 called “Second Civilization”, but the true nature of all svershёnnogo, this is the only stage of civilization violent intervention and for the Second Civilization Earth may not be a priori. All experimental individuals were eliminated within several days. At the end of the Second stage interventionist intervention in the development of civilization Earth for 200 years occurred Software process preparatory arrangement and part of Programme correction functions of the Office to create a managed Complexes and (planted) for the transfer of all subsequent objects processes (changes) in the third stage. During this short time more “deliveries” from the moon were transferred firstsamples of “native” (lunar) humanoids (in their non-inertial Energy entities), as well as and in the same manner, some species of fish and birds. 9.4. The third stage of the violent intervention Conditional “Third Civilization ” (in fact,third stage svershёnnoy intervention) had a duration of S 4070, ie to 10604 g BC at 6534 g BC It was theblase stage experiments in all areas, from formation of sustainable interventionist Office in all directions of their own to the development of civilization ATTEMPTS I self-created elements in flora and fauna (including fragments obtained gumanoidalnyh Moon). The details are not so important because recreate true similarities interventionists NOT BEEN RESOLVED . However, it shouldnote an important point, namely, the Control System of intervention It was still incomplete. For this reason, the real engine management Earth REPEATEDLY and insensibly It interfered with his control correction in separate episodes existing energy management existence in the material and non-material world. Thus, there is as though a steady need for issue mandatory salinity of fresh water by possible forms, which have developed to the present moment. it

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F. Shkrudnev “Bright Broom” N. Levashov in “Banny Cause” A. Hatybova and Labour Shovel eleven It allowed to some extent to recreate in the firstapproximation of the zhiznesoprovozhdeniya conditions in fresh water and make underwater world some structure and model functional significance oriented for the benefit of software created by people in proteins and minerals Water origin. Those unnoticed correction occurred in flora and fauna of the area, not allowing COMPLETELY andfinally go into our development of ITS proto-forms.In the process of rebuilding people over this long period Experimental attempts have been very much. Total for this 42% (roughly about 400 million) it was applied captive humanoids (Energy and mental Human beings proto-brain level with the former octave 96-124). What basically it was focused the attention of the invaders? It continues to implement only one program “Development energobiogenezisa flesh cells “, and therefore the concentration of all interventionist efforts on this issue, in general, and was oriented. For this lattices atmospheres around the perimeter began resettlement processes “Brain atmosphere” forgive some initial handling of the existence of people without linking them to the objects of the type 440. But during this period, he DOES NOT BEEN completed before the end. Much attention was paid to changes in the Office of the brains of people exchange processes flesh cells. Behind this period people were INCLUDED in the exchange ofprocesses subject to their fitness and ability to carnivorous (Initially without heat treatment of food eaten). This had structurally and significantly CHANGE , for example, the functionpancreas glands and respectively the give Additional functions of the brain for its management and control exchange processes flesh cells. This I tell those who interested in vegetarianism and other “experiments.” Regarding correction of brain structure of people, all Experiments were mainly focused on preserving LOW octave Brain (up to level 31, to give full bowed to performing status, limited recreation of the logic functions to perform basic operations and movements exception rebellious behavior in the process of cohabitation and

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F. Shkrudnev “Bright Broom” N. Levashov in “Banny Cause” A. Hatybova and Labour Shovel 12 etc.); continuing attempts to combine the brains of people with Constructions and functions of the brain of intervention (including sent to the moon humanoid – their native species); continuation biological life of human individuals (from the previous step and DNA structure and many have not moved) by intervention more. However, significant outcomes in matters recreating people as a kind of proto-man, but completely conquered (with all my Life and suitability for replacement coincident with its design Brain brain structure invaders) – NOT ACHIEVED . Soon, in a few, daysand this step was stopped in 6534 year BC, and the entireexperimental basis of flesh has been eliminated. So ended not by us “Third Civilization” allegedly named. After its destruction took place a preparatory process Software re-installation of the control character, as well as CLEANING from the effects of the experiments for 300 years (ie up to 6234 BC). In addition, changes in thephysically happened quite a lot. 9.5. Preparation and fourth stage violent intervention Since 6534, the BC by 6234, the BC ( 300 years ): – preparatory process for re-installation of software Managing nature; – stripping from the effects of the experiments; – Earth’s surface is to fill up to h = -1200 m (Relative to the current level), formed on the surface 8640000 Energy tires were laid pole direction (in geography – this meridians, though they were not 360, and a few more), linking all Control and complexes planted objects; – formed components (servers and management servers energy distribution); – after fine engineering, the entire complex “assembly” We fill up to h = -100 m;

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F. Shkrudnev “Bright Broom” N. Levashov in “Banny Cause” A. Hatybova and Labour Shovel 13 – c hydrophone layer the atmosphere brought down to Earth huge masses of water of 1500 m height, and from that moment for the first time Sea water has been formed – this is the “Flood”; – surface Earth took forms close to modern. Then we began USE humanoids, inserting in themfrequency brain spiders. Sequential frequency setting has led to good results. With the materialization of all humanoids The brain was prepared and formed the modern spiders civilization. Since 3761, the BC with those obtained in human beings was held morea lot of transient experiments in order to bring to their appearance, which took man to the earth intervention. TO mid-September, 3761 BCE This process of figurative similarity It was completed (meaning the tale “about the image and likeness” of the Bible and other legends). C 0 years BC interventionists steel introduces large groupthe frequency of the generated energy derivatives (relative introduced by their base) and improve control system itself. Interventionist system becomes complicated and perfected by them Management created on Earth. Has been introduced as control, Performing on the behavior and control of quality resulting aspects of groups and to individual individuals fromof people. Extremely IMPORTANT step was the introduction of the Programreincarnation. It was the only way out of difficult situation ebrovskoy for the entire system, which was unable to solve the problem inconsistencies between big duration and continuity necessary for the Performing functions of people with limited duration of their lives. They DO NOT MANAGED to get close toDNA from the fourth codon and mastered only three of them, and only so they created a life for the people as limited in time.

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F. Shkrudnev “Bright Broom” N. Levashov in “Banny Cause” A. Hatybova and Labour Shovel 14 Later interventionist (Ebrovskie) Programme objectives about the people greatly Complicate . They We rushed to get people to like representatives of their Cosmos (because the people look significantly seemly and potentially perfect), but has a brain and a spider the ability to move in the octave energies of 44 and 56 (ie, above 31 octaves the material world) in the event of unforeseen emergencies on the ground. In addition, a group of spiders, which was located on Sun as their HIGHEST ELITE in the amount of 1.200.000individuals should have their program to be “golden elite” in the world, but the brain is already more perfect – 72 octaves. 9.6. Technical implementation Management On 2009.11.15 the operation of the main complex Systems and invaders have been destroyed , along with all those who theyserviced, ie, with spiders and the involved them. On this It took a heavy 16. The effects of the interventionmuch more, but DONE important, substantive and irreversible!Some of interventionist complexes and objects LEFT inacting as a trophy, for something in the loss of time and energies should be spent to compensate. THEY ALREADY appliedsolving creative tasks and eliminate the consequences of the intervention. In this regard, in a simplified format, I will show how technically Management carried out with the help of their systems. But lit This question is limited to the understanding of the fact that only Administrative IMPACT on people and theirsubsequent resulting behavior. This is the very sacred “from the outside”, passed in the epics and numerous legends. Technical and technological details are not affected, not to RESET Brain readers. Of all the Complexes and

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F. Shkrudnev “Bright Broom” N. Levashov in “Banny Cause” A. Hatybova and Labour Shovel 15 objects involved in the Office of the old system, we note Only the main part, without which the Office would impossible: complex number appointment 1 Chekhov Dispatch center, the main complex management, job programs for all complexes. Kailash 2 The main control complex correction according to the program environment for the brain all genotypes in the world. 3 China, Tibet Condition monitoring of the atmosphere in the correction Brain atmosphere and all channels of communication facilities such as 560, 520, 500, 440, 960. 4 Ural meninges (31 oct) for all genotypes (from unicellular organisms to humans). 5 Baikal emergency rescue system humanoids 42, 44 event of a disaster (evacuation from the Earth). 6 Easter matching lining of the brain control and octave from 49 to 59 for all genotypes. 7 Kailash 2 Current (weekly) monitoring of the brain. 8 Peru The main control center, content and Storage humanoids (for future use) . 9 Andes Control of humanoid on Earth. 10 Caucasus The main complex monitoring, control ‘gold billion “- 42 genotype. 11 Elbrus Regional development – European part Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Bulgaria – full Management genotype 42. 12 Kazbek Regional Complex – East and South Caucasus, Central Asia, East Asia Minor – full Management genotype 42. Ararat 13 Territorial (the first in the world) complex – Asia Minor, Greece – full control genotype 42. 14 Alps The main complex monitoring, control ‘gold million “- 44 genotype. Alpes 15 1 Regional development – France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Western Europe – complete 44 genotype management.

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F. Shkrudnev “Bright Broom” N. Levashov in “Banny Cause” A. Hatybova and Labour Shovel 16 16 2 Alpes Regional development – Eastern Europe, Germany, the Baltic States, Scandinavia – complete 44 genotype management. 17 Sarajevo The main energy complex octave 53.5 (Makeup gratings for all types of radiation). The first atomic bomb was developed in Germany. 18 California Chief complex preparation of a new genotype – 46 (Introduced in 2012). 19 China, Tibet The main set of controls in the world, setting standards for all systems. 20 Easter The node control through coordination of Kailash. Moscow 21 960 The main object Management System, all the matrices the brain 42, 44, 46 and Moshiach. 22 Greenland Management atmosphere brain. 23 Ireland Computing Center. All kinds of calculations. Incidentally, Ireland – 2 Programming in the world on a computer. At the same time, Ireland – birthplace the appearance is not solved math problems. Suffice it to draw attention to the purpose of the complex, and it is quite clearly demonstrated by the fact that the support all the action at the Office by the process execution is not left any chance on whi h of control on the part of the oldSystems even minor episodes of activities and events. Skeptical look or condemnation of the above said means Only unwillingness or inability to penetrate into the depth of the judgments it. Technically, with the birth of the first steps of any of the Software process before him PRACTICAL incarnation across artists – everything was under effective care systems Control. Moreover, the old system has the technical Perhaps, like lead, and FORCING to plannedresults in everything that has been defined the scope of the various installed programs. When you create the atmosphere of the Brain (of -2200 m to 12,400 m) the original structure of the atmosphere introduced new frequencies. This process began in 2000 years BC. Strictly symmetrical atoms themselves dodecahedron structure was destroyed (cleaned some connection with the icosahedron). Each removal of such a connection

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F. Shkrudnev “Bright Broom” N. Levashov in “Banny Cause” A. Hatybova and Labour Shovel 17 It led to a new chemical element. If you remove the fully dodecahedron we obtain the structure of icosahedral boron. So as a basis were 16, 22, 28, 32 and 42 octaves in these structures and everything was replaced. Octaves certain combination of 16 and 22 led to a gas, and combinations octaves 16, 22, 28, 32, 42 – to oil. white oil has additionally octave 47. Furthermore, were inserted octave 53, eventually received the “explosive mixture”. But these combinations intermediates were not and could be used to Brain formation as contained converter – sulfur. Sulfur It is a product of brain activity (remember the sulfur in the ears), but composition of the brain can not go. But this “explosive mixture” is one property – without it you can not make the transition to 56 octave, which It is vital to all the representatives of the “golden billion” in case of emergency, for example, when it is necessary to save fromnuclear explosion. Since the interference with the structure of the atmosphere interventionist system side and it is still represented in 6 layers: number From Up Appointment 1 -4400 -2200 Grid connection Brain atmosphere, Brain of the atmosphere February 2200 0 Control system of the atmosphere (-2200 m – is Hydrophone depth) 3 0 1200 Base Layer 4 1200 6200 Cumulative layer 5 6200 12400 layer materialization 6 12400 36400 The layer of the atmosphere protection AT cumulative bed weekly I went process accumulation or withdrawal frequencies their subsequent distribution between other layers. The layer materialization produced translating into tangible structures all types of humanoids (dressing

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F. Shkrudnev “Bright Broom” N. Levashov in “Banny Cause” A. Hatybova and Labour Shovel 18 shirts on them), as well as the materialization of the UFO objects after their lift, if it was necessary. Each layer, except № 3 has sublayers, in which to perform the same work function different frequency structures. In the initial period, each object, from which it was obtained humanoids formed for them individually “tent” inside which was the development of the group under the Office object without Binding to the environment. Beyond “tent” was going out impossible, extraneous to the tent not allowed. When entering the Land Management System in the state of New functioning rigged interventionists for themselves,It began snapping all biological structures to the local environment in within a certain distance from the object. In the first place, this Wednesday was formed Complex Andes, then – the Caucasus, and with 0 year – the Alps. The colony living in the “tent” humanoid objectcalled “ethnic group”, later used the term “nationality”. Where did the ethnic groups? In the original form of all “Passengers” on all objects were perfectly SAME VIEW and the same brain structures. But objects are not transported material body, and therefore when in the “chair” any landing material structure folds into a small ball lightning, the size of a match head. Already during the convolution can be little distortion. Therefore, brain potentials to convolution may vary. On the way the object could fly through a meteor and pick up any muck in the form of the bacteria, which are usually discovers “modern science” on meteorites. Besides, environment settings where object arrived, and places the parameters delivery “passengers” may be different in structure and filling (in More oxygen was ground). If the initial brain when moving lost at least one frequency (and Object generators that do not Notices ), you lose a lot of the original features and delivery in place. The missing properties were filled in with “a warehouse of spare parts “(with an expired shelf life, as the movement It took more than one hundred years). Because each object is brought that it downloaded, but poorly packed. Each ethnic group

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F. Shkrudnev “Bright Broom” N. Levashov in “Banny Cause” A. Hatybova and Labour Shovel 19 I had the same structure of the organs, but DIFFERENT STRUCTURES Brain. The brain, or the properties of biological structures, both external and system internal control, memory, orientation, exchange properties information generally were also identical but differ base. Base – it is the individual properties were ethnic group against which constructed the metabolic processes of reception and transmitting information or language translation. In the territory Georgia, for example, the basic element is manganese (Ossetians – a basic element of this – the other ethnic group). When in Georgia from the fields chosen almost all manganese in population began the processes of “thickening” of blood pressure and an increase in pulmonary circulation. In practice, it was seen in 1989 year. Management System, taking into account the location of the “tents” for 3500 years BC started to bind them to the layer of the atmosphere Number 2. Using the features of construction Brain ethnic groups, First of all, everyone gets a basic radiation frequency, with respect to the set-up which occurred rearrangement atmospheric layer number 2. The number of radiation frequencies – more than 100. Using the database, i.e. radiation frequency FOR EVERYONE particular ethnic group, their number and the number in each ethnic group has been reduced to programmatically set value. Were introduced, and uncovered the primary styles of life (culture) and border habitat of each group with reference to the layer of the atmosphere Number 2. The boundaries of habitat have had a ball shape. In the center previous form creating “capital” of ethnic groups. Regarding this It carried out the construction of further settlements, etc. As development in order to stabilize the performance of the Office in Software processes INSIDE each ethnic groupimpose restrictions that do not allow different ethnic groups merge, ie stir. It was framed and shaped behavioral administration (concept and realization) of different traditions, beliefs, etc. If the group did not meet the conditions Software requirements, ie I had variations in extracurricular its development of any irreversible, it

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F. Shkrudnev “Bright Broom” N. Levashov in “Banny Cause” A. Hatybova and Labour Shovel 20 Destroy , usually by OTHER ethnic groups. But each group has its own object of protection and, if destroyed group, then destroyed and object it is deactivated state. MAIN program objective was to create the “Golden million “based on the” Children of the Sun “, and all ethnic groups should It has been only a consumable for Software experiments to improve and bringing Brain to the desired program according to their genotype and to the right amount. The intermediate group of “golden billion” started configured with 0, the new era . At the same time, representatives ofThis group already had a certain connection with the brain atmosphere, placed in a layer at a depth of -4400 to -2200 m. They can have on the brain to the 12 language translator to communicate with other ethnic groups, received the necessary primary information to “create” and “implementation” of new technical means are improving their social arrangement. Shape their society and management structure, unwrapped primitive, but their management systems, etc. We began to appear, formed and perfected Society, formed state. And everything went ostensibly as We are trying to present historians in pictures . But not so JUST , as with Would we like! No through Marxist-Leninist basis the fundamental relations of production, or via World Market theory or using any other modern theories or theories of the past is NOT FAILED answer the question of how to form large part of societies. On what quantitative and qualitative “special recipe “, how many and what ethnic groups was necessary to gain to create a full-fledged society, in which the quantitative and quality limits? Is it to manage the process or subject to spontaneous formation? Why periodically arose demographic problems? The recipe for the education of all societies It was the same or it is unique for each individual? Finally, who defined the borders of the states, without any military dispute or interventions, ie another way? Questions are very many, but they are trying to get around or looking for convenient explanation, is the truth.

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F. Shkrudnev “Bright Broom” N. Levashov in “Banny Cause” A. Hatybova and Labour Shovel 21 The fact is that after the completion of the process invaders create modified programs under their uniform lattice Earth’s atmosphere, there is no need hard peg ethnic groups in their specific area, as she air grille has acquired all the necessary properties for the support the existence of all ethnic diversity in any Earth point. Since then, the restraining force of chaos and mixing ethnic groups (nationalities), as pre-established companies, steel companies-found and assigned to perform on them private software function, which in accordance with its target vector FUTURE events, actions, and events that predetermined the whole Software way of subsequent events in this society. AT Later it was classified as historical stages DEVELOPMENT civilizations, countries and groups, etc. The system was previously held software distribution and giving specific functions each society taking into account the places placement of objects and complexes and relatively steady streamlined system energy and information tracking, communication and control systems. Thus it was determined clear characteristic, territorial delimitation for data societies function. Moreover, every territory for the future settlement of pre-saturated with a certain set “Natural” resources to these volumes, which should in enough to ensure the formation of wealth and Service is such a society, which will be located on one or another territory, having a set of concrete attached to Software functions. MAIN geographic reference points in determining borders between states were themselves placed The Objects and Complexes, and the FREQUENCY a binding through brainspecific genotypes frequencies of some chemical elements, who were in the fields of the area . This frequency the first in a binding PLACE, and WAS SO Secretly Recipes the selection of specific multiple or similar types ethnic groups in the society, which was necessary for the performance full function of every society. At each stage,

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F. Shkrudnev “Bright Broom” N. Levashov in “Banny Cause” A. Hatybova and Labour Shovel 22 Software performance of its functions, the society could and should It had to have a certain number of specific artists genotypes brain. This determines the number of members of society, corresponding to this demographic change, tied to Program execution a certain stage. Any artificially entered by non-program intervention solution of demographic problems it could not solve. Wherein all forms, methods and aspirations of all taken attempts were in vain. But ORGANIZE necessarily troublecould. For example, ARTIFICIAL was ORGANIZED a very serious problem for Russia, associated with the ill-conceived initiative to strengthen migration flows from the countries Central Asia. Every proactive intervention by the random performers, unforeseen Programmatically frames, always led to some significant consequences. For example, more than 95% of people involved in the raising of Extracurricular Celina, immediately fled across the country by the end of this artificially bloated farce, and has not reached the target. But the bulk of “the runaway” did not return to their previous place and to his former way of life . Most of them were ripped off first from the countryside. Organized by WAS It in FIRST powerful wave of “strayProfessionals of all trades “in the latter dubbed “City limit”, and it suffered irreparable damage to the development of the agricultural sector. These were people with BROKEN mind and deprived of the previous Programme frequency mapping. The same thing happened with the group “Bamovtsev” and etc. Alternatively, example is an voluntarily- forced relocation professionals oilfield from Azerbaijan to the regions Tyumen oil. They bind with at FREQUENCY Brain to oil, thrive in the

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F. Shkrudnev “Bright Broom” N. Levashov in “Banny Cause” A. Hatybova and Labour Shovel 23 areas of the north, successfully conduct work and move to Statement on the former home do not intend to. There may be a natural question: Why It happened so MUCH bloody wars in defense of their territories?All this – and unnecessary waste of human grief? can you reassure – so, unfortunately, under the old programs It carried out one of the options PROCESS OF ELIMINATION Brain genotypes unnecessary after the next phase of its improvement. “Million gold” existing now – it SUPPLY material and, after the section of the program, I began to be translated into the “golden billion”, at general footing with the destruction of all those who did not answer the genotype Brain new software requirements. 9.7. formation of Consciousness Embodiment specified, in Including the Formation of Consciousness ,carried out by the practical ProVision of all Necessaryinformation installations “strategic and current ” character that long- or short period broadcast for the complex, Objects and formed controlling systems. The latter, turn through energy-broadcast by itself, of a controlled, ie the a determined all the Subsequent execution of the terms and being found commands associated with the development of structures, functions and build the most energy-broadcast for the people and the development of their brains for a long process of their alleged “Natural” perfection. Exactly across any Software Installations, as a team, and came process development materialized interventionist The system of people of their status “marquee” Office 1 of1 “marquee” Management – Biostructures on any celestial body have only one frequency spectrum, which is provided by the system. This frequency spectrum is ensured by UFO

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F. Shkrudnev “Bright Broom” N. Levashov in “Banny Cause” A. Hatybova and Labour Shovel 24 being accomplished to the current state of the “collapse of their Civilization “. Formation of consciousness genotype Brain – there is a discrete sequential process to bring the system’s functionality Managing information in the minds of individual members (Performers) in a specific “historic” moment with Systems for monitoring and control, and provide accompanying Complex. Due to this, with the use of control systems and Management, comprehensive support in Implementation of the program of action, leading to advance planned system and the results of the events in the development of human civilization for the realization of strategic programs (Created by the dome, inside of which is provided biostructures life, for which the frequency Balance is unique). Conditional distribution scheme octaves on levels organization of matter

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F. Shkrudnev “Bright Broom” N. Levashov in “Banny Cause” A. Hatybova and Labour Shovel 25 interventionist systems “brain genotypes Development” and “Development energobiogenezisa flesh cells “. Along with the transformation of the Brain changed and the flesh of Biogenesis cells while preserving the external form of people. Man TRANSFORMS Into Hébras in essence,acquiring all the consequences of such a transformation in the form of the complete the set a of all Parasitic functions The.Man – That a structure simultaneously for stored is in two spaces – in the neutron (proton) and Antineutrons (an e) spaces. All sensationsformed only for neutron space. There is also a other links Brain (with neutrino space), we are here Consider the NOT the LET . All the development of life on Earth is determinedfrequency dependencies, formed by the difference of two numbers The solar system. Number Pi – not irrational – it attitudepath length to the radius. The solar system uses two numbers pi: 3.000864 … (124 decimal) and 3.1648 …. (124 decimalcomma). These numbers are determined not only by the wavelength locking circuit of the solar system, and MAKE it the exact dimensions.The basis of any living structure is hydrogen, and the formation of ions of the same is subject to the difference in numbers. So, for example, man, formed in the Alpha Centauri system, with sending it to earth and binding to the existing system life support may look a crocodile. If the object (or, as it is called, a plate), created in another system, not provided the restructuring of its structure under the constant values system into which he intruded, it is automatically subjected to transmutation to form an inert mass. To solve their problems in the world Abram had to enter profound changes. They are almost completely subjugated all 18 biological structures of life support systems. In particular, theystructure created at a frequency of 53.375 (gamma radiation). Spiders in such atmosphere live normally. Radiation more than 124 X-rays they do not harms. By the way, cockroaches, which they had brought, also normal tolerate radiation up to the loss of color (becoming glass).

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F. Shkrudnev “Bright Broom” N. Levashov in “Banny Cause” A. Hatybova and Labour Shovel 26 Ebre sought to penetrate the mystery of the living cell, because their cell protein for its energy resources was much lower living cell. But more on that later I will write in a special chapter on the cells. The brain – a complex biological structure and is an result mnogomillionnoletney work by formation biostructures (Human). The brain, of course, can not It is formed by itself using the dust of the chemical reactions. The brain – at the same time bound state 3 spaces – neutrino (higher) antineutron and proton or ion. The human brain has been before the coming of the level of development 71 octaves, while the aliens he reached only the level 34 octaves, with only individuals. A lifetime of the of The people before the invasion of 1200 years. In experiments on human beings aliens in the first place, They tried to raise the octave of the brain. This has given mankind only level spelaean development. further Experiments on human beings CAUSED to the appearance of the world colored races and different species of monkeys. As you study Human knowledge and they developed for themselves biological “Shirt” with an increase in brain octave. They eventually We could improve the human brain and only brought him up 66 octaves. In separate experiments part was achieved 71 oct brain. In order to keep control of each “biological shirt ” to her attached Programmed humanoid. Brief chronology of events 2 on planet earth from 3500 BCtill now presented table . The dates referred to intable are approximate and are calculated according to a special procedure as to the event-time parameters of time It was completely different. For example, for the Earth: day – 48.64 hours a year – 864 days . 2 It contains the short version of events occurred. Details can be found on a site in the article “On the flora and fauna” and works “Bases of formation of human” part of 1.2.

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F. Shkrudnev “Bright Broom” N. Levashov in “Banny Cause” A. Hatybova and Labour Shovel 27 Time past events 3500 WAS toBC . – system Office at accordance from located “tents” (habitat boundaries ethnic groups), proceeded to bind them to the layer Atmospheric number 2; – Basic radiation frequency were obtained (More than 100) for each ethnic group, with respect to the set-up which occurred rearrangement atmospheric layer number 2; – Using radiation for each frequency particular ethnic group, their number and the number in Each ethnic group has been reduced to Programmatically set the value, type and uncovered primary styles of life (culture) and border habitat of this group with reference to the layer Atmospheric number 2. The boundaries of habitat have had globular shape; – Within each ethnic group were administered limitations to different ethnic groups merge, ie stir. it It was framed and shaped behavioral introduction (Concept and realization) of different traditions, beliefs; 2000 toBC – Create the atmosphere of the Brain (from -2200 meters to 12400 meters). The original structure of the atmosphere introduced new frequencies; – Ctrogo symmetrical structure themselves dodecahedron lattice atoms of the atmosphere has been destroyed (Cleaned some connection with the icosahedron). each removal of such connection has led to the creation of a new chemical element. Coordinator of work on Brain was the creation of an atmosphere Complex Caucasus because all of the major and most famous deposits were around the Caucasus; 2000 toBC .- 1605 toBC – During the creation and improvement of the natural “Shirt” (human body); – before it moment system management We worked out all the processes energobiogenezisa the body in the image of captive humanoid Man under the protection of 440 objects of type. resettlement was organized in the areas of “tents”, elaborated primary fragments culture communication from the changed environment, simulated an

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F. Shkrudnev “Bright Broom” N. Levashov in “Banny Cause” A. Hatybova and Labour Shovel 28 getting used to the new conditions of the environment; – Mastered skills of primary and basic minions instruments, simplify and facilitate physical labor in the procurement of food, clothing and shelter. This time should be defined as period purely pristine natural values. All values ​​were determined and dictated Software The objects of the type 440, orienting all of human life on training and improvement of the body to state availability under install Functional Brain Future 421 genotype. The ability of logical judgments and estimates observable reality, and reception capacity transmission of information in a conscious form of speech – given objects such as 440. Total of 384 given to the “language”; – Under the control of the Complex Andes (separate settlement “Maya”) worked out a temporary specific task – testing of individual mantissas future genotypes Brain. Therein was all incredible mystery ‘Maya’; 1605 toBC – 882 before BC . – Formation of Brain genotypes; – Under the control of the Complex Ararat (Caucasian Complex Management) – in 1605 BC was Brain formed genotype 421. It was the first successful attempt interventionist system establishing its (spider) of the brain in the “shirt” of people. Area coverage of such an experiment – Small Asia, Greece. Center for Process Control – Jerusalem; 882 before BC – 0 of BC . – formation genotype Brain 422 under management complex Kazbek (Complex Office of Caucasus) on the territory of Eastern and South Caucasus, Central Asia and East Asia Minor; – The active period of the evolution of people associated with possession “his own I”, open confrontation of people with the natural environment – development and the conquest of the world. All sphere management and support provided by two complex – Ararat Kazbek. Developing the advantage of one genotype Brain, and was accompanied by the acquisition provided getting over them another; – A sharp jump in the development and realization of new social values. The level of their achievements developing, acquiring new social structures

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F. Shkrudnev “Bright Broom” N. Levashov in “Banny Cause” A. Hatybova and Labour Shovel 29 organization, management and arrangement more perfect being, etc. till now can be imitated their separate fragments; – It has been a rapid rise in the development of many areas of culture; – Began an active process more expressive territorial boundaries and definitions for each Brain genotype. 9.8. Process development genotypes of the brain foreign Management System Briefly to sum up the results of which will be seen as we “,” sunk “to such a life” … 0 g-1433 Program Continued Development genotypes and the Brainimplementation of other programs: Complex Ararat first created genotype Brain 421 in 1605 BC. The complex is made Kazbek Brain 422 genotype in 822 BCE. Complex Elbrus created genotype Brain 423 in year 0, completing the formation of a fully first group the, ie the 42. genotype genotype of The Brain Brain 423 as a perfect, it was a base for the further working out possible additional individuals performing functions more of high managerial order and further Brain improving genotypes. In 1433 he was first obtained Brain genotype 441 (Complex Management Alpes 1). In 1841, he was It received the first genotype of the Brain 442 (2 Alpes). In 1990 he was It received the first genotype of the Brain 461 (CA). By 2012, should have been fully completed the second cycle of formation, ie completed work on the formation of the second group of individuals, those. Brain genotype 46. The first cycle was completed in the year 0, and more precisely, in 0000-01-17 02-11. Main of The the TASK the Management to the create the System WAS suchbiological structures, which the brain had to fully comply all program installations and systems to be fully

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F. Shkrudnev “Bright Broom” N. Levashov in “Banny Cause” A. Hatybova and Labour Shovel thirty manageable. This all being embodied Management individuals and social organization of society should be Only in a pyramid shape (as so required vvezёnnym BASIC ground at building Governors Information): Level 1 – Moshiach (Allah, Buddha, etc.), Brain 481 genotype. Level 2 – the “golden million,” genotypes Brain 461, 462, 463, 464, 465, 466. Level 3 – the “golden billion”, the genotypes of the Brain 441, 442. “Golden Million” – a “priest”, managing finances, science, society and the distribution of all kinds of material goods and services. “Golden Billion” – the production and replenishment material benefits, training and provision of services. The remaining population is not required, and should have It is destroyed by the end of December 2012 With the approaching 0 , the new era of Command level422 individuals with genotype Brain sharply went down. People-Gods We began to go on the sunset into oblivion, their software functions We ended. People-gods too short lived! Solve the problem prolongation of biological life to specific groups of individuals the old system was not able to approach to the fourth codon DNA was not found. January 17 0 at 2:00 11 minutesManaging Complex Elbrus was introduced 423 new genotype Brain. program “Reincarnation” was introduced, ie, extension humanoid operation, which provides for Program CONSISTENT phased finding SEVERAL “shirts” (bodies) for the complete fulfillment its assigned function. Enter the program of “protection”, known popularly called “Christ”. In the material “jacketed” (Biological structures), and phantom (matrix) (can be “humanoid”) placed intermediate frequency octave 51.5 (a total of 22 frequencies). These Frequency provide communication with the atmosphere (cubic structure). The second function was to ensure the entered frequency reincarnation process (the waste matrix is ​​not ejected, and

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F. Shkrudnev “Bright Broom” N. Levashov in “Banny Cause” A. Hatybova and Labour Shovel 31 was transferred following a shirt). Hence – the symbolism of mothers with Baby. In FIRST protection system is approved in WAS 0 yearand since that time in every program cycle for 2 days prior to installation (15.22 Moscow time) protection take (Symbolized Christ’s death), after the installation of new frequencies protection with new properties was fixed, and all complexes Accompanied has Earth NEW the SYSTEM . The processIMPLEMENTATION historical episode by formation specific governance in the organization of life of people – “Power of money” as finally formed Administrative The program (ritually symbolized Christ’s crucifixion VI). Central Management Server – Byzantium. From that moment, the main power of the Administrative effects Complex Elbrus was assigned to a tool The Management “from for God,” ie the, Religious denominations. Full active power management tool that has gained at Easter 385 AD (the phenomenon was typified by crucifixion Jesus Christ). WAS Introduced Principle NEW basic, spiritual Other foundationvalues ​​- religion, which gained major managerial load. Religion in all versions of confessions was not only foundation of all the spiritual Other, But Also Subjective values, ie the, the CORE effective tool at incarnation function performers from the conceptual power, and was the main link in the definition of state structures and authoritativeness rights. In 1433 he completed software development stage, and perfection ALL SERVICES Office, its coveredManaged by performing the embodiment of processes, action which was involved the whole trёhvariantny 42 genotype Brain. Technical, and other energy-perfection Managing Complex Caucasus together with other Complexes and systems, as well as its function in building and complicating the process CONTROL through 42 were genotype Braincompletely exhausted by the possibilities, in its development and in its long adaptation of brain function.

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F. Shkrudnev “Bright Broom” N. Levashov in “Banny Cause” A. Hatybova and Labour Shovel 32 1433, 1841 A significant contribution to the enhancement of the role and making other Programmatic level of significance of influence on management “Power of money”, appeared on the introduction of the 441 genotypebrain, executed Managing Complex Alpes 1, spring 1433.It was during this period finding Governors functions 441 individuals genotype Brain Balance faltering of force authoritativeness was withheld for expense “power of money” and authoritativeness on the basis of the aging religious methodology values ​​passed its leading powers forever. Making Brain additional mantissa of a different order, ENABLED representatives of 441 genotype gain brand OTHER STATE around. Sudden jumpIt occurred in the “scientific” knowledge that has led to the practical Application manifested technologies IMPLEMENTATION machines inall spheres of human existence. Alpine Complex essential way complicate the process for the formation of the Management Programmatic substance state ebrovskogo Mind that period. As a result, a special awareness of the environment “Objective reality” 441 individuals genotype, It gave them the opportunity to IMPLEMENT software processOffice of existence in a new form. Realizing himself as a particularly “chosen and I have known some deep ordinances World “, they framed their circle sacred halos different awards and clans secretly bend under its influence in the full force of Command the field Office of the leading countries of the world. An activation process forming organized the financial system and to bring it in

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F. Shkrudnev “Bright Broom” N. Levashov in “Banny Cause” A. Hatybova and Labour Shovel 33 a state of complete genotype Management 441 Brain, involving specialists of other genotypes, discarding all previous rem authorities to the side. This genotype has managed in a short period the find the SPECIAL the Management function in Society, neglectingsorts of the rules all of law, and to capture the Tenure and the Management the IN EVERYTHING , of due to being of an Organization of people Completing the process achieve “power of money” as a particularly significant power functions Management process. With the introduction of a new genotype of both previous Brain – not eliminated. They were subjected to constant software and correction function and the development, including the development and improving the value basis, adapting its own position and participation in executive processes. Genotype 421 was applied to process improvement exchange, primary DEVELOPMENT value equivalent system,as an embryo in the phenomenon of the future financial system at large areas where they have not lived previously, and such a system is not organized. In place of the previous genotypes Brain got few, but SMART , prudent and very cruel genotype as in makingsolutions, and in their actions embodiment. Representatives of this genotype quickly HAVE leading and authoritativeinfluential position in all spheres of determining how Organization and Management of the entire being of society. Being thinner logical order and higher level of functional ability in the reception of the Management information, representatives of the Brain genotype, not possessing large representative massively We were able to quickly break most established stereotypes the value methodologies designs state and law, and STARTED to processes social reconstruction

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F. Shkrudnev “Bright Broom” N. Levashov in “Banny Cause” A. Hatybova and Labour Shovel 34 companies over a large area almost simultaneously. Proprietary Values ​​gained many new forms and greatly changed scale. It began active development of the RULES and lawsNEW barter. The Company has received a boost in the development of banking business and the formation of the elements of the world financial system. Sustainable solid and influence on all the processes of life gained provided volumes accessed substitute. Control, possession and use of a substitute, please contact (gold) was taken representatives of 441 genotype Brain. All subjective values ​​and their basis under changed dictatorial influence of sacred orders, and clans. construction social power structures of society, the formation of systems management (economy) on the basis of the use of slave ‘Man economic “software capacity and solvability social problems – this is the way the hardening and testing of the functional features and abilities 441 genotype Brain. It was a difficult stage of gaining the ability to manage in harsh and difficult conditions, in the emerging machine age. Through practical activities performers 441 genotype Brain in a short historical period was the beginning Software embodiments of the process of division of labor, which in consequence has played a crucial role in determining the “path the development of civilization. ” By the end of 1840 the leading position of the individual genotype 441 Brain in the field of management of the Company has become a rapidly lost, activated conflicts within the clans and secret orders. Disunity and conflict significantly affected the reduction and efficiency of their power functions in societies. The effect of the actions and the legitimacy of the performers dropped significantly. Management system is ready for the introduction of a new Software genotype and Peace was destined to bloody historical episode in the century and a half. 1841, 1990 By the beginning of 1841 and the software development stage improving the status of Managed 441 genotype Brain approached his COMPLETION . began NEW

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F. Shkrudnev “Bright Broom” N. Levashov in “Banny Cause” A. Hatybova and Labour Shovel 35 PERIOD of substance state ebrovskogo Mind. It took a move to the next stage of development of the brain, ie, the introduction of another new genotype. In this regard, during the Easter period 1841, was included in the active state managerThe complex Alps 2 , which is the introduction of 442 genotype BrainIt symbolized the beginning of the fourth phase – the era DIGITAL information civilization of people stage hegemony bloody genotypes GG 1841-1990 Financial REVANCHISM, having organized as Software system only began to gain momentum and has not yet been able to take ALL the fullness of power through the “power of money”. Himneeded time, much legitimacy and scope. A “Power power “to influence the participation of secret orders and clans, on a number of internal reasons, the Management has significantly reduced its effectiveness. It is in this “historic” moment with the introduction NEW Mantissa brain, through its Management System Complexes, including 2 Alpes has created all things a significant change in the substance of the Mind state ebrovskogo at that time, giving it an aggressive character in a scathing everything. The introduction of this genotype Brain was very IMPORTANT to oldControl systems. This step completed the development of a long Administrative developmental stage of the process – the preparation of the “Golden billion “. Awareness Environment “Objective reality” leading performers from Concept power WAS fully focused and framed in the program “The Power power “to all half-century. As a result of this embodiment Programme, has been implementing organized and executed bloody phased way: revolutionism, Militant fascism and Destructive democracy . All these and similar”NAME” introduced in the text, in order to better understand the

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F. Shkrudnev “Bright Broom” N. Levashov in “Banny Cause” A. Hatybova and Labour Shovel 36 the processes, comparing with our ideas, which, in turn, Barcode “connected” with ourPoznan . During this period, the entire depth of the realm of “knowledge” was focused only on design technology by MANUFACTURING weapons, from swords and bayonets of the army, to weapons of mass destruction and their carriers. Status “Domineering revanchism” in the Office, which lasted until 1990, enabled representatives of 442 genotype Brain perform its program functions. they managed on the bones and blood of hundreds of millions of people prepare unwavering authoritative state in all spheres of the Office being of the world community, to create a social and Software The management structure of the local and global plan, to provide the necessary volume of accumulation and concentration Management of financial resources and draws MANUFACTURED substitute in their hands, etc. And also to prepare other social position of the future “Golden million.” Therefore, this period because clearly EXPRESS software changes should bedivided into three phases: the first phase (1841 ÷ 1904) – Revolutionism. The second phase (1904 ÷ 1946 years) – Militant fascism. The third phase (1946 ÷ 1990 ) – Destructive DEMOCRACY 1904 ÷ 1946 – Militant fascism From the Systems Software made significant correction and target reorientation of Governors processes, including, and software performing states “Needs work and work” : The February Revolution,The October Revolution, the first World War, the seizure of power Nazis in Germany and Italy, the 2nd World War, etc. – The software processes executed by the old system. P rogrammny process of performing character for people – “Elimination of waste and 50 million unnecessary.individuals as effects from program process energobiogenezisa flesh cells “. Performing actions active form of their manifestation only began to occur with

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F. Shkrudnev “Bright Broom” N. Levashov in “Banny Cause” A. Hatybova and Labour Shovel 37 1934 years old, they moved further into the Second World War. By May1945 (the feast of the victory Day on May 09 – the same software process) was coming to an end the second phase of this period. Cynically? Beyond human comprehension? Yes! But it was precisely So. And everything about what “rant” on the topic “historians” is not irrelevant. All of this “history” was made only for the sake of certain genotype individuals. I am sure that you, the reader, it is UNDERSTANDABLY. All Management Software correction have been completed conditions from the control complex. Reported processes of territorial empowerment to translate the general Software to manage the process of two special SECURITIES areaslife – capitalist and socialist. 1946, 1990 – Devastating democracy During Easter 1946 overall Management System It shifted to the final phase of realization of Program Processes of this stage: – conduct and complete mutually adjustable Software antagonistic phenomenon of two special target areas of life – capitalist and socialist, as the single management of the development process 44 genotype Brain. The introduction of elements of liberalism, as the basis for building a base designs in the field of Command. Trust as a basis for Socialist spheres of life was the introduction of elements democracy, with appropriate management and the entire structure social dispensation; – complete generalized preparation for the transition to COMMON systemconstruction and management of Command liberal-democratic basis, which the reveal basis management the next stage in the development of genotypes of the Brain; – lead Manageability World Financial Systems, organized on basis introduced derivatives values ​​in harmony with the state of the target

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F. Shkrudnev “Bright Broom” N. Levashov in “Banny Cause” A. Hatybova and Labour Shovel 38 basic basics of Software Process Management in the World compound of interest into a single state-controlled “power of money and force the authorities ” to complete the preparations for the transition to a newstage of development; – digital design basis for the construction of Governors Information System, provided through the knowledge without gaining a deep understanding of its essence, implemented through technological nature, as a basic foundation of digital technology, in the interests of the replacement of the function of the brain and prepare for the transition on a different level with the separate Department genotypes later phase. As COMPLETION third phase of this stage (ie,time “ripening” performing “needs” of states to full readiness level, all jointly acquired disassemble distributed by belonging to a particular genotype of the Brain) retention process was not only pointless, but also inevitable. ALL embodied Management has been translated into the digital database technologies in all aspects, in both target areas being capitalism and socialism. The most important qualitative leap gained The global financial system, commonly switched to Managed email account and electronic money. They are in their turn, we began to take some of the properties of independence from the nature of the application provided the volume is drawn substitute (printing money and their support). accumulative and technological preparation has been completed Finance for the transition to the next stage of development of the brain genotypes. 1990, 2009 He completed his EXCELLENCE Office Complex Alpes (Alpes 1 and 2 Alpes), to ensure that by the end of 1989execution of the final phase of the formation of the “Golden billion “(44 genotypes of the brain). It has been ensured and accompanied Sustainable dominant power-legal and social position unshakable mastery and full control over the Planets main rem values, including traded “Wealth” (substitute), representatives of the 44 and 42 genotypes in part Brain. Beginning of the transition to the next and final stage – Brain development of 46 genotype (the so-called “Golden Million”).

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F. Shkrudnev “Bright Broom” N. Levashov in “Banny Cause” A. Hatybova and Labour Shovel 39 In 1990 he started work and entered an active phase Complex Management of California, which marked the beginning of introducing the NEW 461 genotype Brain. The main serverManagement of these processes for Russia was OBJECT, Placed in St. Petersburg (now, hopefully, it became clear why St. Petersburg’s “team”, “come” to power in Russia). Programme objectives in the development of this genotype were Brain directed at making the “shirt” of a higher level energobiogenezisa, oriented on substantial INCREASE the term of its biological life. Giving them more advanced parameters by setting Brain OTHER functional mantissas and a certain increase octave Brain. California Department of complex according to the Program should It was to conduct a personalized formation of the object of the mind INDIVIDUAL individuals or RESTRICTED groups of them, bringing them into line their level and status of the Program functions. Such a process would significantly change much in their power-social status and position, to provide special the legal basis for their existence and Performing Software of action on conditions of uncontested legitimate state «FAS», the authorities from God and accompany and provide cleanup all power Pyramid Software under actions “Golden million. ” In April 2001, completely eliminated individuals with Development Programme 46 Brain imputed genotypes (462 ÷ 466) if not held in his incarnation. This significantly affected the Performing correction actions of individuals at all levels Managing estates of the time (at the state, sacral-clan, religious, administrative and military force levels of the local and international level). Here I want to note that some still remained in Automotive Engines

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F. Shkrudnev “Bright Broom” N. Levashov in “Banny Cause” A. Hatybova and Labour Shovel 40 The effect of this genotype Brain. And when in 2012 this Automotive Engines, too, was interrupted, then our eyes started process Degradation (at all stages up to the aging anddiseases) of the genotype of the Brain, which is to this day (Temporarily) in power. The prevailing factor in performing root CHANGED proistechenie, or rather, failure events, previously planned in the framework of the old system is already unmanaged its target vector events, activities and events. They form the Third World War (August 2012) as previously laid down in the Programme event-driven process function on the Elimination of all individuals, non 4XX genotype Brain, has NOT DESTINED was heldGENERALLY, despite all efforts and attempts of time! Maintenance on the part of the old in this system “Event-important episode of” no longer existed. 2006 was the beginning of the formation of a “golden million,” the there are those who have had to have perfect protection and a direct relationship with System Ebrov Office. The rest were NOT NEED and couldIt is destroyed (some could be left to serve). Reincarnation also did not need more. And “Mother and Child” too, since the lifetime it was to be regulated Ebrov System Management, and the “golden million” would be “Live Forever”, having all that is captured. No revolutions, no terrorists (for the transitional period had to form the right amount of power structures to destroy them). Some, having information about the formation of a 2007.04.03 newprotection and the “golden million,” hastened to legitimize his from that day board (Ukraine, Georgia). After entering the new security would not be the need to maintain the fairy tale about Christ (which no one would be narrate). It had plans EBROV 2006 . Exactly theseplans through nadiudeyskoe priests circulated among the Jews. But one elected “golden million,” not understand , thatFavorites have left only their “shirts” and brain would TOGO Ebrovskogo million, which was in the sun.

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F. Shkrudnev “Bright Broom” N. Levashov in “Banny Cause” A. Hatybova and Labour Shovel 41 In March 2008, Management System EBROV was It destroyed . Gone serious systemic failures in allcomplex management old system (interfered Regenerative Native Land Management System), which lead to irreversible processes, and not only when accompanied by and Software products, action performers, but also in the development of Brain genotypes. From that moment nothing it can prevent and does not prevent today Restore the system of the Office of the Earth (that we can see if We have learned to see) to direct cleaning of all results ebrov impact on the planet EARTH and the surrounding area. A if you are “lucky” and you have a “bright Programme”, andHe has a chance to “go” in the bath – a huge PERSPECTIVE for your own future. Programme of foreign systems Programs foreign system management Summary 0 g BC .- 1840 BCFormation of the “golden billion ” -The intermediate group of “golden billion” I began to take shape with a 0 , the new era. WhereinRepresentatives of this group already had certain communication from brain atmosphere placed in a layer at a depth of -4400 to -2200 m. They could have at the brain to the 12 translators Languages ​​for communication with other ethnic groups. began get primary the necessary information for the “creation” and “Introduction” new technical means the perfection of their social arrangement, shape their society and structure Manage, deploy primitive, but its economic system, etc. started manifest, formed and perfected Society, formed state. Historically, i.e. since the input frequency Control for the “golden billion”, namely 0 AD, in the world of steel in large quantities construct specialized terminals – church Churches, mosques, Buddhist temples and temples of science.

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F. Shkrudnev “Bright Broom” N. Levashov in “Banny Cause” A. Hatybova and Labour Shovel 42 at creation information network initially in certain nodes of Hartman zones were posted information translational Hubs in the form of balls. The diameter of the ball – 2 up to 33 cm, it has the properties of the piezoelectric element. Exactly above this ball and it was necessary to build church. By 1000 BC number of the Hub was 3260 balls before Easter 2009 , their number is not greater than 1,000. There are currently operating in the balls active software controlled state no longer exists. On the surface of such concentrator It has been built up structure specific iconic design, the overall the number of which, t. e. the “right” church, temples and mosques should not exceed the number of working hubs (more Chapter 8). 500-year-old 1500 g.- 2000 (voiced by Nostradamus) Should conditions had to be created the formation of the human genotype, which It would be under the complete influence of foreign systems Office. – In one of the program steps in 1845 it completed the establishment of radiation Web (complex structures of power lattices in the layer of -4400 m 12 400 “) covering Ground. After that, the world had to stay Only those who could be monitored using properties web and such “Development Program”, which is no longer allowed to return to the other methods of brain development. People (And animals), with links to a web, conventionally called the “electronics”, ie with a chip in the “shirt” (old program). Cosmopolitan edited – 100- summer 888 g.- 1999 The program had the following cosmopolitanism purpose: 1. Setting a single Financial Management. 2. Installation of a single ideology for all genotypes Brain 421 (Ararat), 441 (Mont Blanc, the Alps) and single System information perception by creating legends, “archaeological” miracles, the destruction of all structures and other media ideology. 3. The design and creation of a single mechanism management of society, testing technology Management societies, capitalism, fascism, democracy, liberal democracy, socialism, and

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F. Shkrudnev “Bright Broom” N. Levashov in “Banny Cause” A. Hatybova and Labour Shovel 43 etc. 4. Ensuring control of all raw materials resources. 5. Preparation of conditions for the arrival of the Governor Earth (Moshiach). Currently, more than 70% Control Systems, Complex, objects and servers of the old system destroyed, and saved – or “de-energized” or reprogrammed forTEMPORARY application in order to provide plastic TRANSITION to the new state of being, especially in biological area. As a result, 2011.04.24 fait change Systemic authorities finally , that being Management energy transferred to recreate a true System Management and its brain. The process of transition to a different, ie, previously imputed right path civilizational development of the Earth for understanding orientation WITHOUT RECREATION true system management Earth IMPOSSIBLE itself. It is also impossible to implement most true goals the existence of Earth and execution his main functional vesting, She was given during its construction, and namely, in the embodiment ALL EIGHT stages of its discrete complex civilizational development, achieve perfection of harmony ONLY non-inertial energy state, and his mind, becoming final hypostasis (substance) of the Universal Mind! There has come a very brief but very rich in events, period TRANSITION to the active state of execution of the processNew programs, especially in that part, where the future of mankind in direct and indirect terms involved in the phenomena,actions and events completely ANOTHER format. programinstallation and control complex systems on Earth SUPPORT OUTSIDE been completed (both from Super-systems , and systems for the MOST said

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F. Shkrudnev “Bright Broom” N. Levashov in “Banny Cause” A. Hatybova and Labour Shovel 44 PROCESS execution). In the next chapter, I will try further explanation and clarification of specific points in what happened, and most importantly – what is happening and coming. Do not get tired amazed at how far the “saw” N. Levashov (andwhat it was, and most importantly – what is happening today, and will still occur). And it is no NOT PREDICT , andobjective view of the processes that are deployed ALREADY andwho WILL deployed in time.


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